The one we loved too late

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This is a story that started off with highest hopes for this precious baby that would be born. In her life she was viewed as the most beautiful white lotus flower because all that ever knew of her couldn’t see themselves without her. She was an absolute radiant sunshine and everyone could see it. From the moment she made her grandiose entrance, she was determined to make mountains fall and be the pillar of strength for family and loved ones. What was lying above the surface was a facet of pure impression of what was expected of her and none of who she really was. Although she was pushed to her limit in all that she did since birth her, her heart was yearning for something more than the life her mother wanted her to be. She was determined to show her doubters that she was capable of making big decisions and holding onto her independence as long as she was doing these things with her dignity and her values as a young Polynesian woman. Growing up as a first generation Tongan in America it was pretty hard because we didn’t have as much as everyone else, but this particular family she was treated like a princess and pushed harder to make her parents status in the Tongan community have pride and the respect from her last name.

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Her Royal Highness

Submitted: May 06, 2019

Where it all began and the reason as to why she was always looked to as the mother figure amongst all 100 plus of all her first cousins. Her mother came from 12 siblings home and her father also
came from a huge family. So this role was predetermined and she played it out so gracefully like a replica of Princess Diana. Who her family loved and revered Ofa to be just like Princess Diana.
But Ofa didn’t want the responsibility of being the perfect obedient daughter who did everything her mother wanted yet her mother didn’t raise her and yet had the upper hand in beating sense into
Ofa when she refused to participate in recitals or miss out on all the fun with her girl cousins because her mother didn’t feel comfortable letting her daughter hang out with her own nieces. In the
Tongan culture the eldest sister is the monarch in her brothers lives. She is celebrated and the head of the family with her children. So they are before the brothers and their kids it is called
the fahu or mehikitanga. Ofa would forever resent her mother for that and miss many mother daughter moments because of the stale and selfish outlook her mother bestowed upon Ofa. Always making her
feeling inept or not good enough to have that mother daughter bond. Her mother had 4 boys after Ofa making her the oldest and the only girl. So as you can imagine Ofa was always dealing with so
much and not only that but ofas childhood house was the home that everyone would come to and stay there till they got on their feet or for a place to hang out over the weekend. Ofa was a guardian
in disguise she nurtured and help love and raise her little cousins that she looked to as her younger siblings. So much value into the lives of her family it was sad to see her witnesss and go
through the disconnect with the one person that should be your number one supporter. Ofa never felt love from her mother and would often tell her closest sisters/little cousins
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