Chapter 30: Third Part / Chapter 10

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Nicole thought she had lost everything. Her beloved classmate was shot down by Francesco, her ex-husband, to whom she hadn’t felt anything. Now he knows that no niece exists, and had never existed. Sooner or later, he can find her with Michel and then order to kill themselves. She needs to run, but she herself doesn’t know where. People are almost always forced to die wherever she appears. She didn’t know what Michel was thinking.

* * *

“What’s happening? For what? Why did I get all this? It must be some kind of punishment. But where and how exactly have I been wrong? Probably that I didn’t save my wife nor my daughter from the dangers of a harsh life, and, in particular, big business.”

Her name was Griselda. She gave birth to a daughter, Alicia, in 1972. Now the girl lying after a terrible accident, and she wasn’t much older than Nicole herself. Griselda was a former theatre actress in GDR, usually in comedy theatrical performance. But after giving birth to her daughter, she wanted a change her life.

Change, damn change. Leave the theatre for something completely different. Since her husband was a businessman and Griselda herself didn’t have any special, even economic skills, she really wanted to succeed in business. At that time there wasn’t a lot of women who would succeed in entrepreneurship. So this unknown facet, even more, attracted her to new heights.

In Germany, there was one cosmetics company with the English name Scenario of the Beauty, which distributed cosmetics through network marketing. About the network marketing itself and its shortcomings, no one has yet heard. Griselda began to go to some die Sitzung and das Meeting. “Sitzung” and “meeting” became the main topic of her conversations, and they would certainly pop up during communication with her in person.

Scenario of the Beauty sold women a certain die Reiche (‘kit’ in German). It includes toilet water, perfume, lipstick, powder, blush, shampoo, body cream; all this can only be bought together, even if it’s not all wanted by a particular woman. The company, Scenario of the Beauty, suggested using the neediest cosmetics for personal purposes and selling the unnecessary to friends. This appeared logical, but not quite as you might think. The fact is that you cannot sell any product separately from one Reiche.

If the Reiche has all this, then you can’t, after unpacking one Reiche, take lipstick, shampoo and cream, and sell the rest. Women who wanted to make money selling cosmetics from Scenario of the Beauty had to buy three different Reiches. They can purchase one for themselves, even if they don’t need the whole package, and only sell the other two.

Das Gesicht der Schönheit regularly performed at various sitzungs. Das Gesicht der Schönheit, as a rule, consisted of various girls and women from twenty to fifty-years-old, who could combine parenting and private business. According to a typical legend, which was promoted at meetings, Gesichts allegedly bought three Reiches on the first day, then quickly sold them to their friends with a 20% difference.

Allegedly after the cream, lipstick of their girlfriends ran out they then they asked them to sell new Reiches. A logical question arises: why the friends themselves couldn’t contact Scenario of the Beauty, and couldn’t buy the same three Reiches without any extra charges? Here the Gesichts said that they played on the ignorance of friends: “The company has recently appeared. It has a few representatives, and it can disappear at any time, so you must take time to buy it.”

Michael thought, then even more German than French, that if they want to establish a small business for women without superprofits, why do they immediately start with deception? Shall you say that the company may disappear in order to sell a set of cosmetics with an added price?

He would ask Nicole about the profession of a former classmate, to the grave of which he was driving. Conclusion: If a company cannot bring itself money in the open market, or wants to earn ‘a little faster,’ it always uses the ‘doomsday method.’ Former or laid-off employees; as well as unique offer, liquidation of the department.

Griselda, as a budding entrepreneur of ladies’ cosmetics, had exactly one drawback: an extremely small number of friends. Entrepreneurs were taught only one skill: how to find among their friends silly, naïve ugly women, and sell them what they cannot buy, because they aren’t used to lifting their butt from the couch to at least to call the information desk in their city (this time the Internet has not yet invented).

Entrepreneurs weren’t taught to establish a normal partnership in business relationships.

Griselda regularly visited the Sitzungs. They told the same stories. At first, they bought three sets, sold with a 20% added price, pulled their friends into it, received interest from ‘friendly’ sales. As the number of their partners grows, their profits have already allegedly become multimillion.

All this is possible in the so-called ‘ideal’ conditions with high profitability of the goods. But this is not observed in personal sales. This means that you, hopeless stupid foul number one, must sell two sets to hopeless stupid fouls number two and three. Fools number two and three seem to be absolute zombies.

They should also be interested in the panacea for network marketing, for example, they shouldn’t have another job. But if one girlfriend agrees, there will be some of them that won’t. Not only do these friends have to sell (it’s clear), they must involve a sub-girlfriend and a double sub-girlfriend in this. Their sub and double sub-girlfriends must also agree with this, and they can refuse.

Besides, there is an important aspect. Count the number of friends, sub-friends and others? And what do we get? Stupid girl number one sells the Reiche for 20%, the second is already at 25% or even all 35%. Well, and the third stupid girl for 50%. The social chain of the double sub-girlfriends won’t want to buy the same Reiche with such a huge per cent. According to the theory, you can get rich in pyramid schemes. But you only have to have a hundred sub-friends, and ultimately they must be consumers who want to buy cosmetics at the price of a car because the per cent will be already 1000%.

The friends still have to share the profit, and it’s very difficult to control it without having proper legal documents. You sell to a friend with a per cent of 20%, she sells with a per cent of 35%, and you get 15%. What document should make her give a part of her own money with you? Did anyone think about this?

