C'est dangereux

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - First Part / Chapter 7

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Submitted: June 03, 2019




However, Nicole is not just disappointed in Francesco’s attitude toward herself. The broken glass on her face and his inability to love were obviously not the only reasons. Ricardo once told her that he wanted children from her and it was the most interesting part. He gives her a probationary life in the face of a newly-wed for four months, in other words, sex free from pregnancy.

During the ‘trial period,’ he showed the best qualities he could show. He read books in Italian and French: not to the end and not even halfway, but at a good level. You could not know the denouement to the finale, but you could assess the author’s plot and style for some weeks. He bought a classic Spanish guitar, that’s not cheap.

In sex, he seemed insatiable. Ricardo had somehow sat on her legs, like a typical strong sexual abuser, Nicole would say “Not exactly, he would press on me.” She told him that she feels pain. He got up and didn’t want to harm her at all. Francesco said she arouses him very much. Gratte replied that she didn’t mind, but categorically forbade him to press on the stomach just below the navel. She still remembers how in the fifth class doctors found inflammation in her ovaries. At the time, Nicole doesn’t want sex games with Francesco that can return this state.

She didn’t think that a man could understand gynaecology at all or hear some details on this matter, although she could probably tell an adequate man if he had first used this topic. Francesco never beat her where it’s impossible. He preferred to attack her face, her neck, her back, but he never hit the stomach. The last weeks came when the ‘trial’ period for the newly-weds is going to end. Ricardo announced this one week and had sex with her after which she was supposed to be pregnant.

At that time, Francesco arrived and brought her a pregnancy test himself. The positive result was in the morning after sexual night. Nicole began thinking that she is a woman who asked for a special attitude. Maybe Fran would calm down at least. She didn’t give him any hints but counted on it. But he continued to treat her sternly. If she accidentally dropped food in the kitchen, he would hit her somewhere in the back, so that he would not touch her stomach. Nicole understood that even her pregnancy is unlikely to change anything.

By the way, what is his logic? Buy a pregnancy test for his wife, the beating of which he would continue anyway. Four months later, her pregnancy turned into a miscarriage, which he didn’t immediately notice because she began to gain weight. Nicole decided not to tell him. He may suggest that she had secretly performed an abortion. Only when Gratte lost weight, only then did she tell him. But Francesco replied that, “I need children, not a wife who is not capable of anything” and soon they would have sex again.

Francesco bought her five pregnancy tests on the same day. It seems that her urine interested him more than Nicole herself. But all week she had only negative results. Gratte was even afraid to suggest why. Then he said that she must visit some good gynaecologist; the more expensive the better. Even when Gratte lived together in parent’s house, with Alfred, a stepfather, and a mother, she faced similar treatment.

“You don’t own anything in this house, bitch! Make money, buy it yourself, and then watch the damn TV, use the fucking computer or gramophone!”

Later, Nicole constantly thought: it’s about what? Maybe, because of her stepfather is not her biological father? He didn’t love this woman from the very beginning and made her younger sister only to tell himself that he is a man. He goes to work, does work, earns very little, and besides, he has to share something with his daughter from another moron.

If the stepfather came home, he would turn off everything, or at least change the watched channel. Instead of her favourite political debates, he found some film or even included pornographic tapes from a VCR. When they got a computer, Nicole stopped using the TV, because it’s almost always ‘necessary to share.’ Once the day he came in the room, Alfred sat down to the right side in front of Nicko and said:

“Look at me.”

Nicko turned away from the computer to his face.

“Why are you ignoring me? How have you only fucking computer in the first place, right?”

Alfred crushed her with a blunt blow to her forehead. She was hurt, she even closed her eyes.

“Why are you not answering, bitch? Why don’t we have common interests? That fucking computer is to blame, huh?”

He turned off the computer monitor and then tried to pull out the plug of the system unit. Obviously, he was sitting in front of her in order not to look for so-called ‘common interests’ at all. The stepfather believed that he was engaged in ‘raising’. Moreover, raising for him was not a punishment for some really harmful actions, but just a demonstration of his strength and the elimination of anger. Technically, Nicko didn’t anything bad and didn’t understand why she was punished.

Nicole graduated from an economic education only due to the fact that she heard many times that she was not the owner of these items. She cannot use them fully. There are no common things in the home. Everything belongs only to those who earned and bought them.

Gratte grew in some poverty. Alfred earned a little money, and everything he bought belonged only to him. Mom never worked after creating so-called ‘daughter’, who he treated better than Nicole.

She went to various social institutions in order to get at least some money from the government. They are many in France. Margaux goes from office to office, official to official, institution to institution (in French, respectively, ‘bureau’). They were not immediately sent mom to the right place but referred to various secondary bureaus.

Her French name was written in the old tradition as Margeaux, but the same name in the new tradition without differences in pronunciation was known as Margo or Margot. The officials who sat in these offices were not always competent, and she told Nicole how she now answers their questions:

“What is your full name?”

