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This eassy, is about the ills of democracy, not because democracy it bad but because the people at the stage of leadership has turn democracy into another thing, right now in this present generation, the name democracy is accepted in every continent if not mistaken but there is no pratical used of what is call democracy , read it and share with friends and family.


We have all benefited from the gift which mother democracy has given us which is our right.
Well am not trying to critics democracy but I just want to point out something very important , it is well known that democracy have help  very immensely in the people right which is so nice and perfect but I want to ask a question and I want you to answer it Democracy is all about the right of individuals to elect their representative, but also is democracy a government that enables  the people to make  their decisions ?, I will say that democracy has fail, not because it has fail in it principles or whether the principles are not right but because the principles are not respected but downplay upon by those in the government, why because democracy specified mostly about the peoples right to vote in practice and defineds also about the peoples priviledge to gives opinions. But all this are downgraded by this present civilized democratic government and also democracy has fail to put in place practice on how governmental institutions should act, and by this ills, government rule by their own opinions not by the peoples own. Am not trying to affirm that democracy is a bad form of government but am trying to bring to our knowledge that democracy is loosing it basic as a system of government for a civilized states or nations.
Now looking at the definition of government  it states that a government is as institution  or entity which is established to run the affairs of the states or nation.the entity is ought from the definition not to run it own affairs but that of it the most precedental characteristis of a government, it is ought to follow the opinions of the populance and not theirs but at this present civilisation the government are for themselves not for the people .
SYSTEM: it is a way , a control, a look through to hold on and how things  should be done.  looking at thhis definition is so funny, look at democracy it states how things should be done, but still not all the principles of democracy is accepted only the name is accepted in most countries and county, but not in practise in some countries of the world. some countries have  accepted  it definitions but have not practice it . right now the  world is changing  and it needs a governmental systems that will command respect from the officials for the people sake that what is neded, not a government against the people, nobody is idle right now every governmental official is going into governmental positions for the money because of the poverty of their minds, in the name of democracy that the people have chosen him or her which is a big lie, it is  not the people that have choose him,but  it is his or her party that  choose him or her to go for that positions and they come up making false promises and you vote, they stay four years on seat no promise fulfil and they still come up again ande ask for a second tenure and you vote because is your right and you called that democracy.
It is theftcracy if there is any word like that.
Democracy need a government or a new reformation it should not only be a government  for the peopleby the peopleand  of the people.  By it principle and not in practices.
However looking at the definition of democracy it is clearly shown  that democracy is not represented well, by it practice in this present generation political leaders, democracy is only represented in words only that means by acceptance not practice. well it is so bad because a government or a  good government is one  that the people rule the government, not the people been rule by the government because  government is a machinery established  to carry out the people wishful aspiration and desire, am not affirming that there should be no democracy but let democracy be redefind not in it definitions but on it practise and characteristic.
If I must submit democracy in practice it should  be defined in practice by  this kind of characteristic.
It should be a system of government were the people tell the persons seekings governmental post what they want not the person telling the people his or her bullshit campainges propaganda merely written down about what he or she will do.
Democracy should have a stand that every person who is seekiing governmental position, should at least fufil 2/3 of what the people  or citizen want him to do before two years of his reign if not that person should be impeached immediately.
There should be no racial sgregation or tribe characters of anykind for a country practicing democracy and also this imply to admissions of  student into schools, employment, election etc.
Have we ever thought of a democratic practicalise system, were, the citizens of a government, will choose if it leader will still rule them after the first tenure of that same leader, by public opinion, have we ever thought of that, now the case is if the people disagree that they do not want the leader, then the leader should not contest for that election.
Democracy should be in practice as to, if someone is elected, after 2years of that person in seat and the person has not fulfil ,his or her promise to the people, they should be a machinery where, the people can vote that , the leader should step down, this machinery should be seperated from the parliament, and it should comprise of , lawyers, laymen, doctors, engineer,pastors, and the citizens of the country. And county.
The issue with democracy now is not the citizens, but the leaders, and if some measure are not taken, the spirit of democracy, will only bear it names but it will not be put into practice, because not all , that democracy says are been practice. We note that leaders are been put by God yes, it is true,but we should not be in a hurry to forget that, God can choose a leader and a leader can do things against God will, are we all not creations of God, have you ask yourself, why some creation, do things which are not of God. The answer is simple, it is because they choose to do it.
Also democracy, should have no partiality as to who should be elected into, parliament,president,vice president,senate,chairman,mayors, delegate and more, democracy is a caller of equality, so all this post mention above , should be open to both male and female.
From the definition  of democracy, it state that it is a government for the people, but I have never seen a government that, took up by it self to see that it citizen live every well.

Submitted: May 12, 2019

© Copyright 2021 TAMBE MANSFIELD AGBOR. All rights reserved.

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