The horror of social media

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Some of the horrible things that social media has worsened.

They gave the tools that the sheep needed to increase the size of its flock and eradicate anyone who dares stray from their paths.

This is without even naming politics and opinions
It is about the countless of lives that have been ruined and lost with social media as the primary tool.
Social media is alike religion in that matter.

"Only religion can make good people, do bad things" I would add "Only Religion and Social media can make good people, do bad things"

Cause afterall, the will to fit in and to be a part of the community is the most harmful thing when it comes to social media, cause you sell your own soul, your own personality, yourself, just to become a bit more popular...

If you want to be popular, if you want to be loved, if you want to be truly attractive, be yourself, because that is the only way that YOU as a person can be attractive.
Never forget that the true beauty lies within your heart.

Social media brings the worst sides of us out, our worst natural behaviours, if we weren't so much like sheep, only then it would have worked...
Or if it had been anonymous.

Submitted: May 04, 2019

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Submitted: May 04, 2019



You give the sheep the tools to exclude the unique

You set a persons value onto a system of likes

Girls believe, they dream, they hope to be the best

The more attention, the more emotes, the higher their value

But that is wrong


For true value, is the value within your hearts

It is a value of the soul.


The evil tread on the weak in order to rise to the top

They'll share your deepest darkest secrets

Penetrate through your defenses

leaving you defenseless.

And there is no clear stop


How many lives have not already been lost

to take something as simple as a selfie?

How many good people have not already gotten their lives completely ruined?

Their reputation destroyed

It is time to do something about it,

Dethrone the evil that evil employed...


I'm sick of watching a herd of blind carnivores

tear the innocent apart

What could become fine ladies, are now whores

It did not have to be that way from the start.

If your heart is black, it is clearly not the right path forth


It is one thing, to make your own choice

But to be lead into a system which traps you in its cage

It's a choice, hardly made by your own volition.



Ask yourselves, what is the purpose of all those likes?

Why do you want them so damn badly?

Why do you scorch and scorn the kindest souls 

just to keep it all?


You're glued onto a screen, and all that matters to you are numbers

are you sure you are even alive?

You've lost what matters the most

You've lost yourself

You've lost life.


Find yourself again, I'll reach out to you

Lets destroy the monster within the screen.

Because You Are Worth Saving


© Copyright 2019 M.D Knightley. All rights reserved.

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