Chapter 26: Third Part / Chapter 6

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Nicole will spend the next six weeks in custody. Yes, there is a theoretical expectation that it wasn’t Gratte herself who shot this guy. The clothes are not bloodied. Alain is no more, but the Blood has made every effort to pull it out, of course, according to the “letter of the law.”

He agreed with the fat man, the owner of the SUV, on a settlement; he compensates all the damage, including the owner of the building, on the plaster of which Nicole Gratte got shot. Blood carried out item by item, seeking her release from custody.

There was one single problem that did not even depend on the Blood’s money. This is the turn for a ballistic examination. There are too many criminal cases in Paris; the emphasis is on high-profile cases. Shooting the tires of some crazy prostitute was “so significant.”

Nicole recalled the scene from that Vietnam movie again and again. A simple question and a simple plain French answer seemed to be stuck in her head.

“You weren’t there?”


“You weren’t there?”

Poor food, hard beds, rare dates. Insomnia, an eternally sore back; it always hurts due to the need to get used to the new bed. She was visited by Margeaux and Blood. Alain no longer exists.

“Explain to me what is happening?” said mom. “I was told that you shot some tires on the driver of an SUV with a pistol, and you were still suspected of killing Alain. But you always loved him. Do you need his money?”

“Shut up mom, again you’re speaking about the same lie.”

“How you were vomited? Why didn’t you call me and come?”

“I’d a lot of work at Pierre’s Bank.”

“It’s about work again and again.”

“It’s about social services again and again. Life’s meaning of most people is at work.”

“But who shot your classmate?”

“Probably the one who wants to profit from his money. But not me.”

A conversation with the Blood was by no means simpler. He spoke with her in German so that they would not listen.

“Well, a nutty whore, huh!” exclaimed the Blood. “Why the hell did you shoot on these tires of the SUV? Why do you pull the fucking gun out?”

“Sorry, I did not think. Something came over me.”

“Have you been so nutty before? Do you know you are blacklisted now? Do not think to leave my bank, not a single financial institution will employ you.”

“I wonder why? The tire case ended in a settlement, not in a prison sentence. And here it is necessary to wait, but believe me, he was murdered from another pistol. If I had not shot, I would not even know, so believe me, I am on guard of the truth.”

“Yes, because these lawyers are the most corrupt. Both the bases of persons involved in criminal liability are being sold, and the bases of those under investigation. There will be some ass who wants to get money from the sale of the base with your name. But then your name will disappear from those of the prisoners. Do you know? Yes or no?”

“Yes. What did you say to Michel? That he offered some work to some criminal fool?”

“Everything is fine, he thinks you are in toxicology. There, by the way, Alicia Schneige again hosts the house. Recently, too, she plunged into one story,” Blood tried to at least slightly raise her mood.

“What story? Is her tampon yellow again?”

“Alicia went to a club around 23:00. On the road, fake cops stopped her, some rogues that dressed-up. They presented a fake breathalyzer; it ‘discovered’ that she was drunk. They told Alicia to pay a fine of sixty thousand euros. Otherwise, they remove her driver’s license. She began to call her father, she says, ‘help dad, the police want to deprive my driver’s license.’ ”

“Well, a fool. She has an account in your bank. Being an adult, she calls her father to write off money from the card?”

“No, no. The father hid the card somewhere far away. Alicia ... what a heck, she’ll drink everything. A million will disappear in a moment.”

“How did this shit end up with crooks dressed like cops?”

“Dad was too lazy to come. On the phone, he sang that she should have multiple traffic violations. Carbon-copy laws throughout the European Union, but they were more different even in socialist countries. Remember the GDR and communist France, right?”

“Yes, mom told me. And what happened next?”

“The fake ‘policemen’ looked, the car does not belong to the woman, but her father. Alicia says she can only give three hundred euros. She promised to pay the rest later, but the fake ‘policemen’ became too kind. They say: no, we forgive you. They didn’t want to have problems because of the businessman. The truth is, she had to return home by car; she wanted to get a kick in the ball. But the pseudo-police are to blame, there is no money.”

“How did you find out about this?”

“I called Michelle under the guise of supposedly your father, and he chatted. I said that, ‘you went into toxicology. You will be back soon.’ He doesn’t know about this shit with tires. Actually, his daughter has shit. Either a yellow tampon or someone infected with thrush, then she rammed a bus. Moreover, rammed, turned and left: even the police did not wait. She obviously deserved these pseudo-cops.”

Time passes and Nicole Gratte left the police station. She doesn’t want to live with her mother, who brought her so many sufferings in her childhood. She returns to the former rented Alain Renard’s flat. Calling Pierre, who didn’t want to call ‘Blood’ at all, she found out where Alain was buried and brought him a red rose to the grave.

In the evening after she returned on a motorcycle to a rented flat, Pierre arrived there around 17:00. Nicole was wearing black jeans and a black T-shirt, but with wheat hair. For the sake of Michel, she selects this colour for herself even after her divorce from Francesco.

“I’m tired,” Nicole said in front of Pierre. “I’m leaving your company.”

