C'est dangereux

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Chapter 17 (v.1) - Second Part / Chapter 7

Submitted: August 27, 2019

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Submitted: August 27, 2019




After Nicole left all these forums and found herself in the shadow when she became a guest to visit Les-Femmes.fr, she registered at one of the forums where they discussed the very process of creating some sites. They were united by the fact that the forum administrator was also poor, but smart; he’s not an owner of his domain, and the address was like sitecreating.free.fr.

Nicko has a pen friend for a while. His name was André Moody, he was about eighteen years old, although Nicole was fourteen, at best. They didn’t discuss sex or anything like that, André was such an all-knowing programmer. Sometimes she spoke about living conditions with whom, not on technical topics.

He was born in a one-room flat in a private house somewhere on the outskirts of Paris. There was little convenience: the final bus stop is placed near his house. André complained of some disease related to the fragility of his bones. Any enemies would kill him immediately if they attack him in a dark alley, no one in real life knows about it.

Nicole never told him about the inflammation in her ovaries.

André was apparently an unpretentious person in life. He said that he didn’t even have a VHS recorder, unlike her, and he was content with only TV shows and movies that were shown on television. He lived with some grey cat. Nicole didn’t breed animals and didn’t ask him more about this.

More interesting is another. On their sitecreating.free.fr forum, dedicated to the creation of the sites themselves, one person under the nickname Maître des virus (Master of the viruses) was attacking them. Once he hacked their resource on a little-known forum engine before phpBB2 appeared. The scripts providing work of sites, forums were poorly protected. Instead of the page, a window with an obscene message was displayed.

André restored the forum from his backup: a reserve that he always kept. It turned out that this was possible because of the unprotected message field: Maître des virus inserted a java-redirect to another page, which, when opening an “infected” topic, redirected to his website.

After some time, when Nicole had already studied at the university and it was 2000, André put the latest phpBB1 forum instead of the CGI script. But even at the time of the CGI script, they discussed the behaviour of the Maître des virus in the mode of an invisible topic. Who doesn’t remember, in the old communities, there were neither forums nor subforums. That’s, the forum was the only one. The community was already revealed as a list of topics.

André Moody always sat under the nickname Admin but didn’t hide his name. He said that he knows a person under the nickname Maître des virus in real life. This Parisian, some man named Eliot Moore, he is a talent but suffers from some mental illness. It seems that he decided to “help” their forums by demonstrating a possibility to hack them in practice.

Admin asked Nicole if she wouldn’t be against a permanent ban for him, but she, remembering Carla, suggested giving him a second chance. And only if he repeats something like this a second time would the sanctions on their forum follow immediately.

Yes, Nicole was fond of sites and forums. Les-Femmes.fr convinced her to stop being ashamed of her vomiting. Has she thought that she had done something bad? But once she sat on the now-destroyed La-jeu-des-femmes.ukha.fr, a little-known forum for girls (the resource was called “women’s games”). Not as big as Les femmes and not a site of twenty-five-years-old women.

There she was once insulted again, and she understood that she must be ashamed of all the memories associated with Carla. And it’s better not to talk about it at all.

She created her HTML page and uploaded a story there. From her memory, among other things, followed that one day, Carla seized the moment. She fell on her legs, sat down on them with her full weight. But they were in clothes. Nicole still doesn’t know why Carla did it. Sometime later, Nicole felt herself slowly rising. She seemed to have something with the muscles of her legs.

This lasted a month, and then completely disappeared. Nicole also drew attention that she peed a little while rising, although Nicole didn’t do it when she was sitting. Certainly, Carla was a teenager from a bad home, she repeated something ... and this was not real.

Unfortunately, the girls who sat on the Women’s Games didn’t approve of her story at all.

She was accused of dishonouring the look of French toxicological hospitals, mixing her lesbian experience somewhere with a friend with a change of location.

The community was small and the main communication took place between several girls. This is Rachel, British by nationality, but without French with foreign mistakes; Parisians, Yolanda and Denise. The forum, by the way, belonged to Rachell herself. With a French accent, her name sounds Rashal. Denise was supposedly the future doctor of this institution.

Nicole was most surprised by something else: why, if in the toxicological clinic the kindest was Carla, named by a Spanish name, but of Arab-Indian origin, then in this story only the British understood her? That’s not in the first time a foreign woman is much better. Yolanda had previously supported Nicole, but suddenly took the side of Denise, probably not to spoil the relationship with her.

Why do people who don’t see a person, don’t know her, try to conclude the story themselves, about what was really in it? Denise attributed the copying of the film “Emanuelle 2”, which she, of course, watched, but didn’t mean to at all. It was a real, not a rewritten, story from a film or based on it.

Moreover, they don’t even listen to the author of the story itself. They always had the only correct version of what happened. Their own one.

For a while, Nicole hated LGBT people and even loved conservative views in this area, especially considering her religion. She wasn’t a lesbian, but she attributed to a lesbian experience. Then it’s not pity if they’re all like that. Let them hate, they deserve it. After some time, she understood that it wasn’t LGBT, but gossips about weird love. But Nicole even now has fewer people to whom she trusts secrets and truly doesn’t trust anyone.

* * *

Of course, Nicole’s journey to the hospital and back was also connected with the bus, considering that she had been interested in them before. On December 27, 1991, they boarded a yellow Finnish Karus bus. There were seats of Diamantina. On January 7 or 9, 1992, they came back on Karus, too. It was a grey-green with much softer and higher seats. All of these buses were large capacity.

