C'est dangereux

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 16 (v.1) - Second Part / Chapter 6

Submitted: August 14, 2019

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Submitted: August 14, 2019




Buses were very valuable to her, although Nicole was thirteen at best, and she wasn’t supposed to drive yet. So valuable were they that she even found some forum la-grand-echelle.fr about large-scale models. The truth is, the subject wasn’t limited to buses.

The main point of the forum was the assembly of large-scale models of heavy-duty cars: trucks, commercial vehicles with trailers, vans and minivans, tractors, passenger buses. Nicole was only interested in buses, of course.

The site had several forums and sub-forums which at first glance, were not related to its main subject. This is collecting scans of technical manuals, old advertisements of a particular car, identification by a photo of an unknown truck or its unknown modification.

Nicole enjoyed reading all this information, not wanting to listen to the next fights of her family. The truth is, sometimes they seemed so loud that she couldn’t even calmly read her favourite forums and pages. Unfortunately, Nicko was soon banned on the forum.

The site was attended by enthusiasts in the field of assembly of large-scale models. Nicole herself didn’t collect any models and didn’t know how to do it. Her black and white photographs of modern Parisian buses didn’t impress these activists at all. Her site with a list of routes, and then not all, but only buses in her district, seemed that funnier.

More specifically, the photographs were taken on a colour tape, although with a camera of either the seventieth or the eightieth year of production. Just the scanner was black and white and didn’t provide for the transfer of colour.

Many users of La Grande Échelle found her attempts to do something ‘insignificant’ and advised, ‘just read the forum’. Her attempts to draw buses were even worse: the inaccurate proportions of the drawing itself were more likely motivated to close the page than to look at it.

Several times she saw messages that said she was just someone’s ‘not fully cared for a child, obviously with excessive self-esteem.’ What’s the logic in these messages? Usually, high self-esteem in those who are well-cared and therefore treated kindly. Someone advised her to ‘never, under any circumstances, take pictures, not to mention about drafts.’

Gratte understood that, in most cases, forum administrators don’t appreciate user messages and information posted. For some time, she looked at the women’s forum Les-Femmes.fr. She quickly understood that she didn’t really understand the problems of ‘adult’ women, she decided to stay there as a ‘guest.’

But Nicole understood something there.

Everybody faces problems, and women, too, especially. One of them wrote about how they fell in the snow on to hard ice, others about how they had to go around the ice not far from some trash. Some woman vomited on transport. Positive propaganda imposes on all people the ideals and standards of beauty. Sometimes it’s forbidden to say that a woman is, first of all, an organism, and then everything else.

After Nicole came out of the toxicological hospital, Margeaux told her: “Never, nowhere, with anyone, and under no circumstances should you say that you were there at all.” What’s the problem? Nicko never recorded her thoughts in any diaries.

She wanted to write only once: when, in that toxicological hospital, some eleven-year-old kid was looking for her. He had short blond hair and bald temples. He was French, he spoke beautifully, but he didn’t seem like the most educated child.

The boy suggested that Nicko take off her bra and allow him to touch her breast. He said several times “Such a whore as you must suck,” obviously not understanding the meaning of this expression. It seems that he heard these words from some not very cultural family. But after all, Nicko herself didn’t fully understand the meaning of these hints.

Gratte wanted to take a pen and write a paper about it, but then someone made her text disappear. Since it was unlikely that someone had covered for the boy, the hospital administration clearly didn’t want sex scandals.

One boy heard an adult conversation, the meaning of which he didn’t understand, and said to the same girl. Where is the rape itself? After all, the culture of speech barely interests the police and officials, if at all. Nicole didn’t write any personal diaries after that. After reading those reports of snowdrifts at Les Femmes, she became interested in the opportunity to make her forum.

Because she was a teenager, she wasn’t a competent expert in anything. She simply wanted to create a forum that is an alternative to La Grande Échelle; however, dedicated not to large-scale models as such, but drawings and photographs of various types of transport.

Nicole called the forum Le véhicule de métal. In the chat of La Grande Échelle, they laughed:

“Eh, look at her, she wants to get ahead of us.”

