The Woodshed

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: The Imaginarium
A short story of just over a 1,000 words inspired by a song from the Divine Comedy, 'Something for the Weekend.'

Submitted: May 04, 2019

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Submitted: May 04, 2019







Simon Black sat behind the wheel of his Jaguar XE feeling extremely pleased with himself. Not only had he broke the bank at the casino but secured an up and coming night with a pair of nineteen-year-old twins, Sabrina and Sasha.

He checked himself in the rear-view mirror, his smile was still beaming away when he caught sight of the leggy blondes coming out of the casino. He flashed his headlights and watched as the two of them came over to his car arm in arm.

He got out and opened the rear passenger doors. Both girls giggled as they attempted to get in the back of the Jag without giving away too much of their modesty.

Climbing back into his driver seat, Simon caught sight of the twins in the rear-view mirror. Both of them placed a hand up to their mouths so Simon could not read their lips, which was a slim chance since he didn’t understand a word of Latvian.

“Your place or mine ?” He offered them.

Sabrina, leaned over and in her rich accent answered, “Our place.” Her warm breath against Simon’s ear sent shivers down his spine.

“You’ll have to give me directions.” He said slipping the Jag into gear.

“Turn left out of the car-park and keep driving.” Sasha turned back to her sister and said something unintelligible in front of Simon’s before both of them burst out laughter.

He had been driving for half-an-hour and not realised they had left the outskirts of the town. He was preoccupied with his voyeuristic peep show catching flashes of the twin’s white pants has they deliberately exaggerated the shifting of their long-tanned legs.

Simon had been driving through the dark country lanes for a further half-hour, when Sasha called on him to pull up outside a pair of black wrought iron gates. She half-opened her passenger door and aiming at the black gates, pressed the key fob in her hand. Simultaneous the green light on the fob blinked with the green light on the gates. With the sound of whirring machinery, the gates automatically began to slide open.

The wheels of the Jaguar crunched on the gravel as they drove up to a large mansion. Security lights soon illuminated the surrounding area as Simon stepped out of the car and whistling through his teeth expressing the grandeur of the twin’s home. Sabrina fetched an identical fob out of her purse. The green light on the fob winked at the one on the front door, there was a click then all three entered the mansion.

The opulence of the reception hall was on par with any royal palace that Simon had seen pictures of or visited. “What did you say you two did for a living?”

“We didn’t.” said Sabrina smiling.

It was Sasha who first saw the lights coming from the giant woodshed. Simon had missed this when he drove passed it in the dark. The joyful giggling of the two girls stopped, Sabrina turned to Sasha, “Lebruceju!”


Sabrina went to a locked cupboard under the grand sweeping staircase and came back with two Uzi 9mm machine guns, giving one to her sister. Sabrina slapped in a magazine and tossed another to her sister.

They both then looked at Simon. “Stay here!” commanded Sasha.

He was not about to ague with two lethally armed women. He watched from the open front door as the two sisters fanned out into the night, then he lost sight of them.

For the next twenty minutes all he could hear and see was the sharp rhythmic bursts and muzzle flashes from the girl’s sub-automatic machine guns. Then as quick as the assault started, it stopped. Simon held his breath, had there been a complete massacre? Had the girls and the intruders killed each other? His answer came when the woodshed door came flying open and out ran one of the twins. From where he stood it was hard to tell who it was.

As the twin got near to the front door, Simon saw it was Sasha. She ran past him in bare feet her short red silk dress torn and what looked like blood was smeared on her face. Coming back again from the cupboard under the stairs, she held two more magazines as well as a Heckler and Koch sub-machine gun. Sasha threw the gun at Simon, he caught it and was surprised to feel how light it was, like handling a toy!

“Sabrina needs help!” was all Sasha said. Then on cue they both heard another burst of fire from the woodshed. Simon had no time to think of the situation he now found himself in, he just followed Sasha back out into the night.

Upon reaching the woodshed door, Sasha gestured to Simon, “Keep low”. He stooped as Sasha flung open the wooden door before rushing in behind her.

In the dark they both separated, Simon took cover behind a hay bale while Sasha moved ahead. With his heart pumping he waited for the gun fight to begin, but it didn’t. What did happen though, was that the lights in the woodshed came on giving away his position. Simon closed his eyes tight, expecting to feel the thud of bullets rack his body. But that didn’t happen either.

Still crouched behind the hay bale now bathed in artificial light, Simon heard the distinctive sound of the twins giggling! Totally unable to comprehend the situation, he dared to poke his head above the hay bale. Standing in front of him were indeed the twins, laughing and pointing their Uzi’s at him.

Simon looked around to see there was no evidence of a massacre. No fallen intruders, in fact the woodshed looked very well organised. He glanced over the twins shoulders to see two large round targets, each one shredded by bullets!

“What’s going on here?” he eventually said.

Sabrina, held in her hand a black remote. With a press of a button the lights in the woodshed went out and Simon ducked for cover. Above him he could see a strobe of flashing lights. Flashing lights that could be mistaken for someone moving around with a torch. When the woodshed lights came back up, he knew he was the victim of an elaborate hoax. Sabrina must have turned on the lights in the woodshed from the remote in her clutch bag. Then what followed was a charade to coax him out into the woodshed!

“Your car keys.” Said Sasha waving her Uzi.

“And your credit cards plus the cheque from the casino!” added Sabrina.

Simon squeezed the trigger on the Heckler, there was nothing but a hollow click.

“You don’t think I would hand you a loaded weapon, do you?” said Sasha.

Sabrina laughed, “Now if you don’t mind, your keys and money!”





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