Chapter 34: Fourth part / Chapter 4

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Nicole Gratte thinks that bringing Alicia to an accident was the most unfair doom that could even happen with anyone. However, her regular dreams began with police stations. Moreover, she had experienced because of the Case of Tires.

A woman with brown hair in her forties not only interrogated her but demanded confessions.

“Confess this. It was you who inflicted serious injuries, fractures and wounds to Alicia Schneige.”

“I didn’t do it! Where is the murder weapon, the ammunition, where are the shot cartridges! You didn’t even catch me a with Springfield with the cartridges released. Couldn’t you come up with anything more original?”

“Your actions led to the fact that she got into this accident! If you confess, we’ll reduce your time in prison.”

The presence of a female police officer was very painful and unbearable. Half because Nicole considered her mother partly a police officer due to her strict nature and constant reprimands in childhood. Another half because stereotypes attributed to women a completely different behaviour; it’s not at all the same as Nicole’s.

Gratte saw four torture, repeating dreams, where the same woman appeared. The requirement to confess actions provoking a severe accident was only the beginning. In the second dream, the woman said that there was evidence against her.

“Confess this. It was you who inflicted harm with injuries, fractures to Alicia Schneige. We’ll reduce your time in prison.”

“I didn’t do it! You’ve nothing on me!”

“You acted on the order of Pierre Morales. First, her desire to leave the flat rented by Michel to go to the hotel was provoked. Then, after she changed the third hotel, she started the car, and had driven away, fell asleep at the wheel and took off from the bridge.”

“So blame Pierre!”

“Pierre’s not a direct participant in the event. Yes, he asked you to listen to Michel’s answering machines, and now he’s going through another criminal case due to violation of the secrecy of correspondence. But he wasn’t interested in either Alicia’s coma or her death. If Alicia died, her account would be cancelled, and Michel would going to Germany.”

“You’re trying to describe something that hasn’t happen. Alicia didn’t die, she fell into a coma. Yes, this is unpleasant for me, but Michel will only be more closely connected with France; he won’t go to Germany. Would go if she died, but that is not a fact. He was pursued by morons from Scenario of the Beauty, they made him disappear from Germany. He disappeared. Prove that I wanted these accident-related consequences! I have a presumption of innocence.”

“You didn’t consider her a worthy citizen, and you absolutely didn’t care about her.”

“Let’s accept that. This proves that I didn’t like Alicia Schneige, but this doesn’t prove that I wanted to see her in an accident. What’s the matter?”

“You exceeded self-defence, Nicole.”

“I didn’t do anything.”

“And your threat with a vase?”

“Yes, but otherwise Pierre could have raped me.”

“But we have a photo from which it follows that you were in Michel’s flat with a gun holster attached to black jeans.”

“And who did I threaten? Show the photo! I did not have any holster on my jeans; I don’t wear it at all. If I had a holster, then where are my white headphones?”

A brown-haired woman posted a photo, but it was a photo of the wrong data. Nicole is caught with Springfield in the Case of Tires. Gratte instantly woke up.

According to the last dream, a woman lets Nicole go out because in her case there is no corpus delicti. Alicia Schneige was an adult, not a child, and such a form of behaviour as “bringing to emotions after which is there are some consequences” is a moral question rather than a judicial one.

Nicole expected dreams to continue for a full week, at least until Saturday. But her self-incrimination surrendered a little earlier: on Thursday. After the Excuse she saw nothing.

Gratte secretly led a double collaboration: simultaneously with Michel, and at the same time with Pierre. She couldn’t leave France without cooperating with him: Blood could just kill her as an extra witness to wrong events in the history of the bank, he would have searched for her for a long time, and ultimately, would have found her.

Pulling out her notebooks, drafts, dictionaries from Alain’s rented flat, she left a note:

“I’ll continue to follow Michel. Contact me on the cell phone on the back. Guarantee me safety and inviolability, both personal and of my family, and you’ll know everything about him.”

