Chapter 37: Fourth part / Chapter 7

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Nicole almost immediately became close to Christina. She began to call her and found out one simple thing. Gratte much condemned France. She hated this country, although she was French, French was the only language she spoke without any accent; but she considered France unjust. Her native country began to make her stressful and annoy her because she didn’t become happy there.

Christina could say the same thing about Germany. This time, it was not fictitious stories about a semi-humorous bureaucracy from some game scriptwriter, but a very real person. Her father is an investigator in very important criminal cases. From morning till night he was engaged in criminal cases, and in the evenings he raped Christina.

She just did the homework. He suddenly appeared inside her room, turned off the light, applied some kind of adhesive tape to her lips, laid her on the bed and took off her clothes. In the darkness, he raped her, over and over, over and over, over and over. He didn’t leave until he was finished.

On the phone, Christina calmly described it. She didn’t cry, didn’t moan, as if some lawyer or medical expert were speaking. The voice didn’t belong to the victim of violence, as if she hadn’t yet been represented. Sometimes Nicole herself wondered how this is possible.

How many times has it been? From what age? Why is she still alive if her father raped her? Her father’s name was Harold, he wasn’t tall, about forty years old, with wavy wrinkles on his forehead. He caught paedophiles. He probably told them: “We found traces of your sperm on the victim’s body!”, but he didn’t hesitate to engage in violence of his daughter.

Sooner or later, Nicole revealed the terrible truth. There are no bad countries—there are bad people. None of the criminal actions can happen in only one country. Of course, she had such assumptions earlier, but now she clearly understood this. Despite her unpleasant story, Christina became a good guide to her in Germany.

Nicole always knew who to turn to if she met a very rare word, came across a weird gesture, and indeed, you never know what could happen in a practically unfamiliar country. Neither at work at the bank, nor dinner, Diane never said that someone had raped her, but Nicole immediately noticed that these women were very close. Diane always stood up for the weak people and didn’t like it when someone was offended.

At the same time, Diane wasn’t a hypocrite. If someone was in a bad mood, then together they could argue (the main thing is that the language would be German, not some Korean) and she wasn’t going to end her relationship with anyone because someone was very vulgar.

At work, the following situation developed. For some reason, Ani, who read her postcard, written especially for Ludwig, disappeared. Nicole thought at first that she fired, but when she asked the director of the department, she managed to find out that Ani had taken a vacation.

Nicole saw Oleg Bystritsky put some paper on her desk. She thought it was something for work when he went away, she opened the drawer and saw:

“I hope everything is fine with you and you will be back soon. Oleg Bystritsky. I kiss you.”

Yeah, love letters? After Bystritsky understood that neither Christina, nor Diane, nor herself were interested in him, would he flirt with other women? After that, he disappeared from the Risk Assessment Department. Immediately after Ani’s vacation and that Edward’s incident. Nicole thought that he was fired, but he also took a vacation.

Gratte didn’t like something in arrangement the work itself, or rather, she considered it a little unfair. The issuance of bonuses.

Of course, the record holder for the number of bonuses was Christina. The director didn’t give out bonuses to anyone; they must request them. Christina asked for a bonus every week, and for a year of work, Nicole understood that he never refused for some reason, even if they did very little things.

Considering her bonuses, she received such money that her income was equal to or almost close to her salary as the Deputy Director of the Economic Risk Assessment Department. Well, Christina would go everywhere, communicate with clients and company directors. So there was no sitting in one place, and she performs the same functions as Simon Macrobi.

After some time, Nicole understood that Christina just knew someone. She’s someone’s niece or someone like that. They won’t give bonuses to a random person every week or two. She didn’t want to break her contacts with Christina: she is a good person, she would understand the “needs” of her body.

Nicole didn’t tell her story, but she hinted at restaurants: she would become strong and tell sooner or later. Her finest hour of typical masochism will come. That’s not today.

Another thing surprised her. Not once, none of the elderly, like Edward or Ludwig, asked for a bonus. They don’t ask—they don’t give them. Just a brilliant scheme. Of course, Christina also experienced a lot; although this backstory doesn’t apply to the work itself, and it was in adolescence at best. However, she gets bonuses every week. After looking at the documents, Nicole understood that the old ones hadn’t received a single one for the whole time!

After Edward lost consciousness, and doctors arrived at the place of work, of course, no one will give a premium for the fact of an exacerbation of the disease. The health insurance paid for each month that compensated for the downtime. Insurers paid for hours that he didn’t work. Suppose Edward, even if he had asked for a bonus—not the best candidate, he would not have swooned, but Ludwig could have been given.

Yes, this didn’t directly affect corporate work, measured as a percentage, but once Ludwig went to Ani with his ‘sceptical notebook,’ which says what questions should be asked first to businessmen in the conference room. She took it, and then generally asked for a prize for herself! As if her productivity is the result of her savvy. She could give something to Ludwig.

And Ludwig himself didn’t particularly try to argue. We must say that Nicole was most surprised by Diane: for a year she asked for only one prize and not more. Even though Diane drove everywhere by car, she always tried to find out the features of each business, and because of this, bonuses should have been given to her every week.

One morning, Nicole arrived at the bank in her white car. She pressed a button to close the glass, turned off the ignition, and opened the door. When Gratte left the car, nearby she saw a red-haired man in woollen gloves walking. The gloves seemed a little weird because it was too warm. A man dropped one of them.

