Chapter 32: Fourth part / Chapter 2

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Nicole could blame herself for her own shit as much as she wanted. Yes, she wasn’t happy with these dreams with basins and buckets of her vomiting’s slops (it’s unlikely to ever disappear in her life).

Gratte felt pain a little more often than the other people around her, and even her mother didn’t understand all of her daughter’s feelings. There wasn’t only a failed marriage, but toxicology was also her long-standing problem; she blamed herself for not being able to meet anyone freely or forced to live half-closed. Love didn’t exist for her.

Nicole, however, was surprised what shit could happen to Pierre’s head if he committed all these crimes. He must be dreaming with slops of human and animal gibs, if not worse.

Yes, it’s not customary in society to discuss this. Formally they are both equally sick, only in different ways. However, she always believed that people who harm others are worse than the weakest person. Society should leave alone common sick people and not touch them.

Non-working Sunday continued. Nicole and Michel still have a lot to tell each other, but she didn’t need romance. Rather, a business interspersed with personal relationships.

“If I didn’t know who you’re, I would never advise you to go into business,” said Michel. “Business is killing women.”

“I’m sorry about what happened to your wife,” Nicole said at the same time with the sound of thunder. “But judge for yourself, she didn’t have professional skills, and she was caught the first scam with fake actresses. A woman with a solid education may well succeed in business. One desire’s not enough.”


“Can you bring me and my family to Germany? I’ll hide from Pierre, my ex-husband, and I can start my own business there.”

“You’re aiming at the French in Germany?”

Nicole had no time to explain, so she just said:

“Wenn Sie wollen, können Sie Deutsch sprechen.”

“So you know German?” he asked in French.

“I studied it at the University of Economics, I was still completing it at Banque de Morales. Without this, you can’t get into a bank at all. And my family can teach language for themselves, especially since my mother taught it at school. Grandmother can sit at home, but her younger sister Monica may have to make an attempt to a German school.”

“And why do they so doubt the level of a foreign language of their employees?”

“They want to distinguish accents, dialects. They listen to phone calls, have skills in hacking computers, laptops. Morales wants to determine whether these businessmen are so successful, or they just talk about it.”

“And you did it, too? Did they promote you for this? You were temporarily fired from the bank and offered to check up on my honesty?”

“Yes. I don’t receive assignments for now. I still remember how Alicia called you in German and talked about a yellowed tampon,” Nicole laughed. “Adellet is an employee of our bank. I didn’t know her, but when they called me, they told me not to repeat her actions.”

Michel spoke about some oddities in Adellet’s behaviour. She read poetry in French and could write in Arabic, called it poetry. When he told her to read at least one Arabic verse, she quickly faltered. He had to kick her out. Besides, Michel found a bug on the phone, and the fact that she took it off said that she had installed it.”

“No, fool,” Nicole said. “In Arabic, these are notes of your telephone conversations. Therefore, she had nothing to read.”

“Why didn’t she read in a foreign language? I wouldn’t understand anything anyway.”

“This is transliteration. The words are not written in normal Arabic, but as they sound in French, only with Arabic characters. She didn’t know normal Arabic, except for letters.”

“What did they look for? Do they not like the newspaper for German migrants in France? Is it poorly sold and low income?” Nicole tried not to show anything in her face or her gestures.

She wanted to go on a difficult manoeuvre: to mix his past with her past. What if GET READY is something involved in the business organizers who buried his wife? Both here and there is the English name. Both projects are similar to unprofitable ones. But it was risky. What if Michel knows something about GET READY that she doesn’t know?

Michel Schneiga must fall, feeling fear. He shouldn’t know where the facts or only her assumptions here.

“So, I’m ready to tell you something, and I’ll ask you questions between.”

“Of course. I’m listening.”

“The client of Banque de Morales is either the owners of the ‘scenario’ or the owners of a subsidiary business them. This is not necessarily related to network marketing, but it can be anything for a good appearance. This business can co-finance the ‘scenario’, especially in times of crisis—all Nicole said wasn’t a completely reliable fact, but the assumptions are not so far from the truth.”

“So, the newspaper has nothing to do with it? Is this a beauty scenario? These Schmucks want to get me over here?”

Nicole didn’t give direct answers to these questions but continued her story.

“According to the information that I have, they want to either destroy your business or bring you significant losses.”

“Who are these people, Nicole? Names, surnames? We must try to find and sue them.”

“You’re too naïve, Michel. These people are nobody and nothing. Evidence obtained illegally, for example, by listening to negotiations and violating the secrecy of correspondence or private life, is not evidence in court. Dealing with them in the court is also not worth it—they often just kill those who stand in front of them.”

“What do you propose?”

“Get rid of multiple contracts and non-core assets. Even better: I know which ones. They’re already trying to influence your business from the inside. The best thing you can do with them is not to try to fight them with legal or other methods, but to stop these impregnations in your holding, to let them know that they have missed. As if they were unable to achieve what they wanted.”

“What are the contracts and assets?”

“How many non-core assets that are not purely related to the printing business?”

“There is one tobacco company. I bought it, but it doesn’t bring much profit.”