On Thursday evening, after Michel left, Nicole called Pierre:

“Hello, Pierre. Good evening.”

“Good evening. What have you got?”

“I’m fine. Michel knows everything: both about me, and Adellet, and even a little about you.”

“Give me more details.”

“The fact that you killed Adellet on the street in front of the fence; which couldn’t cope with the task, pumped her with drugs. He believed that I broke away from you, and you know nothing about me. Therefore, I can follow him much better than Adellet. It’s completely in my networks.”

“Excellent, well done. What did you find out?”

Nicole talked about Masterhead Studios; an accident in which Alicia Schneige fell. Also about Scenario of the Beauty, his wife’s network marketing, and playing on his prejudices: supposedly Masterhead Studios may have been involved in these schmucks who buried his wife.

“Well, Pierre, you were a complete imbecile. They do not fake any fictional sports. It is just a computer game.”

Nicole told in more detail. Pierre replied:

“And the game, it must be understood, is made a fool who has not played enough in cars and machine guns in childhood.”

“Although you are not my father, Pierre, you are directly reading my thoughts,” Nicole said swallowing, giggling slightly.

“What did I say? Heh.”

“It’s a pity, of course, that his daughter died due to some kind of game. If only it were in my power to prevent its sale.”

“Calm down, Nicole, calm down. No need to regret strangers. We must use this situation: to fuck his in full mode. He is now especially vulnerable.”

Nicole felt annoyed by his cue. Still, for a long time, he was a gloomy, dark cynic. If you don’t say that he’s actually crazy. After the loss of his son—even more so. She said nothing.

There was a pause. After a moment, he continued:

“Yes, his project will fail,” at that time they certainly didn’t know if that was so. “For six years, the One Game Studio has been doing one game. This is so ridiculous!”

“I hope so. Michel’s business won’t suffer, he has already received his money. Michel is no longer concerned about how will this game will be sold.”

* * *

Spring 2005 arrived. Nicole Gratte, with the support of Michel Schneige, finally left France. They didn’t sell Margeaux’s or Bernarda’s apartment; Nicole wanted to come back at least sometimes. On April 15, they flew by plane. On July 19, it became known that someone had set fire to two flats.

May 9, 2005. Margeaux’s flat was blown up. Someone opened the door and turned on the gas; the house completely collapsed, and cannot be restored. Nicole thought the date wasn’t random; she heard about the Nazi’s gas chambers. On June 27, someone blew up her grandmother’s flat. One floor above was under reconstruction and the gas pipe exploded during work.

The house is not shattered, but Bernarda’s flat is badly damaged, the property is unusable. Nicole knew that these were not coincidences: someone once again wanted to bring her to pain. She suspected Pierre, allegedly out of revenge for changing her place of residence, so Nicole called him:

“Pierre, tell me, who arranged this shit with the blasting of flats? Was it you?”

“Bin ich? Sei nicht albern, Nicole (Me? C’mon, do not make laugh, Nicole)”. He spoke German, she answered in the same language.

“This is a serious conversation. Your handwriting never repeats, you always come up with something new. Gas explosion in Margeaux’s flat on May 9 during a military holiday? We both learned German. Did you want to hint at it?”

“You chose the wrong course at the training. You are so terrible as the criminologist, do not even try to judge. If I wanted to kill you, I would kill you, but so far you are a valuable person. I would not spoil your property, you are an extra witness who can report to the police about me. Yes, I kill people in different ways. But I was not interested in the property of Adellet, Gerard or Nicolas either. I am not interested in any money or property damage at all.”

“What kind of schmuck blew up my flats after moving? Why won’t they leave me alone?”

“Well, you did say ‘schmuck.’ This is Michel’s word. Maybe you’re hooked on this Scenario of the Beauty.

“But I’m not involved in the anti-advertising of these MLMs. It was Michel who harmed them by rendering of the story of his wife in his book.”