Nicole quickly ran to the glove, tried to call the man:

“Hey! Hey! Man!” He didn’t respond and quickly ran away, as if in a hurry.

Picking up the glove, Nicole found a note:

“If you don’t have anyone to talk to, call that phone in the evening.”

All day she reasoned: “Just make one call and that’s it. He won’t ask for an address and I won’t say. And if he asks, I’ll just hang up.”

In the evening she called. A high tenor, similar to an Asian one, asked: “Hello! If I could be of any help, please tell me about your problems.” He said a man who studied German as a foreign language and made too obvious mistakes but was understandable in general.

“Would you mind if I talked about my women’s problems?”

“I am very interesting to learn about your women’s problems.”

Nicole got into a conversation. In case of her doubt, each of her questions was followed by the stingy answer of an incomprehensible Asian. She wasn’t even sure if she was talking to a man who dropped the glove, because that red-haired man didn’t look like the representative of China.

“Stay strong. Not a word about Michael, GET READY, Scenario of the Beauty. At least don’t mix third parties here.”

Very quickly, questions with very stingy answers passed into her monologue. Nicole was telling and telling, having lost count of minutes. She works as a credit expert in the German branch of a large bank from France, about unfair bonuses for old people and young employees, some of whom ask for bonuses every week, but they are also given them.

She said that she is married to a wealthy man, and may not work at all, but she works. She needs a lot of money for a cosmetic transformation, her scars are invisibly outwardly visible, but they still bring her pain. She was once wounded by her ex-husband, having smeared a glass on her face.

Nicole mentioned the connections in the crime of a certain French chef, who founded ‘one of the banks.’ She ran away from her ex-husband, who was prone to violence, to his adoptive son of another Frenchman, she didn’t know who his real father was. He was just a classmate of hers. After some time, the ex-husband shot and killed a classmate with whom she began to live, and he avenged her escape. Yes, she didn’t live in Paris, she left for another city, but eventually ran away and returned there.

“You see, either no one will listen to me, or no one will believe me. Could I fake my escape if they would have killed me in another case?”

The Asian was silent. His breathing was heard, as if his nose were stuffy. His nostrils were whistling, but he didn’t say a word in any language.

Furthermore; the adoptive father hired her to monitor one German, he didn’t want to give him credit at his bank. Moreover, he had to be removed from one business. She agreed for the money if a certain German hero was withdrawn from the game. She could have earned more than an ordinary loan expert, and she needs money to plastic surgery for her face.

 As a result, a conflict was provoked, the daughter of a businessman left the rented flat and crashed in an accident, fell into a coma. It’s not Nicole’s fault, of course, but if you don’t agree to the conditions of the French chef, they will shoot her or kill her because her ex-husband shot the adopted son of a French businessman after ‘she was cheating.’ After all, he believed that she didn’t understand her old relationship and climbed into others.

She tried to mitigate her consequences; together with the German she attended resuscitation and saw an insane daughter, he was very pleased with her. She added some feelings and emotions and left France, moved to Germany. After his daughter died without regaining consciousness, the German didn’t know why he should live in France and left for his homeland. She followed him and married him, but this is a half-fictitious marriage.

She needed him so that a couple of Frenchmen won’t kill her in Germany. One because of jealousy, the other after the first killed his adopted son. She lied to the German and French, each in her own way. The German thinks that she really loves him. The Frenchman thinks that Nicole married a German fictitiously, but only to “better get him out of business; this time he should be burnt out in his native Germany.”

Now she twists these two men to her advantage. Of course, she won’t take the German out of business, at least not as the Frenchman wants. She needs the German to give shelter so that the Frenchman doesn’t send someone to shoot her. The murder of a mere mortal, of course, doesn’t need anyone in any country in the world. However, the murder of the wife of a famous businessman won’t remain without the attention of reporters.

Nicole will soon earn the money needed for plastic surgery; and after that, she will most likely throw away both the German and the Frenchman, like used toys. The German offers her nothing but feelings, but she needs money for plastic surgery on her face, smeared with small fragments of glass. He owns a large holding, but he can give her a car, no more. The Frenchman is aware of her problems and is trying to manipulate her body.

He promises to pay, and it is very expensive, if the Fritz holding in Germany is destroyed: either busted or sold to another owner in parts. With the money received, Nicole wanted to establish her own business, but she doesn’t have initial money. The German won’t give her anything. He is a widower, and his first wife was killed by scammers in the field of MLM cosmetics. She also wanted to sell goods, eventually brought herself to anorexia and died. The daughter grew up without a mother.

Since then, the German has had an outlook on women in business. He is slightly sexist and doesn’t allow them to engage in business’ control functions. It doesn’t matter that a lending specialist and an actress who wants to try MLM make a big difference, but he’s still a sexist. He won’t allow women into the business just because they’re women.

Even the whistle of the nostril of the Asian disappeared. Nicole understood the Asian hung up: “Damn freak! Just tell him and tell him, but he doesn’t advise anything.” She remembered how some Asians tried to beat Austin and didn’t think that this coincidence was accidental. Calling Pierre back, she understood that he didn’t follow her, didn’t recognize anything. The Asian was just somehow sick and lonely.

Submitted: June 18, 2020

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