C'est dangereux

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - First Part / Chapter 9

Submitted: June 14, 2019

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Submitted: June 14, 2019




Sometimes Nicole was prone to stress insomnia, but she had no idea what exactly provoked it.

In childhood, she suffered from gastroenteritis, she was nauseous and had vomited bile. In the fifth class, Nicko heard from her mother that doctors want to remove her ovaries. And maybe, if they did, she could never get pregnant and give birth to a baby. She had some inflammation in them, but it passed away. Doctors suggested surgery. But because the situation was not critical and did not threaten her life, her mother was not about to put the daughter on the surgical table. This fact did not cause her sleep problems.

But once Nicole heard about the American mission in Iraq. It was strongly criticized by Jacques Chirac, a former president of France. She could not sleep until five in the morning. She does not know why but the events taking place in her life did not cause insomnia in her, unlike external ones. Sometimes her life hung in the balance. Not to mention such an ordinary bloody procedure, as the removal of her glands; glands were removed in almost all of her friends. But the killing of dozens, hundreds, even millions of people seemed to her more important than her health, her pain and the story of one person.

Another interesting fact about her insomnia was that it almost always appeared in what for her was a new bed for her. Nicko remembers how she left her mother’s sofa, moved into her grandmother’s room: she drove her out of some misstep. The little girl tried to fall asleep, but in the end, her head and hands sank. She fussed up to twelve hours in the evening. Changing the bed to another one immediately caused her insomnia. She thought she might hardly be a journalist, a musician, working while on the move, because she can’t sleep anywhere.

Similarly, it was in the toxicological hospital. The same scenario repeated with Francesco on Route de Pourville, as well as in Alain Renard’s rented flat. Although Nicole is now thinking: was that ‘political’ insomnia really political? Could it happen after the change of a pillow? It looks a much more reasonable version.

The second day had started. Nicole woke up again on the brown-checkered couch in Alain’s flat. It was a double couch, although Alain often laid it out on one side. The red blanket, like her dress, was tangled in her legs and turned out to be crumpled. She did not get up for five minutes. Her back was aching. It often happens after changing the usual bed.

She saw herself in the first person. Recently, she had dreams, let’s say, with parts of men’s body. A man was leaning against the wall, he was almost naked, except for grey shorts. With his right hand, he touched his right foot with an unambiguous behaviour. Obviously, he intended to pull down them. The man’s face remained unknown. She didn’t look at him. He slowly squatted, as if he was showing a striptease, but for women.

Another thing that Nicole noticed in this dream: the skin of his arms and legs was not ordinary, but as if very retouched and elastic, as if she was looking at a glossy magazine. But it seemed to her that it was in real life. At the same time, there was some vegetation on his navel and his legs.

Alain was about to leave, Nicole heard him shut the door. In the dream, she saw something with a piece of little erotica, but not obviously pornographic or naked. Nicole didn’t even understand with whom she was there. She probably thought that she would take a shower after such a dream. It was not necessary this time.

Five minutes later, rising to her feet, Nicole went to another room and took her day clothes. Taking off her dress, wearing black sweatpants and a grey sweater, she proceeded to the kitchen. Pouring water and putting in the same dark red kettle, she turned it on, wanted to make fresh hot tea. Nicole’s back had already stopped hurting so that she felt little adagio. There were a lot of red things in the flat, but the walls were solidly beige.

Without wasting time, she brought from her bookshelf a great French-German dictionary. She began to flip through it on different pages, noting that she knows every fourth, if not every second word. There was the only one problem: most of her books in German remained in Francesco’s home, and she couldn’t remove them. She shouldn’t appear the second time. But she hoped to buy new ones.

Working in the former bank for six months, Nicole saved money as best she could for a single trip to Berlin. She planned to go to the bookstore there. Once, Francesco made an exception, and she already flew there for German books. But now, as soon as she begins to work at Banque de Morales, it’s only a matter of time to earn money for the next trip to the bookstore. Yes, she had favourite interests besides visiting a gynaecologist or other doctors.

In addition to a great French-German dictionary, she had a short French-Swedish one. She wanted to try to improve her Swedish, after having succeeded in German. But Nicole needed a thicker French-Swedish dictionary. She was already reading Swedish websites, firmly understanding the general meaning, but there was always some unknown word. She confused something in Swedish with German, if the words were similar, but they have different meanings.

* * *

A classmate gave to Nicole Pierre’s phone number, allowing her to live in his rented flat for a while. Alain basically doesn’t buy his house: taxes, linking to one place and so on. But he always has the money to pay the rent. Pierre immediately asks what foreign languages Nicole speaks. It’s quite logical because she thought that her work might be related to communication with international clients.

The woman said that she speaks German, including economic vocabulary, and Swedish at the conversation level. This fact unexpectedly coincided with Pierre’s foreign language, who also learned German. He says that he is ready to rendezvous inside one of the Chinese restaurants in Paris. She spoke with him in German.

“Guten Tag, Pierre!” Nicole answered him in German.

“Herzlich willkommen, Nicole!” he answered.

He appeared before Nicole. A stout old man with a big head, a grey moustache and a grey beard. He seemed to have more hair on his beard than on the top of his head: the head itself was completely bald. He had a bulging nose, thin lips and black, black eyes. Pierre was not fat but seemed puffy.