“Margeaux Gratte. In the old tradition with aux. Gratte with double T.”

Officials could skip one ‘t’ in the second name, or write the name in a new, more famous tradition as Margo Gratte or Margot Gratte. One day, not the competent woman confused two different, but very similar names: Margaux.

She went to various social institutions as if she went to work. You would think Margeaux actually worked in various bureaus but she tried to get one or another privilege.

Nobody forced her to study, neither mom nor stepfather, but she showed herself to be good in her study. The truth was that sometimes she smoked cigarettes that school friends brought to her. But in those moments she was alone, not with them and usually not at home.

The eldest daughter Gratte always left the home during the beginning of another quarrel. It seems that they didn’t even notice how their daughter has gone because they were fighting so actively. For Alfred, she was still ‘not exactly a daughter.’ Nicole naively waited for the moment when her mom and stepfather understood that she was leaving not just like that, but only in order not to hear their fight.

She could not leave if they showed their emotions at least a little quieter. But the family didn’t understand; they quarrelled and quarrelled. They didn’t see any pattern in her teenage runs. Although Nicole didn’t often descend from the seventh floor to the third. The elevator in the house was old and she didn’t want to use it.

Definitely, she was lucky with the neighbour. He was a sixty-year-old man named Simone, who had already retired. He was a bit skinny physique.

His children grew up long ago and moved away to different parts of Paris. Unfortunately, they were not often interested in the old man. They visit no more than two times in twelve months. Despite his age, he felt good, doing street running in the morning and he makes Nicole do that.

After another scandal subsided, mom went down from the seventh floor to the third floor only to take Nicko back home. Sometimes Bernard came for her. As for her runs: her grandmother and her mother scolded her. They tried to expose it as bad behaviour. Interesting, it didn’t matter for her stepfather. The main reason was that Simone didn’t feed Nicole. He was making excuses:

“Listen to me, Margeaux. When your daughter comes to me, she never says she wants to eat. I understand that the main issue is that we don’t feed her. If she would ask, we wouldn’t refuse.”

Margeaux made comments that look like claims:

“Yes, you don’t know how to feed her! You don’t have this food! You don’t know her taste!”

“If we don’t have it, why does she come to us?”

“Because she has bad behaviour. We would raise her better, and she wouldn’t interfere with you anymore.”

“Listen, Margeaux. Let’s solve this question in a human way. If she does not want to be in your home, and you don’t want us to let her in, would it be better if she goes outside without an adult?”

In another room, Ninelle, Simone’s wife, measured her blood pressure. After this conversation, she told her husband that it would be better if he refused to sit with someone else’s teenager, and better improve relations with his real children. When Nicko came again, she was politely refused.

Simone said that he would not mind letting her watch TV, but Margeaux would reappear and would scold him. Ninelle called their adult children by the phone and scolded them. Bernarda said that young people often began to come in this flat, although they had not even been interested in the lives of their parents before.

Nicko was a little more than thirteen. Going upstairs, not taking the elevator, Gratte stood in front of her flat and wondered whether to call her home or standstill. On the other side of the staircase, she saw a company of young people who were laughing and smoking. Nobody taught Nicko, but she knew that such companies wouldn’t be her friends. After two patients beat her at the toxicology clinic: Hélène and Carla (before Carla took her side), she avoided such companies.

She could join these young people having fun on the staircase, ask them for a cigarette, but didn’t want to. For some reason, it seemed to Nicole that everyone could leave her flat, and she didn’t have the key. After half an hour, inhaling the roar behind her back, famously laced with laughter and phrases like “Yes, it’s really cool”, she knocked on the door. Her grandmother, Bernarda admitted her (neither her stepfather nor her mother was at home), she took off her shoes and proceeded to her real room.

When they are living with her stepfather before his death, her mother sometimes spoke to Nicole about how she was poorly ‘brought up’. Nicole was intimidated by various prohibitions before her stepfather appeared. The idea of a proper upbringing in this family was creative. Her mother thought that Nicole should be cursed, shouted, and supposedly after that she would behave better.

Alfred sat down on the right side from Nicko and said:

“Look at me.”

Nicole turned away from the computer and looked at his direction.

“Why are you ignoring me? How have you only fucking computer in the first place, right?”

This happened on the same evening after she had returned from Simone, who no longer allowed her to come in. Moreover, he didn’t let her in because the mother insists. Perhaps, when she becomes an adult, God shall know, Simone and Nicole would still see each other. Alfred was too shy to fight directly with his neighbour, so he tried to take out his anger only on his ‘non-biological’ child. And all his ‘upbringing’ was only to shout a little more at the child, who does not even do anything wrong.

It’s everything with the fact that he constantly claimed: “My thing, it’s not yours, first earn and buy it on your money.” Nicole didn’t want to become an economist for the sake of some super-profits, envy of others or something like that. The eldest daughter—Gratte—just wanted to live, to have HER things. That’s not those that belonged to her stepfather. She bothered to hear his remarks on this topic

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