The devil in disguise

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Submitted: May 09, 2019

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Submitted: May 09, 2019



With the devil at the crossroads, 
it was time to ring Aunt Bess 
I said,"wasn't that fast" 
for she was gone in under a sec 
Mojo brand was leaking so fast 
from it's vintage and rare, hot powder box 
The judge, once declared, after viewing the downloads 
that the devil was innocent, from the lower dock 
All black power got its roots, down in good old Delaware 
starting with Bobby Johnson's, Rhythm n Blues bootleg selection 
While a crooked cross hung out and about Times Square 
at the corner of Hazelhurst and Hoover's T- Intersection 
Hoodoo Gurus, sitting upon an unmarked gravestone 
in the eerie dark, around about midnight 
Mumbling, they once could move one's hipbone 
Kings of the world, almost at their height 

I haven't played in a minute, 'cause of men in black suits 
so you'll have to wait for me to chill 
We should all support local grassroots, 
for they might actually decide to kill 
They were the good old days, without any crime 
that's when New York came out to play 
If she could only turn back time 
and just go on her, merry, merry, way 
This misguided world would still feel alive 
It would be such a better place 
by teaching us how to actually survive 
in today's chaotic, fast paced rat race 
Falling in love and falling out 
Freedom will continue! 
Of that, I have no doubt 
Freedom will continue! 
Of that, I have no doubt.

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