A Were-World: A Journey Far From Home

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Chapter 29 (v.1) - Ash

Submitted: June 12, 2019

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Submitted: June 12, 2019




If Ash and the girl switched places, she probably would have knocked the boy out. But then she would have to get suspended or whatever punishments the school offered.

The so-called beautiful Michelle stepped off the stage doing a catwalk. Smacking her would be worth it. Ash looked around for James. The last time they had talked to each other was when they had bumped into each other while going to the mailroom. She had never had time to add him into her contacts and was kind of afraid to before she had gotten her bravery from Myra.

She spotted James sitting at a far away table close to the entrance. He had his face in his palms and his elbow on the table. Ash just thought he was joking about him not having a lot of friends. She didn’t think it was true!

Elot, or the Werien version of Apollo, stepped up. Ash wondered who the final chosen one would be. The Were-cat God cleared his throat and began saying the final speech of the afternoon. His smile hurt to look at.

“Hello! I am Elot, God of the sun, medicine, poetry, and music of all sorts! One of you in this room have shown many things I enjoy watching. This afternoon, you will be given two of my possessions and not one, not two, but three new abilities. The first ability is healing. The second is the ability to control light, though you cannot take away the sun’s energy, I must declare. The third ability is the ability to play any instrument, and trust me, that will come in handy someday. My first possession is my pan flute, which has some hypnotizing powers of its own. The second item of mine is my Book of Destined Poems. Every poem in there is destined to help you at some point in your life. It is blank when you first open it. To see a poem, you write down your problem or question and you will get an answer! Now, enough with the chit chat. James Velon, please step up this stage!”

All eyes wandered over to James in his white suit. He stared back at everyone and then turned his gaze to the God who was still trying to blind people. He stood up slowly and walked like a turtle up the stage. Throughout the room, whispers rippled everywhere.

“That's the nerd Were-Cat,” said one person.

He’s the one getting chosen? Elot should at least choose me over some nerd. I write good poetry!” said another.

James stood silently in front of Elot. The God looked around the room and set his eyes back at James.

“Do you want to know why I choose you, boy?” Elot asked him.

“Um, yes, sir,” James said.

“Well, first things first. You love music, don’t you? I’ve seen the way you play your violin. Secondly, the time you look out for others, especially your family, is nothing like I’ve ever seen. You are full of potential.” Ash she was not the only one who knew about Gods and Goddesses because James bowed respectfully and thanked Elot. No one else had done that.

“Are you ready to be granted your new powers?” Elot asked. Luke nodded and suddenly, music from nowhere played with the distinct sound of violins, harps, and other graceful instruments. Wind swirled around James as he got lifted up into the air. Nothing seemed to happen to James except the fact that he looked scared, startled, and seemed to glow.

After a count of seven, James set foot on the ground again and stumbled. His foot went off the side of the stage and luckily, Kat thrust out her hand and caught him using her gravitation powers before he hit the ground. She brought him back up the stage and whispered out loud, “Your welcome,” to him. Everyone lay their eyes on her and either laughed or glared.  

Elot raised his hand for silence and said, “Are you ok?”

“Yes,” James said. Elot smiled and held out his hand and the “Pan Flute of Hypnotizing” and the Book of Destined Poems appeared in his palm. The book had a dark red leather with gold letters on the front cover with the title. A matching leather strap held the book shut, possibly by velcro or a button or something else. The pan flute was made out of hollowed out bamboo tied together with small vines. It looked like a normal instrument except that it was glowing like crazy. Ash could actually make out James’s epression; his eyes were closed tightly.

The light dies down and Elot handed James the possesions. He smiled and bowed slightly toward the God and walked down the stair’s and back to his table.

Ash couldn’t feel any happier for him. However, James didn’t seem to happy about it. True, he already was being disliked by other students. But that shouldn’t mean he should dislike his new abilities. Part of her wanted to make sure the students paid for her mistakes. But before she did that, she had to enjoy the party and eat some exotic food. And enjoy the surprise Professor Irvington had in store for the seven chosen ones.


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