“But who would go there? No one would visit there.”

If the users of La Grande Échelle weren’t going to watch her site at all, why besides her, three people went there just after she announced about the forum on their chat? They had set the first record of the simultaneous visits.

All this was relatively positive news so that the site Le véhicule de métal would develop. But after working for just a month, nobody went there.

The only person who went there: a designer who asked if Nicole needed help with the design of the forum? What is the design: HTML-code, pictures, subforums, the designer didn’t tell for sure, as well as didn’t name the sum of the question, or his benefit. He didn’t even prove that he understands something in design. Nicole refused his help.

After some time, Nicole saw the user under the nickname Ninelle with her message: “You’re crap, Nicole, and your forum fully confirms this.” Ninelle? Is that the wife of that Simon? Has anyone recalled Nicko from real life? Hardly. If they had recalled her, they would certainly have to say about Alfred. A stepfather, usually drunk, who even confused the floors after his work. And then—short bullying and nothing else.

Nicko was very unhappy with this message, although her discontent was short-lived, and she quickly forgot it. Actually, this period was remembered by two pieces of two news. One was good, the other was bad. The good news was a new interest appeared in her. Interesting subject: the creation of sites. The bad was that almost no one visited there.

Nicole created a lot of sites and forums. No matter what purpose. For the sake of the process itself. After the message from La Grande Échelle chat, she fussed around with the newly created forum for only three days, and then, as if in confirmation of their words, abandoned it.

Nicole’s site Le véhicule de métal appeared on a variety of free domains of the French Internet of that time. Nicole first created HTML pages and then began to put various free PEARL scripts. Their typical feature: working in the CGI-bin folder, that is, the site address looks like this: site.fr/cgi-bin/

The time wasn’t modern. There wasn’t yet a massive ‘moving out’ of all popular resources to PHP scripts. PEARL scripts had one single flaw: these forums (guestbooks and the similar things) didn’t work well with a large number of visitors and messages, that is, the more messages, the slower they were in loading.

More or less modern time, in the technical aspect, came when the phpBB2 forum engine appeared on PHP and not on slow PEARL, and the sites didn’t have to be hosted but could be hosted on your own computer. Such an empty forum once was on Nicole’s computer at the time of Francesco and was only visible to her browser only.

Fran believed that Nicole wasted time, sitting on an empty forum with photos of some buses, so he chopped off this opportunity, pulling out the hard drive and taking it to work. It’s weird because if he was a rather jealous person, then her cell phone calls should interest him more than the collection of photos of some buses.

Gratte spent some time thinking about the “ideal forum” in terms of both rules and functionality, but she was never a major expert on PHP or databases. The rules of the forum: they were another thing. Nicko remembers how they were unhappy with black and white photographs at La Grande Échelle. But who prevents to enter the rule and marked each topic [B/W photo], [colour photo], [B/W drawings]. Is it so hard? But they didn’t bother to do it.

They scolded everyone who created topics for them. But, perhaps, considering that it was an old forum on PEARL, where administrators are interested in reducing users and messages (and not in increasing), does the technical side and slowness of CGI-bin itself explain everything?

After some time, Nicole learned that all these PRs are valid only for domains of your-name.fr. If the name of the form is your-name.host.fr, then PR would be only in the main domain host.fr. Create a site with the use of the free domain? Of course, hosting would be promoted by “hosting” requests, but in buses or other cars, it has a minimum value.

The bad news related to Nicole’s idea was that after Alfred Bourget’s death, her mother almost stopped buying a new film, and she can’t take pictures without it. She came for the purpose to buy a film about two or three times, but the photos of the buses barely consisted of the full collection. She can’t score a whole museum photo archive in her personal cab, as she wanted.

* * *

“I looked at your site history on the browser,” said Alain. “You’re somehow interested in buses. What are you planning to buy if you’d make money? But why do we need a bus for two? A car would be better.”

“Hmm, I didn’t think exactly about buying and driving. I’m just interested in the history of buses. I liked to go from one terminal to another with my mother, even without any purpose. We didn’t know anyone in the city. None of our friends lived on these routes. But I liked to ride, and we rode.”

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