“Baby, nobody just leaves our company like that.” He again got a strange tone, as if he were watching an American movie before the trip. “Do you remember what degraded cops sell to bankers?”

“But I’m not a criminal.” I just was under investigation, and then, examination showed that the guy wasn’t killed with the Springfield pistol.

“I know that you are not a criminal. In the near future, you will not find a job in the speciality for around six months. At least in France. And you cannot leave for Germany.”

“Will you restore me to work with Michel? Yes, I know, I am tired. But I still need the money and rather a lot of it. What is it, the ‘father’ has not yet said that soon his ‘daughter’ will go to work?”

“I’ll call. But first, we need to shape our new tactics. We do not have a single employee in our bank with connections in Germany, and GET READY is mainly doing a fake business there. You need to know exactly what they have in mind. Thanks to you, we know that these are some tickets for non-existent racing competitions focused on sales in Germany and the UK. I wonder what the hell he is doing in France and whether only a whore daughter connects him with our bank.”

“This is not a criminal loan. Why do you need this scam in full detail? Are you guys intercepting someone else’s business, especially betting on scams and cheating offices, and then finance your bank at the expense of them?”

“Maybe yes, maybe no. You are not supposed to know this. No admission.”

“Give me admission, ‘my father’.”

“First tell me what your tactics are.”

“I cannot tell Michel that I know German. He can guess everything.”

“It is logical.”

“On the first day, Alicia was not at home, spent the night with some girlfriend or fiancée. But on the second day, she was sleeping in a flat. Maybe she should be interviewed?”

“She does not understand anything in her father’s business.”

“It is logical, but it can give clues that we will not get in other ways,” she said.

“Alicia does not even know where her credit card is. The father is afraid that she will drink everything, and formally she is not devoid of legal capacity. He supervises her legal capacity through educational methods.”

“Michel what, such an idiot? He hides her credit card, but every day he takes her three hundred euros in cash so she can drink around the clubs? Maybe we do not have completely reliable information?”

“It is an example. And what do you get in the end?”

“I will take off what is left of the fifty thousand euros that you paid for the ‘recommendations.’ Let’s make a safe with this money, give her a code. She can pull and pull money and drink it hourly. Who gave—some kind of fiancé, which she does not want to say any name. We do not have to fly to Germany, we will introduce the turmoil in his flat in France, and GET READY will dry up.”

“He himself will search her shelves and even the bag where this card sits.”

“A safe is her drug. She will not leave this flat and will throw another hysteria. Can you ask for one small service? One good turn deserves another.”

“Which one?”

“Do the same with Francesco Ricardo.”

“You are crazy, he is our main contributor. The share capital of 70% interest is formed at the expense of his company. But GET READY must die.”


“Because it is unfair from a business point of view to deceive someone without offering any services.”

“Take it higher. Those massage therapists impose services even on people to whom massage is actually harmful. I warned you several times. Once called, the second. And you: no, we need to cooperate, they bring loot. I say: at least one well-known client, immediately a lawsuit for the conduct of poor services. But you: no, not our problems. And now GET READY is bothering you. Do you really envy that you will not get it, and you will not earn it yourself?”

“My principles do not concern you.”

“Well, you’ll throw Michel out of GET READY. Do you think he is the main one there if an investor? He will spend his nerves on a showdown with his daughter because of our safe, but as if the project will be closed? So at the expense of GET READY and non-existent races, someone else will profit from cheating. Not Michel but someone will stay.”

“This fraud will not be associated with our bank, Michel connects it with us. That is all. I am not the police and do not seek to put all scammers in jail.”

“Do you want to stop Michel’s scam and do not want him to leave the bank? Are we trying to snatch two sheep at a time?”

Nicole acts strictly according to plan. Daughter Alicia often sleeps in the morning after nightly drinking, and in the evening she only looks for new money for this again. Gratte wakes Schneige up and offers a scheme on how to get rid of Michel for at least three months. Nicole’s people rented a room in one place, they will deliver a safe there, inside about fifty thousand euros, she will say the code if approved. She asks how she benefits and is it safe, Nicole replies:

“I was hired by Michel’s competitors. Our task is to bring him out of one business, and the best way is to influence you.”

“I went down several times to different fianceés, but sooner or later I returned. Either the money ran out, or they ceased to love me, this would not surprise him. What options?”

“You will get a credit card, I already have it.”

Alicia Schneige does what Blood needs. Nicole Gratte continues to ‘work on a contract’ and monitor Michel’s answering machine while serving his house. Since Alain Renard died, she doesn’t need to explain the long absences.

Michel Schneige conflicted with his daughter that called Alicia. He promised to take her to Germany and put her in a psychiatric hospital for conducting the treatment of alcoholism. Sooner or later, these parties and nightclubs will come to an end. The daughter was angry at him because he didn’t fulfil his father’s duties. Alicia moved from address to address, hiring some movers for the safe. Michel couldn’t cope with his anger and went to some psychotherapist in Paris.

Even he began to doubt whether he had given his daughter what she wanted. After some time, Alicia got into a terrible accident and fell into a coma. She was still alive and didn’t intend to die, but her vagaries no longer existed in nature.

Submitted: December 20, 2019

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