The Astral Air Loom Gang

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Submitted: May 04, 2019

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Submitted: May 04, 2019



The Astral Air Loom Gang



It was just before midnight

I had gone to bed

Maybe about thirty minutes before

At first there were few stirrings

Very few disturbances

But then the sensations started

The strange vibration sensation at first

As it so often occurs with me

This strange sensation

Started at my legs

Then began to move

Upwards towards my shoulders

As this strange presence moved

I could feel its weight on the bed

It was a slight weight

But it was there none the less

And I could also hear

The slightest of movements on my blanket

And then the voice spoke

Directly into my left ear

A familiar voice

A voice all too damn familiar to me

The voice was not loud

If anything… was faint

But it was clear enough

For me to recognize

And loud enough

To cause a disturbance

It was the younger sounding female voice

The voice that for the past year

Has been referring to herself as “Crystal”

But I had been hearing

This particular voice

Long before she revealed that name to me

I have been hearing this particular voice

Since the Winter of 2015

Back during that winter

I was experimenting with EVP in my home

Don’t ask me why

utter stupidity and recklessness on my part

is the only answer

that I come up with

but all the same

there I was that winter

recording….mostly by night

I was recording

To see if I could capture spirit voices

And capture voices on recording I did

And I honestly don’t know

Who these voices are

What they are

From where they originate

I simply don’t know

But I do believe

That they are very real

Skeptics might disagree

I understand that completely

Many would say

That it was all simply

Some self-induced trickery of the mind

Well….I understand…..but I disagree

I can only goon my own experiences

Yet in truth

It goes even further than this

Because since those days back in 2015

I have met and corresponded

With a number of other people

Other people who have experienced

Essentially the same kind of situation that I did

We all were communicating with

what we thought were benevolent spirits

Spirits that meant us no harm

This was the impression

That these EVP voices gave us

And looking back

I see that I didn’t question

Or reflect upon this situation nearly enough

All I can say is

That when you’re experiencing such mysterious things

On a personal level

Your own curiosity can blind you

To what’s really going on

And that’s exactly what happened to me

I began to hear them

These voices on my recordings

And at first

They generally seemed very benevolent

But only a few short weeks

Into my recording experience

Things began to change

New voices began to appear on the recordings

And these new voices

Did not sound so very benevolent

In fact……

They seemed just the opposite




It was now around midnight

It seemed to me

As if I had been just about

To drift off into sleep

But all of that was abruptly shattered

When “Crystal” decided to escalate things

So it goes with her

You just never know

When she’s going to attack in some way

She often seems to like

To hit me with an escalation

Just as I’m falling asleep

When I am within that state between

Being awake and being asleep

In that state is where she seems

To have the most power

This is especially when

Her physical attacks seem

To have the most force




The voice

Her voice

The voice of this being

Who had emerged out of the recordings

That I was making

Back in 2015

She was speaking

Directly into my left ear

And then she started up

With jabbing me in the back

This was intended

To cause me a disturbance

To deprive me of sleep

To weaken me

This is how

She has always operated

In regards to me

She seems to want to wear me down

In some long….drawn out

Intrusion of attrition


At those hours

When I only want quiet

When I only want peace

She arrived in force

And set about

To spread upheaval

To harass


With a voice that spews

Insults and mockery

She sets about to confuse

With stories of conspiracy

Of UFO domination

Of the world being

A prison of demonic forces

Or it’s a story

Of a previous life on Earth

The stories often change

Rotate in cycles

Contradict each other

This voice

That now goes by the name “Crystal”

Seems to have many mask

And she likes to keep changing them




A little after midnight

The physical disturbances

Were growing more intense

Every which way that I turned

In my own bed

I was being jabbed

As if there was “someone”

Within the very mattress itself

And then her voice became stronger

And the other voices arrived

On the scene

It is often not easy for me

To try and even guess at

The number of separate

And distinct voices that I hear

“Crystal” seems to be the ringleader

Her voice

Seems to stand out

From all of the others

But at times

It does seem to me

That there are others present

They seem like they’re stalking me

Attached to my life

Intruding into my life

Intruding through dimensions

With voices that seek to dominate

They seek to try and sway me

In one direction or another

Never for any benevolent purpose

They seem to want to orchestrate events

Like a gang of ethereal tyrants







As the harassment from these dimensional beings

Was becoming more intense

As I was becoming angry

By the fact

That they had once again

Derailed any possibility

Of getting a good night of sleep

I reflected upon this

Unfortunate state of mind

They had brought me to

To the point of anger

And I was giving into it

Anger……I already knew

Would not stop this gang

Of astral “disturbers”

Anger would only serve to feed

Their audio and bodily harassment

After all…..they were out

To foment disturbance




And they knew the means

Of their craft well





To no great surprise

“they” didn’t let up

At all today

They were there

Practically every moment

Filling the air

With their faint chatter

Of condemnation


No……these voices

They usually don’t let up

For very long

However……with much persistence

And patience

I’ve become much more skilled

At tuning them out

Because in a way

They’re like a song

On the radio

That you just don’t want to hear

So why listen?





