C'est dangereux

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Second Part / Chapter 1

Submitted: June 28, 2019

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Submitted: June 28, 2019





Every following day Nicole Gratte was slightly different from the previous one, we would say. Here she wakes up again on a checkered couch, a red blanket entangled in bare legs. She pulls on black pants and a grey sweater in the next room. She warms up the electric kettle, the same red, and brews dark tea.

Alain is waiting for her in his white Japanese sedan, as usual driving her up to the Signe d’argent, and then leaves for the bank because he is doing quite a responsible job there. Although he hadn’t still told what kind of job, he didn’t tell her anything about the bank at all. The workday was ending at about five in the evening. Since the bank was within walking distance, she just ran for training.

They will study until the nine in the evening, and it turns out that all day Nicole is scheduled by the hour, if not the minute. This does not scare her because she has the desire to earn a lot of money, and she is ready to go through any sacrifices and risks. The truth is that every third day she was given a day off, Nicole did not work there a full shift. It was necessary for the ‘homework’.

At home, her clothes didn’t pamper. Either grey or black blouse with the same black pants and a lowered belt, constantly jumping down, so that you can see her underwear slightly. In addition to them, almost the same torn jeans.

Although her wheat hair, with black eyes, can’t be spoiled. Nicole tints them every month, buying hair dye. Nicole’s ex-husband is looking for her, of course; he came to Paris for that. But she doesn’t care about home clothes. She brings discs with weird audio files, begins to listen through headphones.

The content of audio files was varied from time to time. Against the background of the noise that most resembles the highway, the voice in French quickly repeats “Five, five, five, five”, a la hypnotist. These were real radio conversations or reconstruction on similar equipment. Nicole’s task is to learn to hear always, everywhere, even on bad handsets.

Radio interference was different. In one folder with files, the noise was barely audible in the headphones, in the other—quite noticeable, in the third—the voice is rather difficult to distinguish against the background noise. When the German language began, at least twelve weeks passed since Nicole sat behind these files.

Now it was the German negotiations. First of all, she saw in the file names the word der Funkamateur—amateur radio. It’s difficult, you see, not to notice that the files, previously called in your native language, now have foreign names.

She had a variety of tasks to perform with radio files. And to understand which word is muffled at the same time by the recorded siren. It was French:

“Connard!” (The word is not heard due to the siren.) “Where are you’re going!? Don’t stop—approach the walking policemen. Stop the car now!” (Instead of the last words, only one final syllable is heard.)

Nicole wrote: “Obviously, in the file ... the first siren muffled the word ‘connard’ because ‘co’ and the final ‘ar’ are heard, but ‘n’ is muffled by the siren. It is not possible to determine the second word due to the fact that only the final syllable ‘uis’ is heard. This word can be anything.”

Sincerely not understanding why bankers have legal phonology, she had asked how often people call the bank whose speech is muffled by some sirens? The trainer told her that these were conditional tasks. You’re not always able to hear the voice, some people mumble into the phone.

“If they don’t speak clearly, then maybe you shouldn’t call at night?”

“Some people always speak with a certain type of articulation. It’s not about the time of day.”

Nicko thought how greedy this bank should be if their task is to collect debts from every corporate client. Even to prepare such personnel who understands the speech of last nasal person. Mom saw Nicole every third day of the week, but not more often. She appeared in a black jacket, under it was a dark grey T-shirt or turtleneck, depending on the current month. And certainly light wheat hair.

“No, why did you change your hair colour?” asked mom. “I always remember you with black hair, but twenty weeks ago you said to buy hair dye.”

“Sorry, mom. Perhaps my ex-husband is stalking me because I ran away.”

“If he stalks you, go to the police station.”

When Nicole heard this idea, she remembered how in the fifth grade she had made a telephone call to the phone operator, first of all, and then to various bureaus, trying to find out one or the other information.

“Police station? Firstly, I have no evidence of beatings. Secondly, it was in one city, and I will go to complain to another? Yes, they will tell me to go to Dieppe again and write a statement there. Bullshit,” Nicole abruptly waved his hand. “And what if he sues the defence of honour and dignity?”

“Can he go for it? Is he still not ashamed?”

“No, these people are not ashamed.”

Having fallen asleep, Nicole had a weird dream. She is standing. She can’t understand where exactly: either on the street or at home in the living room in front of Alain’s motorcycle. Francesco had appeared from nowhere, walked to it and tried to disassemble it for parts. Nicole shouted: “What are you doing?” and turned Alain himself with her hand. Her boyfriend attacked him, striking from seven to twelve blows in Francesco’s stomach. As a result, Francesco not only didn’t fall, and even in no way was significantly injured. The fact is that he was not fat. Realizing that the theft attempt failed, he disappeared.

When she awoke, she wondered why the motorcycle has appeared in this dream. Alain didn’t have a motorcycle, although at school he told her that he dreamed of a motorcycle. Nicole stood up, her back no longer hurt despite some kind of criminal, half-smeared image. You could say she fully adapted in a rented flat.

Returning yesterday from her mother, Nicole told her that she was renting a room in a hotel, but didn’t speak the address. Allegedly there is a repair in particular rooms. Margeaux said that this rented flat with beige wallpaper, a checkered sofa and a red kettle in the kitchen is not similar to a repaired flat. The daughter replied that there is only a repair in one room, but she didn’t show any repair photos. Nicole wasn’t interested in talking about her boyfriend. Margeaux could have admitted that the daughter was hiding from one husband, but would hardly have imagined the second boyfriend.