“What if Michel was followed by someone other than us?”

“Such confidence? As if before sending me there, you set up some cameras to follow me.”

“Did anyone ask you about Michel for an hour? Aren’t you dating? Aren’t you going to get married?”

“Nobody was interested in Michel.”

“So you are the only one who followed him, and some person from your past blew up the house, but not me. I would not harm others’ property.”

Nicole hung up the phone and cursed: “Damn freak, what are you fucking doing?”

They have moved. Monica went to classes for immigrant children for three months before coming to a German school, and even after she began to study in the fifth grade, she continued to attend these courses. The task is to form language skills similar to the children of the country of the language itself.

Bernarda simply hosted a new house, and Margeaux rather tried to refresh the half-forgotten grammar of a translator with a dictionary, having slightly improved it to the standard of living in Germany. At this time, Nicole got married to Michel. No, not because she wanted to get better into Michael’s business, or to stop working with Pierre. She collaborated on some of Scenario of the Beauty, no. She really fell in love and allowed herself to be pampered a bit.

After some time, love passed; there came a joint life, but she began to doubt the correctness of this decision. It’s not even Michel’s aggression, as is the case with the first husband. Nicole wanted to establish her own business, to do business by optimizing someone’s trading processes and get reasonable money for it. Ambivalence in any form warped her.

Michael told her that business was killing women, business is killing women, and business would kill them. Griselda ran into a business that was useful to all women, Alicia fell victim to her independence, and Adelett also wanted to earn money, otherwise, why would she connect listening devices to his phone.

Nicole married Michael; he bought her family a new flat, gave a car, organized several trips. They were in Lima (Peru), Beijing (China), Rome (Italy), Venice. But often they returned to Beijing, he even invited his mother. Margeaux liked Beijing, liked its climate, friendly people. There was Nicole wildly bored and thought only about when her so-called vacation in China would end.

A lively acquaintance with the country of the white fish, as well as the country of a huge population, didn’t impress her.

Returning from China to Germany, Nicole led the younger sister, Monica, from German courses. On the way to the elder sister, some girlfriend pestered.

“Guten Tag, ich bin Karla,” she asked Nicole in German. “Ich kannte dich, ich bin dein Freund,” she introduced herself as her friend, mentioning that she knew her.

“Karla...” Nicole began to think.

She remembered that she had seen Carla (with French spelling) in a toxicology clinic. Unfortunately, the so-called girlfriend was completely different: she spoke German with a Berlin accent, was a white, not a black Arab-Indian immigrant.

“Sorry, I don’t know you,” Nicole told her in German and went on with Monica. “You confused me with someone.”

‘Girlfriend’ didn’t appear again. Maybe this seems like the truth: another random coincidence? After all, the dog of that slanderous grandmother was called Pierre, and she is not silly as a goose of Pierre Morales, but a random witness. If Nicole had someone digging from her former entourage (even this crazy idiot Fran), the following attempts would surely have followed. But the German-speaking Carla with a European appearance no longer appeared.

Nicole fell asleep. She saw the dream: she was looking at her clothes, some shiny light grey short tight-fitting dress. In fact, she didn’t wear one. A hand, obviously male, stroked her waist with certain intentions, getting closer. Nicole seemed to be standing. She didn’t look at the man: she didn’t know who it was. The closer he touched, the more her stomach hurt; and when he touched her underpants she woke up with a feeling of slight nausea.

One way or another, but she will have to collaborate with Pierre. Michael, despite his feelings, wasn’t going to sponsor her business at all. Since Michael was no longer interested in Pierre, he found out everything he wanted about him, she no longer needed to follow his business. She is likely to get a job at Banque de Morales in Germany. Pierre himself allowed her and agreed with the right people, if she wants, she can return to the same Economic Risk Assessment Department.

Submitted: April 17, 2020

© Copyright 2020 RomanBoukreev. All rights reserved.


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