My Detox

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Submitted: May 06, 2019

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Submitted: May 06, 2019



Memories fill my mind

Walking through the halls.

In all the rooms,

There is a feeling a feel,

I can’t escape it.

I see us in the places

We shared moments.

I see her out of the

Corner of my eye,

Everywhere I go.

I feel everything.

The time at the mall,

Walking the tracks,

Dancing in the gym,

Sitting in class,

With my family,

With her family,

Holding each other,

Every kiss shared.

Memories in my room,

My kitchen,

My front yard,

My dining room,

Sadie’s room,

Nick’s room,

Harley’s room,

So many memories.

I can’t get past

A single moment,

Shared between us.

I’m like a heroin addict,

Begging for the drug.

An attention whore creating

Drama just to receive the addiction.

My drug is human,

My addiction can’t see.

The pain I hide from her.

She jokingly pulls away,

Not knowing the hurt

Inside my chest.

I tell her,

“You don’t want to know”

But I want her to know,

If you knew my love,

You’d be at a loss,

Of words to respond.

Maybe that’s a good thing

It could be easier this way.

Our memories are

The broken record

In my mind and body.

And I am sorry

I have every reason to be sorry

I let you go,

And now I suffer in agony.


We sit so far apart,

An ocean could sit between us,

We stand to distant

Like there’s a mountain holding us back.

I would cross oceans for her,

I would climb mountains,

I would build bridges,

I would travel the world

Just to be near her.


© Copyright 2019 amiaromantic. All rights reserved.

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