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A birthday party planned by three wizards which goes wrong......

Submitted: May 09, 2019

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Submitted: May 09, 2019




“Happy birthday Julie”, Sam congratulated his best friend. Mike was busy checking something on his phone. “We have to celebrate this. You are turning 18!” Sam continued, “Let’s have a birthday party”.

“Sam, Are you crazy? Birthday parties are not allowed in our school campus” Julie retorted. “Oh yeah, stupid school….”  Sam said under his breath. “Don’t say that! We study in one of the most prestigious school for magic in the planet.” Julie said, proudly. True. MAGICA, SCHOOL FOR WIZARDRY was one of the topmost school for magic in their magical dimension. “So? That still doesn’t mean witches and wizards are not allowed to celebrate their birthday. It’s not fair!” Sam pouted like a child. Mike was listening to the conversation intently. Suddenly he was struck with an idea. “How about we have a party without anyone knowing? Just us three.” Julie said “NO” and Sam said “YES” at the same time.

“But what if we get caught?”. “We won’t!” Mike said confidently. “Tomorrow is going to be our senior’s graduation ceremony. Every teacher is going to be in the main hall. No one would even come to check the students in the dorm. We can have our party then.”

Sam started praising his friend for his cleverness while Julie gave him a death glare. Mike always came up with such random ideas, Sam always supported him and Julie always worried about the side effects. So the next day while the graduation ceremony was taking place in the main hall, our three protagonists were in their dorm, having their own fun. Julie was both excited and concerned.

“Julie I have a surprise for you.” Sam said with an evil smile on his face. “What is it?” Julie asked, imagining all kinds of gifts. “It’s a surprise”. He replied, grinning.

Mike gave her his gift. It was a beautiful pendent which she liked instantly. Next it was Sam’s turn. Julie stared at the wooden statue of a cat painted white from head to toe with bright yellow eyes. “Eh, Sam thanks, it’s cute”. She didn’t know what to say. “ This is not the real gift. Just wait and see”, saying this, Sam took the statue in one hand and his wand in other. he recited a spell and pointed his wand at the cat. Suddenly the cat began to move. The smooth surface changed to soft fur. Ears began to twitch and turn. Bright yellow eyes blinked twice before staring at them. A single sound escaped from its mouth, “Meow”.

“Here is your surprise!” Sam yelled in joy. “We learned a new spell the other day and I wanted to try it. So, do you like it?”

Julie was aghast. Mike was trying to control his laughter.

“Oh Sam! Why did you had to go and turn the statue into an actual cat?” Julie wailed.

“But you said you wanted a pet”. Sam said defensively.

“Yes, when during our vacation, when we are at our homes. Not now! Don’t you know we are not allowed to have pets inside the school grounds!”

“That’s ok. We will give it to the pet shop in the nearby village. That way we can take care of it.”

“No. I think the better solution would be to turn it back”

While Julie and Sam were arguing like this, Mike couldn’t help but intervene.  “Um, guys?” he said softly, “The cat is missing”

The next few minutes were spent on finding the missing cat by searching every nook and corner of the dorm. Mike checked the cabinets, Julie looked under the beds and Sam even took the liberty of looking inside the dust bin.it was then that they heard a familiar “Meow” from the hallway.

Sam came out of the dorm to find the cat sitting at a dim corner of the hall, crying softly. He put his finger to his lips and gestured the cat to keep quiet.

“What on earth are you doing here, Samuel?” Sam froze in his place. The bold and cold voice belonged to none other than their potions teacher, Prof. Hawk. he turned around to find himself all alone in the hallway with Prof. except for the cat who managed to escape the prying eyes of the teacher by hiding itself. Julie and mike must be hiding inside the dorm.

“Good evening sir. Is the ceremony over?” he tried to act as innocent as possible.

“No. but I know you children you are always up to one mischief or the other. So I decided to take a little stroll “. His eyes narrowed to the student in front of him. “What are you doing at this late hour?”

“Nothing. I just came back after returning a library book.” Sam replied, who was a master at giving excuses.

“I checked your paper. You have not scored well this midterm. You will have extra potions class with me tomorrow evening.” Prof.  Hawk said in a threatening voice and turned to leave.

It was at this time that our cat decided to remind everyone of its presence by another “Meow”.

The Prof. turned to Sam and gave him an angry look, “Stop making animal sound, Samuel. You are not a child anymore”. With this he left a dumbstruck Sam behind.

Julie and Mike came out from their hiding place. Julie took the cat in her hands and turned towards Sam. “enough is enough. Turn this cat back to a statue before any more trouble happens”.

“Why can’t we keep it for now and drop it off at the pet shop I have told you about earlier?” Sam whined.

 “Why can’t you just turn it back?”

“Because…. because” Sam gave both of his friends an idiotic grin. “I don’t know how to turn it back”.




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