Chapter 39: Fourth part / Chapter 9

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Now she had another support (or at least she thought so) besides Michael. He needs only one feeling, but he can’t give her all the money, provide good protection, except for relative, while she supposedly ruins Vista’s holding. Even in Pierre’s dreams, he won’t kill her.

Will she be able to contact Alaric if Michael disappears for some reason? For example, when it will be completely ruined by her at the request of Pierre. A week later, she called Alaric.

“This is the Banque de Morales Ger GmbH. My name is Nicole Gratte, I am the Deputy Director of the Department for Assessing Economic Risks,” she spoke as formally as possible so that he would remember.

“What more do you want, Nicole? I paid the money, you cash-out it off. By the way, you made the right decision. Wagner make me fuck off, we are on our own now.”

“I just want to say that if you start a new business and are looking for a manager or director, then I am always happy to share my experience.”

“I would love to, but I have not yet decided on the particular business. I study offers, consider options. I do not know what I should sell.”

First one week passed, and then another. Nicole tried to call this number, but the operator answered: “The number no longer exists.” Alaric has most likely disabled the SIM card. Perhaps he was frightened by her connection with the crime.

In theory, there was still a chance to call her at an unknown, new number, but Alaric didn’t. Three months later, Alaric still called another phone.

“I think you could not have done otherwise. Wagner is also not a soft businessman. I go to a good web studio, spent hours studying the portfolios of different companies, examples of sites. You saw that document. He cancelled everything. He said that through some friend you hire schoolchildren; they will do no worse. The main point: cheaper. The miser person pays twice, right?

Then he takes all sorts of articles from bloggers, guidebooks, asks schoolchildren and students to read on request as freelance work and change the style so that the text looks supposedly his own. He paid his friend 3000 euros, and he gave no more than a hundred to these schoolchildren and students. He just stole everything else. I was told that to get a loan, a paper about a website created in a professional web studio would be more convincing for the end bankers than the Internet correspondence of some friend with obscenities.”

“Wagner thought that bankers are all newcomers, and he is the first person who attempts to deceive us?”

“Apparently yes. I understand perfectly well that banks are not some fucking cops. What can you do? Blacklists? But you are one company. One will place his to the blacklist, this person will go to ask other people for money. And your bank seems to be semi-criminal, right?”

“I know about crime in France. I am not familiar with any case where Morales beat someone in Germany, Great Britain and so on; even hired anyone to do it. Here he is honest, but it seems that such liars like Wagner should be manipulated by his fear.”

“It turns out that Morales is similar to Wagner, only more assertive, domineering and experienced?”

“You cannot even imagine how much.”

“Why do not you change jobs?”

“This is a difficult question and it is difficult to explain. I once married a tobacco businessman. He is a bank partner, but he was extremely violent. I ran away from him to my classmate, who arrange me into this bank. He did not have economic education, but he is the adopted son of Morales. Once, right on the street, he was shot by a man from a car hired by my ex-husband, apparently out of jealousy. He escaped by car.

Morales did not like that. He raped me and asked me to finish one case. Get my second husband, a German businessman, out of one holding. So that he sells the company, or incurs losses. I beat off him in France. After the scandal, he kicked out his adult daughter, and she got into an accident, fell into a coma, and then died.

In truth, I married Michael on a fictitious basis. We have sex, yes, but I am not interested in him as a man. He is the only reason for Morales does not try to kill me.

I lied to the German that there was something between us; I lied to the Frenchman that I would now destroy it in Germany too, but I do not want to do that. It sounds weird, but I would like to find the right people and either go somewhere; or go to some other business so that he loses trace of me. This is the only way out.”

“Call the police.”

“He can destroy evidence. I would not want to see just ordinary police, but <i>my people</i> in the police. And I do not have any. If anything can stop a businessman-killer, it is only surprise.”

“Do you have ideas?”

“Feed Morales with promises and allegedly my work to destroy the German business in Germany. The German has already sold one tobacco company. He received the bait that some people had set there, possibly involved in the murder of his first wife.

She was not killed, but scammers persuade her with no entrepreneurial skills to participate in self-destructive behaviour after her involvement in an unprofitable business. So the unprofitableness of the tobacco company explains everything realistically.”

“Has his income decreased?”

“No, it made him richer. The company barely paid for itself and was semi-current. Morales thinks that the process of destruction of his holding is underway. I haven not <i>killed</i> anything useful yet. Now I wonder if I should play the game at all.”