“Perhaps they are trying to influence you through this tobacco company.” Nicole didn’t know this, but she wouldn’t be surprised if Francesco Ricardo was involved, partially or completely.”

“Good, I’ll sell it. It barely pays for itself.”

“That’s not all. There is one non-core project called GET READY”, Nicole dared to tell him directly.

“This is a core product placement. I have a magazine dedicated to these games Lass uns spielen (‘let’s play’ in German). GET READY is a PC racing game. Advertising our magazine will be at the pit stops that appear in the game, as a result of which we’ll increase brand awareness.

It changes everything. Nicole remembers how Blood called her on the phone and himself made quick-fire conclusions. Michel is a sharpie, he wants to organize some kind of non-existent racing competition. She would have missed if she said something about this project from her wrong assumptions.

Worst of all, his daughter Alicia suffered in a traffic accident and then fell into a coma, not without Nicole’s provocation, not for the sake of fighting a lying cheating project, but because of a PC game.

“There is something wrong with this project,” Nicole said thoughtfully, but unfortunately didn’t find a better strategy to explain this to Michel.

“What exactly?”

“They didn’t tell me everything about GET READY. Probably through the project of this game they tried to damage your Lass uns spielen. Something was reported. What is the studio called that develops it?

“Masterhead Studios.”

“How many years do you think the studio is existing?”

“Two years, in my opinion.”

“This is a terrible lie. The studio has existed since 1998. Formally, they are ‘developing’ the same game under the unchanged name GET READY. Why has it been developed for almost six years, but can’t be completed?”

“I didn’t know this, they misled us. What? Scenario of the Beauty are involved in this, too?”

“Maybe. Arrange me a trip to the office of Masterhead Studios, I’ll look at their actual work and I’ll have accurate conclusions. I have experience in evaluating.”

“You have never been to any game developing company.”

“My experience is good. There were two clinics, in addition to the massage one, there was also a dental clinic. I’ll succeed. I evaluated a variety of companies, even companies with a very ‘weird’ segment.”

“Well, you’ll fly.”

“We’ll find out who’s trying to deceive you, and if our assumptions are true, then I’ll help you. And then you’ll do what I need and what you promised me. You must take my family to Germany.”

* * *

Nicole Gratte flew to Germany. Michel paid her a hotel, temporarily placed her in the game publishing house Lass uns spielen, where she had never even been. Just formally, the visit of the manager from Lass uns spielen causes the least suspicion. Why are some independent evaluators interested in a closed project that doesn’t even use open advertising yet?

The interlocutor was a green-eyed man of uncertain age, but Nicole thought it was at least forty-five, maybe about fifty. He spoke German and introduced himself as Waldo, specifically emphasizing:

“Just call me Waldo. I don’t like it when they use a surname.”

“Me either. What weird surprise! My name is Nicole, and I was born in France, but I don’t like addressing by surname,” she had her own reasons not to tell her last name. She didn’t know if Pierre’s Bank really wasn’t following anyone in Germany.”

Waldo had partial baldness of his head, he stood in a white striped shirt. Nicole understood that he didn’t have a Berlin accent.

Despite his good looks, Waldo wasn’t impressed. She understood that he was hiding something because he must be on some blacklists in Germany after making the same game for six years.

Nicole understands that in France she was confronted with her own French bureaucracy. Former criminals set up a bank with recently laundered money, but now he kills all the people who know too much. ‘Bureaus’ that give loans trick their consumers with interest. Banks make black and white lists of their customers.

Nicole even heard about the American and British network pyramids (such as Scenario of the Beauty), which were actively bombarding the German, French and other near-European markets. They promised multimillion-dollar profits from sales of cosmetics, dietary supplements and other nonsense, and at best they payback one bullshit.

Is the situation that occurred in the German company Masterhead Studios not similar to the petite version of the bureaucracy in a kind of conservative German style?

Okay, they have a big project that requires a huge amount of hours to develop and promises fabulous profits if implemented. But the company doesn’t release anything, not even primitive games like Tetris. Then what money is financed them?

Waldo is also engaged in the petite version of the bureaucracy: he simply dusts heads of his investors, talking about a big project, but extracting for his investors at best 10% of the promised profit (nothing can be developed at all—the catch is too obvious, and no one will invest in this).

In conversation, the original French breaks out: “Eh, bonne sang!”

She understands that Waldo doesn’t know French, he asks in German:

“Sorry, what did you just say?”

This exclamation, which in French means ‘hell’, reflects everything: Pierre’s nickname (‘bon sang’ literally ‘good blood’), understanding why he needed to follow Michel, and the damn bureaucracy inside Masterhead Studios when the money is milked, and the company doesn‘t earn the amounts they need for investors.

“It seems like you don't speak French. This is the exclamation of my mother when I lived in Paris, take it as the expression ‘You tried well, smart girl.’ ”

Moreover, French has double meaning: the same expression can be positive.

“It is very pleasant that you do not forget about your mother.”

The French don’t hide what they think. But many Germans have a negative attitude toward expressing too strong emotions. In this regard, they are similar to Americans who are fond of political correctness or conservative religions.

Submitted: March 08, 2020

© Copyright 2020 RomanBoukreev. All rights reserved.


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