C'est dangereux

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - First Part / Chapter 8

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Submitted: June 03, 2019




Unfortunately, Nicole never met Simone again.

After she graduated from the university, first he died, and then twenty-five months later, drunk Alfred went to the end, who then moved from her mother’s flat to some mistress on the floor below. Both Simone and Alfred were grey-haired: but for a while, Nicko remembers Alfred with short hair and black hair.

After that Simone died, the children sold the flat. The grandmother had changed the place for living, Nicko didn’t intervene. She needed Simone, not his sons or grandchildren. Her mother didn’t try to date with men after Nicko’s own father left Margeaux and Alfred died. If she didn’t like something in her daughter’s behaviour, she would certainly say: “You just didn’t raise to the end.”

Her relationship had improved after she became an adult and her mother began to consider her as a person, instead of a subject for raising. Margeaux is haunted only by the fear that she has got these daughters, there would be no others. If the mother is bold, then the eldest daughter could easily have left her in the senior living.

She was thirteen years old when she first ran away, and in less than twelve months she stopped doing it. Gratte didn’t tell Simone about the situation in the family, he just accepted her because he didn’t want to refuse.

So unloved Gratte’s stepfather died when she graduated from the University of Economics. Sometime after Niko’s maturity, he was credited with one case when he called some whore and said that she, being naked, must be washed the windows for him. His sexual impotence caused by fast-drinking was so significant that he could only count on voyeurism.

* * *

After Nicko stopped teenage runs to Simone, Margeaux had established phone connection to her flat. They had no other contacts in Paris, and they didn’t call other than the ambulance service for Bernarda or Margeaux. But Nicko had accustomed to the phone and started calling. First of all, to her classmate Alain Renard. She did it in secret, practically didn’t say his name, because their relationship was in no way approved by both families.

You would think that Alain once threw chalk at Nicole, somehow got into a fight or said something rude. No … He did nothing; he was in no way bad for Nicole. There was just a typical reaction of the parents, who in their family can’t understand each other.

By the way, why didn’t Nicko please Alain’s parents? Yes, she smoked, but he smoked, too. But it was not a question of smoking. He heard that he is ‘too small’. For this time they recommend him to refrain from relationships. Although he didn’t do anything wrong, he wanted to communicate. He was attributed to such meanings as if he was already having sex. And adults, apparently, take them wrong.

After she remembered from Margeaux the number of phone operator, Gratte began to call them at the end of the fifth class. She remembered various numbers and asked questions. For example, they had one channel on television. They broadcasted American concerts and musical interviews with French subtitles, occasionally with local advertising. Then the channel disappeared, and she wanted to know why.

First Nicole called the phone operator and asked for the number of the company that operates the television centre. When she called the television centre, she was told that they were engaged only in the production of federal programs but weren’t responsible for broadcasting foreign media, both in translation or without translation. She was advised to call the antenna company or satellite operator. Since they didn’t use the satellite, Nicko contacted the phone operator and give a call to the phone number of antenna company.

She was told that there broadcasting of this media in France is engaged by some company Intermedia SARL (SARL is equal to LTD in France). Nicole understood that a brand and a company are not always synonymous.

“Was Intermedia SARL closed?”

“Why closed, no! We are in agreement with them for seven years and this agreement is still in approving.”

“But I see another channel instead of the one I’m used to.”

“You can contact Intermedia SARL. They would tell you why this channel doesn’t broadcast. Antenna company is engaged only in the conclusion of contracts for the maintenance of television transmitters but is not responsible for the content of the channels.”

Nicole called the phone operator for the tenth time. She called this company and heard this one. Although Intermedia SARL watchers are often unhappy with the replacement of the TV channel, alas, Intermedia SARL doesn’t have a budget for the RLE channel. It’s more suitable for satellite TV operators, but not for similar small companies. So she was advised to be interested in the offers of satellite operators.

Towards evening, having spent a good deal of time on the phone, Nicole told her mother the narrative about the telephone conversations and her little investigation. Margeaux replied: “Now you understand what it means to ask for something from different bureaus. Although you only sat on the phone but didn’t go anywhere.”

* * *

After returning home after Francesco’s taxi, without even taking her things, Nicko told Margeaux to buy hair dye. She had black, thick hair, at that time she slightly tinted her eyes with dark blue shadows, but last time decided to remove makeup. This was not a problem. She had liked her face without makeup. And makeup would hurt her due to the shards sitting on her left eye. Mom brought her blond-coloured paint, which she applied in the bathroom.

Without asking permission from her mother, the eldest daughter, Gratte, called the police and is under the mother’s name, asked could she be listed in among missing. It was important for her to know exactly, would Francesco try to contact the police about her disappearance? Formally, she without prior permission opened one of the back doors in his flat on Route de Pourville street. He may suspect that someone has secretly stolen her, including a possible lover after her half-consensus. The police told her that her ‘daughter’ (after all, it was Nicole) is not on missing people’s list.