“Is your boss coming to Germany?”

“He has not come to see me yet, but anything is possible. We are communicating by phone.”

“Perhaps it will come to nought, and the Frenchman will understand that there is no point in meddling to someone else’s garden. And by the way, why does he do it? What is the benefit to him?”

“This is because of one company that was involved in the murder of the first wife of the second husband. They are partners of the bank, and it seems that this is not what Pierre himself wants, but one of his partners. He talks very indifferently when it comes to this case.

“What kind of company killed people? Nuclear waste? Armoury? Contract killings?”

“No, selling cosmetics through network marketing. They make her nerves meltdown; they tore her away from her husband, her daughter and her family. Then he took revenge on them, wrote some book about the murder of his wife. Police start raids at the cosmetic company. Their employees were fired, convicted or sentenced to fines. Here in Germany. Now the people who are involved in this company are manipulating the Frenchman and want him to take the German out of business.”

She didn’t even immediately notice when exactly Alaric hung up. But he is not going to help her, as he does not want to be associated with any crime. He’s unlikely to call her a second time. He kicked her out of both his life and his business partnership. Maybe Nicole pushed too hard.

* * *

At about one in the morning, Margeaux woke Nicole:

“Nicole, wake up.”

“What for? What’s happening?”

“Michel feels bad. He speaks very quietly.”

“Okay, I’ll take a look.”

Nicole got up from her bed and proceeded to another room. Margeaux and Bernard were in the room. Monica was asleep. There were no other children. They spoke to him in French, forgetting that it was foreign for him, but he understood them.

“How do you feel Michel?” Bernarda asked.

“Okay,” he replied very quietly in French.

Bernarda began to groan and lament, which did not help the case at all. Moreover, she had such a reaction to any negative news shown on TV.

“Nicole, there you are,” Margeaux said. “All hope is only for your help.”

“Why? I’m not a doctor.”

“We do not know a single emergency number in a foreign country. If you don’t call the doctors now, he will die this morning. I heard about such a state with some grandmother in France, even when we didn’t live in Paris.”

“Okay, I’ll call. What should I say? Silent speech and that’s it?”

“Say anything, but call the doctors!”

Nicole made the call in German, gave her address, complained about her husband’s mute speech and told them his age. Since there were no special traffic jams at night, they arrived a few minutes later.

When the doctors arrived and started asking questions, out of the three people, only two were helpful, because Bernarda didn’t speak German at all. She cheerfully and energetically described the symptoms of Nicole’s husband, but in French, and she wasn’t understood. Bernarda seemed to have forgotten where she lived.

Margeaux and Nicole got dressed and proceeded to their ambulance. Bernarda stayed with Monica. She was already a middle school student, but she had never been left alone in the house before. Given that Bernarda doesn’t speak German, the grandmother can stay.

The doctors said that the husband was conscious, but he required intensive rehabilitation (or resuscitation) measures. Margeaux and Nicole did not understand why. In the car, and then in the hospital, her mother spoke to her in French.

“Nicole, they were talking about some kind of brain impact. What’s happening? What does all this mean?”

The daughter, driving her car, only shook her head.

“But we didn’t hit him,” Mom continued to speak in French. “He didn’t fall. What if the diagnosis was wrong? What if they start a criminal case and charge us with willful harm?”

“Calm down, mom. This is a foreign language! Here the words work and combine in a completely different way than you are used to in France. Maybe he has some kind of tumour crawled out?”

“Ask them for details. Do you know the German word for a tumour?”

“I don’t know how it’s in German. I’m not a doctor, I’ve never worked as a nurse, and I don’t have a single medical dictionary. But I think that it may be an exacerbation of the tumour. Maybe he even lived with it for several years, perhaps for decades, and only now they found out.”

“And what will happen to his business? Where will we live?”

“He didn’t introduce me to the structure of the company; I know it superficially. But if it’s serious, one of his deputies will contact us. I’ll notify him in the morning as soon as I understand what the hell happened to Michel.”

After the doctors’ van stopped at the hospital, Michel was taken on a stretcher to some kind of intensive care unit. Nicole and Margeaux weren’t allowed to be there. Through the doctor on duty, they received a paper with the diagnosis. He also said:

“This is an extremely serious condition, ladies. We’ve made our first step. We sent him to rehabilitation. However, take into account his condition, I cannot say how long he will live.”

“Will he die one of these days?” Nicole asked.