She remembered how they were leaving. They arrived in the city, sat down in some open café near the bus station. They bought the cake Napoleon in the box. It’s tight, like a biscuit. Open out the box on the table, Margeaux took out her knife, and she began to divide everything into portions; they wanted to take the rest home.

A few pieces inadvertently fell on the asphalt. Not less than a dozen pigeons, maybe a little more, flew to the fresh crumbs of the cake. Birds were pushing and kicking each other, flapping their wings, hoping to eat everything first. Nicole had never seen so many birds in one place. She was slightly frightened and fidgeted.

“Don’t be afraid, Nicko. These are just birds.”

“Yes, but there are too many of them,” Nicko said, temporarily ceasing to chew.

No more boys saying the word “whore.” She knows neither Hèléne (forever conflicting and beating her) nor Carla (neither good nor bad). No more careless personnel who are completely uninterested in nursing. No more theft from her locker, destruction of pages from her diary. That’s all. When she was doing that page, Nicole wanted to write only about the patients. She didn’t mention anything about buses, seats, pigeons, the Napoleon cake. Nothing good at all: only that which was painful for her.

When Gratte was flying by plane to Berlin and went to the bookstore, she was interested in two German books. One of them was written by Anton Chekhov, “Ward no. 6”, translated into German. Although she studied German, Nicko wasn’t always interested in German culture proper.  Stereotypes of the “nation of nazi” still existed in some places, the German class itself was very unpopular in her school.

Discussion of politics was of her interest because she believed that the chaos occurring in France was characteristic of only one region. She found references to thefts from hospital shelves two centuries ago in Chekhov’s work.

Nicole used German to read what sounded too uncomfortable in French. Firstly, mom couldn’t really know what she was reading. Mom studied German, but achieved only a reading level with a dictionary; Nicole’s level was fluent in reading.

Some things and the situation in this book strongly resembled its atmosphere in French toxicology, except that without profanity and foreigners. She no longer wanted to talk about this to anyone and didn’t want anyone to know about it. By and large, people need those others who could say that this happens not only with them.

Unfortunately, due to the activities of the so-called Denise on Rachel’s community Women’s Games, Gratte has become terribly shy, awkward and clumsy. She didn’t want to talk about it at all, fearing the repetition of the script that someone else would call her a lesbian upon these touches. Her modesty has reached such a level that she generally refuses a good friend.

But it’s better to stop talking to Moody: he probably tolerates her only because, apart from her, there are no more worthy people on his community. She told him that she was never a cool webmaster, and she is a user in PHP as well as in MySQL, but not a programmer.

But André Moody also had a bit of a shit. It was from him that she heard that the databases of various residents, in principle, are sold, sometimes they are stolen. He has a friend who works in a French passport bureau, and sometimes, fulfilling the requests of his own people, provides information about various individuals to his friends.

Moody allegedly called this friend, calling the name and surname of Maître des virus, and asked for “information.” Then Moody contacted Maître des virus on his home phone, inviting him to calm down. Nothing more serious, but unlike Pierre Morales, he didn’t. The only thing that someone keeps some blacklists on these bases was for her new information from Ragna. Before she lost his community, a certain of his acquaintance, Gilbert, entered the forum.

Nicole has created an abstract topic, “The Meaning of Life.” Gilbert answered something like this:

“You can talk about the meaning of life only in two cases. If you’re a philosopher, and if you’re a suicidal person. Judging by your messages, you’re not very similar to a passionate one in philosophy and don’t even think about the second. It won’t solve anything.”

Nicole didn’t want to answer. She didn’t confirm and didn’t refute any conclusions. Then she silently left. André didn’t even get involved in this discussion. Then she thought why Gilbert wrote that it wouldn’t solve anything.

For a while, she wandered through suicidal websites. Over time, she understood that people are trying to fool her with religion, who consider that problems would remain unresolved after the death of someone. And if I want to die, do I care?

However, the meaning of most people’s lives here is simple and banal. Grab your will in a fist, keep your tooths and go. Along with the way, fool yourself with some big task or mission, like saving the world. Fool with the fact that someone’s family depends on someone’s life. Bring religious significance to your life. All are repeats. There would be nothing new. There is no new meaning as well as honest police.

Nicole, regarding the whole bullshit with André-Gilbert-Maître des virus, noted the following. First, André wasn’t against profanity in principle, he didn’t use it, but he didn’t try to ban people who used it. If he didn’t know something, he always answered Nicole with abusive abbreviations JNSPUC. Accordingly, Je ne suis pas un con—I’m not a moron (much rougher than in English).

After the terrible shit with Rachel’s community Women’s Games, it would be fair to say that she just felt broken—better to say nothing. Nicole would be most suitable for the role of a drug addict in the last stage, who is about to die from coronary heart disease. She talked about the hospital from the bottom of her heart, and they put shit on her, no? Maybe they expressed gratitude?

And actually, some raped women would be supported, and other raped women would be crushed. The person, perhaps, is nothing to shame at all, the same as their stories. Nicole has always been a little religious. But why He doesn’t do anything against it, if God exists?

Gratte wondered if she left Moody and Gilbert for a banal reason. After all, no one chased her. But then, it occurred to her, perhaps for good reason. Gilbert was a supporter of tough measures to infiltrate software pirates. He said that pirates bring great harm.

You even need to keep track of the user who uses the software. You need security systems that would create tags from the hard drive, DVD Rom, calculate the frequency of PC processor, and immediately stop working if the configuration of the computer has changed. And this person would talk to her about suicide or the meaning of life. He can quote “95 theses of Martin Luther” keeping his eyes closed.

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