Brewing an electric kettle again, all her recent relationships with men flew in her head. She wanted to cross out Francesco and forget him, but she appreciated her classmate.

Nicole successfully completes every task on the training. As Morales himself wanted, she perfected the German language: pronunciation, reading, writing, listening. But there were some nuances; for example, she can hear and understand every German sentence with any accent. West Germany, Northern Germany, Austria, German language with a Swedish accent, but the training authors wanted distinction.

For a long time, she answered only 39% of the correct answers. She knew the Berlin, Bavarian and French accent, and they wanted more. Nicole can confuse Austria with Sweden, or some northern accent can sound as a western one.

Nicko came into different German chats. In one of them, she had asked about marks in German schools. She was very surprised that the highest mark was 1 point, according to a system from 1 to 6 points. In France, the twenty-point system. Usually, Nicole received marks from 17 to 15 points per assignment.

No one in her class received 19 or 20, so the average Frenchman is certainly convinced that it’s impossible to know the program at 100%. The truth is, in one case, she had put the redundant preposition in the simple question. She was told: “If you are from France, then march on the class tasks and learn German much better.”

This fact greatly upset her and caused great hysteria. Lying on a plaid sofa, she spent three hours pounding a pillow. The University of Economics has already made her graduate along with German, according to ideas with the skills of every day and professional-economic communication. And then in the chat someone finds a mistake in an ordinary question? But it’s not as if the native speaker cannot do it.

Alain Renard didn’t understand at all what was happening to her. She was so angry, nervous, twisted and exhausted. Nicole angrily answered at his attempts to find out what was going on with her.

“All because I am a useless fool,” she said. “I didn’t live up to their expectations; they see typos in German chat rooms sometimes.

“Do you think writing is important for a banker? I’d rather see proper pronunciation. You have enough idioms to talk to them.”

Nicole didn’t tell Alain about the content of her training. Each student selects their own classes, although he guessed. It’s also true that she hadn’t yet asked him about what particular post in the bank he held. She didn’t know exactly who he is, but knowing about that he has not graduated from the University of Economics, she didn’t exclude that he is some programmer.

“What about the documents?”

“You aren’t a lawyer to draw them up, so you are unlikely to work with them. And then, they are written by our French lawyers, then legal translators interpret, and then native speakers correct them. No one makes up any documents initially on a foreign one.”

“I don’t understand why this redundant preposition appeared. I have never had a single problem in German chat rooms before.”

“Maybe, you were tired?”

The next day, Nicole forgot about this case and concentrated on another part: a transcription. It was more important from the understanding point of view, and literacy was not important there.

Original: “First of all, we note that there have been significant changes in healthcare.” Rewritten: “There have been changes in healthcare.”

Original: “The Caribbean crisis began with rash political actions during the Cold War.” Rewritten: “The Caribbean crisis was started by politicians during the Cold War.”

Original: “Even before many politicians understood the dangers of Saddam Hussein, Al-Capone was the number one criminal for the United States. The ranking of criminals, as such, is not a precedent of our time.” Rewritten: “Al-Capone was the main American criminal before Saddam Hussein. The ranking of criminals is not a precedent.”

The trainer commented on four different manuscripts of transcripts of finished French (native) texts. He noted that Nicole seeks to write everything in full words, and in transcripts almost always use a reduction in the size, but not the number of words.

He also drew attention to the fact that the most key meaning mustn’t be loose. “The ranking of criminals” based on “the number one criminal.” You cannot simply replace it with another synonym. The meaning of the following sentence is unclear.

And this is a later text. Not being a professional secretary, Nicole began otherwise:

Original: “As for my point of view, I spoke it.” Rewritten: “I said mine.”

Original: “We believe that our draft proposals for amendments to the Criminal Code will significantly affect the detection of crimes.” Rewritten: “Our amendments to the Criminal Code will affect the detection of crimes.”

That is, there were more similar inconsistencies in her transcript. The trainer especially said that she should not change the “point of view” to “mine” because this is a very colloquial idiom that can be interpreted in different ways. And they will not “affect”, and someone only thinks that it can affect, that is. It would be better “Our amendments to the Criminal Code may affect the detection of crimes”. Surely no one knows.

In the later stages of the study of the transcript, Nicole had already firmly changed words into simple pictures when some phenomenon could be depicted unambiguously and regardless of the context:

Original: “In accordance with paragraph 24.2” Rewritten: “In accordance with ¶ 24.2”

Original: “As they walked through the forest, he saw something.” Rewritten: “He saw something as they walked through ??”

Original: “This event was very loud in the hall.” Rewritten: “The noise during the event was IIII”

Original: “They tried to share the value of several assets.” Rewritten: “They tried -> val. of sev. ass.”

Original: “Shares of the company began to plummet, share capital has decreased.” Rewritten: “Their shares began <-, SHP has <-”

Original: “At the time of claims for overdue loans, the debtor has already died.” Rewritten: “The debtor has +, and the loan issue was still active.”

By the way, when Nicole met the last text in the assignment, she understood Pierre’s point of view: he didn’t want to lose money because of possible deaths and other force majeure circumstances, because the company is obliged to pay for corporate loans, and not the person. But a normal bank is not afraid of risks. Banks consider them. Why does Pierre don’t understand simple axioms? Nicole sacrificed much to get this job, but Pierre didn’t want to make any sacrifices.

The last thing the trainer said was: avoid extra contrast. The bold square in the “noise” was completely optional, that is, she could limit to a strip.

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