A Plea for Forgiveness

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Rilee Bridges confesses to her boyfriend mistakes she made when she lived in Los Angeles.
JJ visits the man that murdered her father. Several hours after he ask JJ to forgive he is found deceased in his cell.

Submitted: May 03, 2019

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Submitted: May 03, 2019



Rilee Bridges was sitting with her grandmother Ruth Ann Miller in the Dockside Baptist Church. The Sunday morning sermon caused Rilee to start thinking about mistakes she made in Los Angeles. She lowered her head and put her hand over her mouth. ‘’What’s wrong?’’ whispered Ruth. ‘’I feel like I am fixing to throw up,’’ said Rilee pretending she was getting sick. She quietly got up and left the sanctuary. ‘’Is she pregnant?’’ whispered Mary Henderson sitting next Ruth. ‘’No, she probably ate something with her friends that didn’t agree with her,’’ said Ruth getting up to check on Rilee. ‘’I bet she is,’’ whispered Elizabeth Crenshaw to Mary after eavesdropping on the conversation.


Ruth found Rilee sitting on the church steps. ‘’Baby, are you,ok?’’ asked Ruth. ‘’I just needed some air,’’ said Rilee. ‘’Let me get my Bible and purse then will go home,’’ said Ruth. ‘’No, Nanna, I am ok, really, just give me a few more minutes and I will be back,’’ said Rilee. ‘’Are you sure?’’ asked Ruth. ‘’Positive,’’ said Rilee a smile on her face. ‘’Ok,’’ said Ruth hugging Rilee and going back inside.


JJ was standing outside the Calloway House in her pajamas at eleven o’clock at night. ‘’I wished Jason was still up,’’ said JJ as she climbed up to Jason’s bedroom window. She quietly climbed through the window and tiptoed towards Jason’s bed trying not to wake him up. ‘’Freak,’’ exclaimed JJ when she tripped over a pair of shoes beside the bed. Jason woke up and turned on a lamp beside the bed. ‘’JJ what are you doing here at eleven o’clock at night?’’ asked Jason. ‘’I couldn’t sleep,’’ said JJ climbing into bed and laying her head on the pillow. “Something bothering you?’’ asked Jason. ‘’Kinda,’’ said JJ. ‘’What is it?’’ asked Jason. ‘’Father Mike came by the house this afternoon. He said Tony wanted to talk to us,’’ said JJ with a sigh. ‘’Who is Tony?’’ asked Jason with a confused look on his face. ‘’Tony is the one that shot and killed my dad. I am so confused and don’t know what to do said’’ said JJ. ‘’I think you should go talk to him. It might help you find closer,’’ said Jason. “Maybe,’’ said JJ as she laid there staring at the wall.


Rilee stood on the Water Residence front porch. ‘’Well, this is it. It could have remained a secret past memory, but that stupid Luke Donovan had to come to Dock Side and ruin everything. Although, nothing stays a secret forever and there is a chance Richard could have found out about Los Angeles years from now. Which would be completely devastating.I am doing the right thing telling him the truth and it is going to hurt,’’ thought Rilee with tears rolling down her cheek as she started to ring the doorbell. She rang the doorbell, sat down and started crying. ‘’Baby, what is wrong?’’ asked Richard opening the door. “Everything,’’ said Rilee sobbing. Richard sat down beside Rilee and put his arms around her. ‘’I have a confession to make. I am not the perfect girl that you think I am.. When I lived in Los Angeles, I went by a fake name, had fake id, and had sex, just to get into an over twenty-one and over club. When my parents found out what I was doing they put me on the first plane to Dockside. Dad was running for like this quote important judge position that was more important than his own daughter that needed parental guidance. His main concern was his image not being ruined by his daughter having a bastard child,’’ said Rilee crying. She started to stand up. ‘’Baby, where are you going?’’ asked Richard. ‘’You don’t have to tell me; our relationship is over and you never want to see me again,’’ said Rilee. ‘’Who said our relationship was over and I never wanted to see you again?’’ asked Richard. “I just assumed,’’ said Rilee with tears rolling down her cheek. ‘’Baby, I love you and what ever happened before we met is history and is not important. What is important is today and our future together,’’ said Richard putting his hand in his pocket taking out a promise ring. Richard put the ring on Rilee’s ring finger. She looked at it with a puzzled look on her face.  ‘’Baby, I bought you this as a promise that I am going to love you until the day that I die,and I will not let past mistakes or anyone come between us,’’ said Richard.


Tony Fellers was sitting in a prison cell. A guard walked up to the cell door. ‘’You have a visitor,’’ said the guard as he unlocked the door and escorted Tony to the visiting room. ‘’I am surprised you came,’’ said Tony. ‘’I look at this way, if somebody has something they want to say, they should have the opportunity to say it. Even if they are scum bag that should be burning in hell instead of living,’’ said JJ.  ‘’I just wanted to tell you that I am sorry for what I did to your father,’’ said Tony. ‘’Why did you do it?’’ asked JJ. ‘’I had a drug problem and I would do anything to get money for a fix,’’ said Tony with tears running down his cheek. ‘’No one was supposed to die that night. I broke into the Dockside Family Restaurant and started taking money out of the cash register. Your father heard me and came from the backroom with a shotgun. I panicked, pulled out a gun I was carrying, and pulled the trigger,’’ said Tony. Tears started rolling down JJ’s cheeks as Tony continued the story and admitted that he had ruined two family lives.


Jason and JJ were snuggled up in bed watching the evening news. JJ sat up in disbelief when they did a story on Tony being found dead in his cell. Tears started rolling down her cheek as she listened to the news story. ‘’Are you ok?’’ asked Jason with a concerned look on his face. ‘’I will be fine. It is just weird that I just saw Tony a couple of hours ago. He told me what happened the night dad was killed then asked for forgiveness,’’ said JJ reaching over to get a kleenex.


JJ entered Sullivan Funeral Home carrying a Bible with a red rose in it. ‘’Can I help you?’’ asked Wayne Sullivan the funeral home director. “I know I am not family but is there anyway I can have a few moments to say my goodbyes to Tony Fellers in private?’’ asked JJ. ‘’Let me ask the family,’’ said Wayne.


Wayne lead JJ to the parlor where Tony’s body laid in state. “Thank you,’’ said JJ to Wayne as she walked into the parlor.  JJ stood at the casket with tears rolling down her cheeks. “When I was a little girl growing up, I thought you were a monster that should burn in hell for what you did to do my dad. Then I came and visited you in prison and realized you were a human being that made some bad decisions.Decisions that hurt several families,’’ said JJ pausing to wipe tears running down her cheek. ‘’Who would have thought several hours after asking me for forgiveness that you would have a heart attack and die in your cell. I really hope before you died you had made things right with God and instead of burning in hell you have wings and flying high,’’ said JJ placing the Bible in Tony’s hand.


Sunday morning JJ walked into the Dockside Baptist Church as the pastor was concluding his sermon. She stood in the aisle beside the pew that Rilee and her grandmother were sitting in. JJ and Rilee looked at each other when the invitation was given. JJ put her hand out and Rilee stood up and took it. The two girls took each other hand and walked down the aisle towards the pulpit.


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