Griselda’s chain broke even before reaching the level of sub-friends. She sold one Reiche to a friend, she had an allergic reaction. The next time she didn’t begin to buy any Reiche. Gesichts spoke at the syntheses that it’s not necessary to convince a friend to join an affiliate program, let her first try a line of cosmetics. But since it causes a rash, it’s clear that this friend won’t be sold to someone else, nor will she advise any of her sub-friends to purchase the product.

She was given a certificate that she is a selbstständiger Unternehmer (an independent entrepreneur in German). Michael, to put it mildly, was surprised both by the certificate itself and by what was written on it. In German law, the concept of ‘independent entrepreneur’ was completely absent.

But Griselda clung to everything in the world. For many, she was always some kind of comedic actress, everyone just laughed at her. Can’t she achieve anything serious? And she tried. But was it worth it to gain the reputation of these very people?

The schemes that other women advise in the sitzungs, the so-called successful independent entrepreneurs, didn’t work. Griselda only bought endless deposits of the Reiches Scenario of the Beauty with the money of Michael. None of Griselda’s acquaintances wanted to buy them.

After some time, Schneiga ceased to be interested in her daughter. If someone came into the house, she asked why no one wants to buy one Reiche with hypoallergenic cosmetics of the Scenario of the Beauty? She became angry, it seemed to her that everyone was working against her well-being.

Griselda well quoted pseudo-commercial clichés, although she didn’t know about any type of allergy. Michael doubted that the word “hippo” was something clear for her. She says this only because “company representatives” say it as if she had learned the role like in the theatre. After some time, Michael sent her to some private psychiatrist, and he diagnosed, not in pseudo-commercial German, but in a completely scientific one:

Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder. Commercial super idea.

The recommended psychotherapy didn’t help for Griselda, and she began to advertise the Scenario of the Beauty from there. But this was a place frequented by people with phantom pains, not only crazy keen commercial figures in network marketing.

Later, Griselda developed signs of anorexia. She didn’t even want to talk with Michael or little Alicia, so Michael had to find some kind of private baby-sitter. She died after a while. Michael still blamed himself for not being able to help his wife.

Later, he began to dig inside the Scenario of the Beauty. Michael wanted to do everything he could in an attempt to understand why he lost his wife, and daughter lost her mother. He found out that some Gesichts—personalities who fool the heads of other women—are actresses from the dramatic or comedy theatres.

After that, companies like Scenario of the Beauty existed semi-underground, and might not even take into account local laws, coming up with their own, intra-corporate ones. Control was strengthened for them.

Many actresses who previously played the role of successful cosmetics saleswomen—and who had sold a well-worn children’s bike at best in the whole life—decided it was safer to leave. Numerous lawsuits were filed against these companies; tax officials checked their honesty, and biographical books were full of devastating criticism.

Now the beauty scenario still existed, instead of actresses they used other saleswomen. For example, relatives of CEOs who really ‘sold the goods.’ Now, in front of the next zombie crowd at meetings, they turned it around with paychecks, and with the advent of the Internet, they also took screenshots from Internet banking sites. Of course, without names and surnames.

Using this ‘evidence’ of their ‘personal business’, one cannot even verify whether this particular woman really earned this money. Maybe this is generally the ‘account’ of the husband or father who owns the company. But ... in the past, there was one zombie crowd, there was Griselda and the same naïve fools as her; now the zombie crowd is different. But the main point is not going to change.

Michael was particularly angry that other actresses have deceived Griselda.

For a long time, Michael felt like a successful businessman, the head of a printing holding, which owned several magazines and newspapers in Germany. Serious business, that’s not network marketing. But it seemed to him that he had done nothing for either his wife or his daughter. Not that he didn’t have money, or that he was not cheating with other women. Michael thought, was there anyone else left in this world who is the husband of his only wife and the father of his only daughter?

He moved from Germany to France, and even in Paris, he changed flats like gloves. He once wrote a book about the disease of Griselda Amolle, criticizing the Scenario of the Beauty there. Once in France, he had a servant, a young girl with brownish hair, whose name was Italian name Adellet.

For now, in Germany, he was an informal persona non grata, at least for ‘these people.’ He made sure that actresses who played fake roles left the Scenario of the Beauty. Michael thought that networkers could stalk him. At first, they fucked his Germany flat, every day calling by phone. Voices on the phone threatened to blow up and smash his flat to shreds, then kill him or his daughter.

The murder of his former servant Adellet was a warning. The fact is that he frightened her because he noticed a device for listening to his telephone conversations. He immediately suspected her. She actually installed the listening device, and she removed it on the day of the fight, although it acted on the order of the Banque de Morales. Adellet didn’t answer the questions of who hired her, and what exactly they need.

Michael suspected that he was still being watched by people from Scenario of the Beauty, to whom he inflicted huge reputation and financial losses. Having destroyed his wife, now they want to destroy himself and somehow withdraw from the printing business. Moreover, if earlier he owned one newspaper, now it’s a whole holding. They have something to profit from.

He didn’t know exactly who Nicole was, and why she came in his life, nor she had ever have vested interests. He had one suspicion: when she didn’t come to work as his servant, someone, “Nicole’s father,” called. It seemed to him that he was hardly her father, he had heard his voice a year ago, this tenor of some fifty-years-old man, and he called clearly with unkind intentions. She didn’t explain that she had been raped. He didn’t know exactly what had happened, but he was sure: there is something serious. Since all the women who are near him are forced to die or fall ill, he should help her. Regardless of her vested interests.

Submitted: February 08, 2020

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