They asked her was she wanted to put her on missing (after all, they didn’t know the caller’s motives), the ‘mother’ answered that her daughter had been absent for a week, and since they supposedly had many friends, someone else could search for her, but she returned today home. It didn’t take long to think about the call’s screenplay. On the sixth floor, there was Teresa, a Grandma, who often communicated with Bernarda.

Once she told a story when their drunken stepfather Alfred Bourget drove to her on the elevator to the sixth floor instead of the seventh one. He asked which flat Alfred Bourget lived in, although it was himself. She was very surprised at the fact he speaks about himself in the third person, she said that Alfred Bourget lives on the floor above. Then he allegedly entered his flat and didn’t confuse more floors.

Francesco answered Nicole to her attacks, revealing her plans a little, that if she left his home and left for Paris, he could become a client of private detectives. After all, he didn’t believe in the justice of the French police. Private detectives would find her much faster and better. Nicole told her mother about her injuries, about his true attitude. Gratte advised in no case to cooperate with possible ‘private detectives’. She must claim that she ‘disappeared without news’ and ‘I don’t know where my daughter is.’

Even in the wine cellar, Nicole Gratte called Alain Renard several times. And for this reason, she was not interested in the guard that can hear her conversations, even about what they were. After all, he was very jealous and it’s unlikely to allow it. Although he then still deleted from phone’s memory all the phones except his number. Alain told her that he rents a flat in a conditional place and, as Nicole believed, Francesco hardly knows where he is.

Nicole was very angry with her mother. She didn’t approve of her relationship with Alain Renard at her school. Gratte still thought that she had imposed relationship with Francesco on her. Margeaux had not introduced Francesco for Nicole. An employee in a previous bank. This woman was his niece. She mentioned that she knows a very good, young, but still unmarried man. Of course, she asked if Nicole is married. Margeaux supported this marriage of her daughter with the tobacco millionaire.

The eldest daughter Gratte told her mother that she had allegedly saved up some money since their marriage to Francesco. She would find a rented flat, get a job and would pay for it. As long as there is enough money to live for five months; it’s unlikely that during this time she won’t work as an economist. In fact, she planned to go to Alain. However, Margeaux doesn’t need to know this, as if he is a persona non grata for her. By happy coincidence, he works at Banque de Morales, which has already saved her.

Moving to a rented flat, Nicole saw beige walls, decorative linoleum in the form of brickwork, a white table with drawers in the kitchen and some soft grey sofa. A flat is not as rich as Francesco’s, but cosy. Alain kissed her first time for more than a decade of silence and wanted her to become his mistress. Nicole replied that she needed a job at Banque de Morales.

“Why do you need a job, Nicko? I already make good money at the bank. You can live and deny nothing. You can’t ask about private aircraft and a huge budget, but what’s the problem all the rest?”

“I need my money, by the way, the more the better.” Said Nicole, straightening her dyed wheat hair that had fallen into her eyes. Alain noticed her changes.

“You’re looking likeable in blonde hair, by the way. Why do you need your money?”

“For personal needs.”

“Why do you want to earn it in this bank? Do you know how their employees are selected? This is a whole machine.”

“And I’m not afraid neither selection nor machine. I need money.”

“For some purpose, you don’t want to explain to me?”

“You’re right. I don’t.”

The only thing Nicole wanted at the moment was to get a good job, get her money, and not depend on another freak who would dictate her rules. She would consult good doctors and would consult with a private gynaecologist. In the future, Nicko should earn enough money for a plastic surgeon who takes out the remaining small shards of glass from her lower eyelid of the left eye, which she still feels in the morning.

“Tell me, are you not a drug addict now?”

Nicole laughed playfully. “I’m a drug addict and a major in economics? That’s not a very good joke. My face seems to be toned, my body is gracile, and drug addicts are usually thin. There are no scars. How can a drug addict work in a bank? Nobody will believe in it. At least, they will not give me a job.”

“Nicko, sorry if I offended you. I didn’t want.”

“No, you can’t hurt me, Alain. You don’t even know what I have become. My advice: if you want to offend someone, you need to get to know someone very well.”

“And what are your needs?”

“Yes, the needs of an ordinary woman.”

“Do you want to say, I have no money for manicure or pedicure? I could give,” he noticed a bright pink manicure, which she recently did.

“I need to divorce my previous idiot. I need a very expensive lawyer.”

“And what’s the next? Do you marry me?”

“Why not? It even possible.”

“Do you need anything else besides a lawyer?”

“Yes, there are some other plans. But you don’t need to know that.”

“Well, I make you get acquaintance with the director of Banque de Morales; although I don’t know why you need this particular bank.”

Perhaps this is the only bank that conducted a weird operation to cash money. Instead of calling the bank’s head office in Paris, he could call the police. But that operator-banker, who spoke tenor, just got through to the head office in Paris and got the money she needed.

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