Freiyon Fables #3: Hooked on Power

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
Pirates have made their way into Freiyon, and worst of all, they somehow came into the world before many important events of Freiyon History. Lost, Confused, Angry and power-hungry, the crew of pirates set sail across the seas of Freiyon, meddling with events as they unfold in Freiyon. And Adam Carper, the son of Emily Carper who had told the story of Micklang the Squirrel in the first book, is thrust right into the middle of it all, forced to find a solution to how to stop the pirate crew and their constant desire for treasure and power.
Secrets are revealed.
The past of Freiyon comes under threat.
New magical powers arise.
And one thing is certain...
The End Of Freiyon Is Coming!

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Submitted: May 11, 2019

The finale of my Freiyon Fables Trilogy. I hope that you enjoy it and I would like some comments on what I show, as I won't be showing the whole book just yet.
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chapter one: pirates in freiyon.

Submitted: May 11, 2019

Act One: The Past of Freiyon.   Chapter One: Pirates in Freiyon. The year of 1722, in the human world, somewhere near Na... Read Chapter

Chapter Two: Sybil Rochester.

Submitted: May 11, 2019

Chapter Two: Sybil Rochester. The year 1785, Rochester, England. Sybil Rochester had just met the love of his life: Helen Lanet. ... Read Chapter

Chapter Three: Adam Carper.

Submitted: May 11, 2019

Chapter Three: Adam Carper. Young Adam Carper was the son of Emily Carper, although he was not aware that she was in fact the one tha... Read Chapter

Chapter Four: A Very Strange Occurrence.

Submitted: May 11, 2019

Chapter Four: A Very Strange Occurrence. Adam gasped in utter shock. It was then that Adam worked out two things: he was in an earlie... Read Chapter