So far tonight

Crystal’s voice

Has been fainter

And in the background

But I can pick up on it

I know she’s there

I’m not sure of any others yet

I’m not sure

If the regular gang

Is all here

But I can certainly hear “Crystal” speaking

In the background

Speaking this very moment

But I’m working on tuning it out

Tuning it out

I’ve got to keep working

On tuning it out


So it’s not exactly

Completely quiet here

At the moment

I’m hearing her speaking

In the background now

I just heard her say

“we were stranded here

By this planet’s gravity”

I’ve heard her

Speak of this before


So I keep on going

I keep on going

During the days

When the voices are bombarding me


I keep on going

On all those nights

That they keep me awake

With their ceaseless chatter


I keep on going

Though at times

It’s not easy

But who said anything about

Life being easy?






I awoke

Very early this morning

When I awoke

It was still completely dark outside

I did not have a clock in my room

So I didn’t know

Exactly what time it was

But if I had to guess

I’d say that it was probably

Sometimes just before

Or just after four in the morning

I had awakened early

Yet I felt quite rested enough

And it was only a matter

Of mere moments

When I heard her voice


The spiritual being

Astral being

Alien being

Demonic being

Angelic being


How can I accurately say?

Yet she was there

I heard her faint voice

In the darkness of the room

She proceeded to speak to me

Of the spiritual realms

I don’t recollect all

That she was speaking to me about

I hear her too often as it is

And I try to make myself

More inclined to ignore her

Rather than listen

Though one statement

That she made to me

Early this morning

I remember

It was something like

“if a human dies and crosses over

To the other side

With another spirit attached

It’s an immediate do over”





What is it they want?

What is it they are after?

These beings

From another dimension

That intrude into my life

With voices and at times

A very vivid physical presence

Are they punishing me?

After all… was I

In my foolishness

That set this whole series of events

In motion back in 2015

When I was experimenting

With recording EVP

Are they here to “study me”

In fact….I often hear them

Begin sentences with

“we are curious about……”

I heard them make such a statement yesterday

And at times

I hear these voices speak

Of wanting to “live in this world”

Does attaching themselves to my life

Allow them to do this?

Though I must point out

That at other times

I hear them making

Very contradictory statements about this

Just as often as I hear them

Professing that they want

“to live in this world”

I will hear them making

Statements to me

Asking me to help them

Escape from this planet

And this is something

Of a routine pattern

With these voices

They’ll say one thing

And then make statements

That seem to backtrack

They go one way

And then they’ll go another

I observe that there is

To some degree

An intended ploy at work here

Perhaps they want

To keep me guessing

Perhaps they never want

Me to learn any truths about them

Perhaps this is simply

All some part of their mind game

Of wearing different mask

But what is their intention?

Their goal?

Their purpose?

Perhaps it has more to do

With domination

Are they seeking to be

As puppet masters?

Metaphorically speaking here

Are they set upon

Some kind of Astral Air Loom endeavor

With an intention

To influence

To control

To manipulate

As I recall

They are often telling me

How they are “building”

Various portal machines

To enter into our world

Yet alas…..for me

It is all like an obscuring shroud

Of heavy smoke

That I cannot see through






The voices

When I first began

To really hear them in numbers

On my EVP recordings

From the Winter of 2015

Were faint at first

These were not so much like

The EVP voices

That sometimes seem to jump out

From the surface of a recording

This particular multitude of voices

They were much deeper down

Much deeper down within the recordings

At first…..I could hardly hear them

But I was persistent

I kept listening

I kept wanting to know

What they were saying

I knew that they were speaking to me

I knew that they had things to tell me

And so I listened

I listened with much concentration

I let my hearing go deep down

Into the labyrinths of those recordings

Looking back now

I believe that it was around this time

That there was a change within me

As a result of all of that listening

I was becoming “a hearer of voices”

And soon enough

I would no longer

Need a voice recorder

Or any piece of equipment

To hear these voices

Soon enough…..I came to hear them

Every day of the year

Only by then it was clear to me

That these voices had deceived me

And I had allowed myself to be deceived

They had set a trap of cruelty for me

And I had wandered straight into it

I was never meant

To hear these voices

My own curiosity

And my own foolishness

Drove me to go deeper down

Into those recordings

To find them…..the voices

To hear them

To communicate with them

Not knowing at the time

That a cruel trap awaited me





What is it

That these astral voices

Seek to bring about?

What is the root intention

Of their trickery?


After having recently read a book

About James Tilly Matthews

The notion of an “influencing machine”

Struck a chord with me

Yet I fear

That these beings that seek

To manipulate me

Are not a part

Of some clandestine Jacobin plot

These beings originate

From someplace else

They use the term “astral planes”

Or even “an astral planet”

Quite frequently

When they are speaking to me

And their talk is full

Of comments about UFOs

And spiritual beings

Sometimes they refer to themselves

As angels

And sometimes they profess

To be just as human

As myself in their origins

Once again I see the appearance

Of the many mask that they wear



-April, 2019

© Copyright 2019 B.W. Edwards. All rights reserved.

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