Life's a Bitch, Like Me

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Angry rap type lyrics depicting a woman who is simply "done"... again; and a harder person for it all.

Submitted: May 08, 2019

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Submitted: May 08, 2019



...give it time... just try a little harder... you must forgive... sometimes you have to do things you don't want to... it can't be that bad... but everyone loves him...

been hit on and shit on
told I should just sit at home
I knew it wasn't right but I didn't want to fight
shouted and cried
cheated and lied
been flattered and bribed
I tried and I tried
swallowed my pride
and again I tried
but the white dress was always a mess for me
fuck all of this fairy tale destiny

I'm lacin' up my leathers and bucklin' on my sword
I'll march through any weather, my soul battered and scored
cause I've got the will and I've got the drive
drop me in a battle and I will survive
cause my skin is like metal and I've a diamond hard core
give me a moment to settle and I'm ready for war
I want more...
than this anger.

but love is no more than a cheap trick
an emotional manacle for a mind that's sick
They'll slap you in cuffs with one little phrase
they'll bind you, bend you, and break you,
but you'd be amazed... what you can live through,
You're never the same,
quick to defend and slow to trust
no more taking the blame
you know when it's all a bust
pick up the pieces and walk out the door
tell 'em to fuck off when they come beggin' for more.
spikes n chains and ice cold at the core.
I'm ready for war.

wadin' through the battle I will survive
beat me down and break me, I'll re-make me
I've got the drive
I'm a the badass bitch you never saw coming
you thought I was a sweet chick
bet that surprise was mind numbing
my life's taken a different tone
I'm sleepin' alone
no one trackin' me with my phone
I'm free
and I'm proud to be me.

.... Momma... the world ain't what you told me it would be; but I know that you wanted it for me.

© Copyright 2019 Loupy Renard. All rights reserved.

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