“Nope. But nothing can be guaranteed. Week, month. He is unlikely to live until next year. I have already typed the exact diagnosis—you can look it up yourself in any search engine.”

Doctors usually don’t link to search engines; there may be inaccurate information. But it looks like this doctor was just lazy to explain anything. Not because he was tired—he starts to work at 22:00. It was evident that he didn’t want to bother with some women, often discussing something in another language. Maybe, they’re not completely familiar with German.

They returned home in Nicole’s car at five in the morning. The daughter looked up about the disease on the Internet. She was sitting in a dark room against the backdrop of a blinding monitor with closed blinds and barely visible light from the window.

“Well, what is it, Nicole?”

“It’s not a tumour. Excitation of some vessels in the brain, leading to rupture of veins or something like that. I’m not a doctor.”

“Ruptured of veins?”

Sitting in the computer chair in front of the screen, Nicole turned around to her mom.

“When did it start?”

Around 1:00 in the morning. I couldn’t wake you up, you fell asleep too soundly.

“Heck!” Nicole hit the arm of the chair and began to squeal: “A-ah!” She hit the armrest several times.

“Why didn’t you make an effort to wake me up?” she squealed in falsetto. “Hit on my head, that’s it, the dream is over!”

“Is it so important?”

“Yes! It’s very important! Do you graduate in Germany and with the use of German? Are you ready to go to the pre-university training school at the non-student age? What will happen the next after he will die?”

“You’re talking about super profits, foreign travel, and not about the fact that we were left without money. And then, you would become to be the leader in the Vista holding. Is it would be such a big problem with your knowledge of Banque de Morales?”

“If anyone will appoint me to this post, it will then only be for a while. Such a company will always have a better candidate!”

“You’re not a drug addict daughter to regret that your daddy died!”

“Oh, you fool!” Nicole went to her mother and grabbed her by the collar. “Another word: and I’ll tore it immediately. You bullied me in my childhood! Now it won’t happen!”

“Stop hissing. You will wake up your sister. You’re like a hyena.”

“Okay, go to hell. My task’s to contact the company. What the answer will be, let it be. But I don’t guarantee that I won’t be replaced.”

Although Margeaux didn’t know German that well, especially highly specialized words, she settled well in Germany itself. She could get on a public bus and safely drive to the hospital where he is located.

“I can easily take the bus, find out where he’s, and tomorrow I’ll take him food,” said Margeaux. “Today I’ll go to the store, buy what he likes. The truth is, I don’t know what products are prohibited for him now due to illness.”

“At least buy milk or juice. If he can eat, then the doctors, for sure, will give him something.”

“It goes without saying. Just calm down, Nicole.”

Mom went to another room. She tried to sleep on the couch in a way that daughter would not see her. She often snapped at her due to her mistakes in her childhood, and after becoming of an adult, she began to make her claims. Perhaps Margeaux has long regretted that she did it. However, she brought her daughter in a way she had been brought.

Suddenly, Nicole found tears oozing from her left eye. She doesn’t even know why. She married Michel on a fictitious basis to escape from Pierre, who, otherwise, could have killed her as an extra witness. Nicole was only alive because she had to ruin his holding, but she didn’t want to.

On the other hand, it doesn’t matter why Nicole connected her life with this man. She was still with him for a very long time. Sometimes she played at an interest that wasn’t there. It’s like the actors. If you portray inspiration too often in the same piece, does that mean that over time, you are truly inspirational?

Nicole found it difficult to determine the reason for her tears. Perhaps it was the very embarrassing situation. Maybe it’s because of her slight lack of sleep or emotional meltdown. Perhaps she became attached to Michael. It doesn’t matter whether she portrayed interest or not. Now she’ll not even portray it in front of anyone. Looks like she needed to portray a role in an empty auditorium without applause.

Perhaps she’s afraid that Pierre will call her again, ask her to head the post of director of the Vista holding, and then dictate how, unnoticed by the shareholders, she was to destroy this company. After all, people from Scenario of the Beauty wanted it, and Nicole doubted that people of this type would calm down even after Michael’s illness.

On the contrary, Michael has weakened and will die soon. It became easy to destroy the company. Since, after his illness, it’s unlikely that this post will be headed by a person from the street or even previously worked in another company, they will try to use it. But she was from a poor family; she knew what poverty, a lack of money, was like. She didn’t want to destroy what wasn’t even created by her forces.

If she doesn’t obey, they would shoot her.

Submitted: August 06, 2020

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