He sat in transparent glasses with silver rims in the form of an ellipse. He clearly has not the best vision. He spoke with a tenor of a specific age character and a small French accent. Nicole remembers it very well among the students of her economical university. He was hardly a German man.

His logic is a bit weird: on the one hand, there are no confidential conversations with a cup of coffee in restaurants. And on the other, Pierre wanted to add a bit of informal atmosphere.

Pierre Morales didn’t understand either China itself or Chinese cuisine. It’s just a little chance to meet someone who is speaking German. Apart from iced tea, he ordered nothing.

“Would you like to order something?” Pierre asked Nicole herself.

“No, I’m not familiar with the menu. Let’s talk about business. We are here for that.”

Nicole was familiar with a white fish. It’s her favourite food from the times of elementary school, this food was very popular in China. However, the surrounding was not suitable for simple tea drinking. She didn’t order any fish.

“Formally, in order to work in a bank, you need special training that we can deliver. Your economical education is none at all. But Banque de Morales does not have an educational license, does not have the right to provide educational services, and is not a university or a college, although it ‘teaches employees’. Instead, we implement exercise through ‘training’. French law does not answer the question ‘what is training?’ clearly.”

In other words, any company can ‘conduct training’, even if not a university, and does not have an educational license at all. Everyone can show anything there—no one would complain. But training is usually formally considered as a ‘consulting service’, and does not graduate people from anything. The business of a bank is not training, and the company does not charge money from employees for training. But the company cannot hire anyone who ‘proceeds any training’. And now, I can’t arrange for you to work in a bank, but I can offer you a job at Signe d’argent. That work in a loan office pays less, but with the prospect of getting into a bank. If you, Nicole, get trained and enter in the bank, you will be paid a lot.”

Therefore, the maximum level that Pierre can offer Nicole at this moment is to take in Signe d’argent with official employment.

“I agree. How much a salary in the Bureau of loans?”

Nicole, having a desire to spend money on plastic surgery, agrees. She would like to hide some scars and scrubs, as well as radically change her face so that her ex-husband or his private detective didn’t find out her.

“You will receive 300 euros per week, which is enough to cover monthly rent with the remainder. You can earn more than 10,000 euros in the bank.”

According to Pierre Morales’s story, it follows that he conducts business formally and legally, but there are nuances. Legitimate by letter, but by the spirit of the law, to the contrary; he seeks to distort everything, to find a contradiction in the formal paragraph of the law.

If they spoke German in a Chinese restaurant, this does not mean that he would tell her all aspects of the business. Nicole, for example, was a major in economics, and not graduated from a college of management. He offers various vacancies for ‘his people’.

“Yes, despite the relatively wide advertising and commercial, the company has no open vacancies. We hire people only through acquaintances. Another thing is important: in ordinary companies, you need an ‘experience’, and they are not interested in giving work for students, and even more so at responsible posts. In our company, an ‘experience of work’ is replaced by exercises in the form of training and lively practice of your further next-stage work.”

“What exactly should I do? How I would combine training and first-stage work?”

“In the morning—sit in Signe d’argent, issuing small loans. You are an economist, not a manager or a webmaster.”

“I sat on forums, I was co-administered some forums, but non-commercial projects.”

“You see, you know the answer to this question. To be a webmaster on our sites, you have to be a PHP programmer, code your own website engine and administer several databases in MySQL. Do you have no such experience?”

“I can create a user, assign a password and allocate a database in MySQL, but at the level of an ordinary user. My sites and forums were small resources.”

“Nicole, we do not need an ordinary user who creates regular databases and installs free website engines from the Internet. Anyone who wants to work with a site of the bank should be as very professional as possible. We are in using own software and own engines for websites. You would enjoy work with loans for your start?”

“Perhaps yes. If I would be doing another best thing, I want to hear. What would I do soon?”

“In the morning, you will sign loan agreements and communicate with individuals and legal entities at Signe d’argent, mainly among small entrepreneurs. I can offer you the best job for a start, Nicole. You are not an accountant, not an advertising manager, and yet not a professional webmaster.

In the evening,” Pierre continued, “you would go to training and study at Banque de Morales for four hours. You need to do ‘homework.’ By the way, this is better than most of the other training companies. They conduct so-called ‘intensive courses’ from seven hours in the morning until twelve hours in the evening.”

Consulting services that are not the only mimicry for education (in fact, even if it’s a form of education, then no real employer would be impressed by the ‘training’). Do they need half a day? Nicole was surprised because she had never heard of any pieces of training before. What do these people teach their clients or employees?

“And if you like forums and communication so much, and you easily find an approach to people, perhaps we would give you a job in the call centre of the bank.”

Everything suited her, and she agreed. And then, does she have a choice? He adds:

“Asking for knowledge of the methods and skills of workers in the bank would be cruel. The success of training is not guaranteed, some people drop out. Also, pay attention to this one. Participation in training prohibits say any information about the points and methods of training. I want to convince you that if you would want to harm the bank and its interests for some reason, Nicole, it’s useless. You would never, in any court, prove that the bank provides educational services. Diplomas are not issued, documents are not printed. The fact that the employee generally has some ‘skills’ cannot formally verify.”

She would not be surprised if she finds out that the witnesses of the ‘training’ would bribe for this purpose.

“How useful would the training be towards further work at Banque de Morales for me?” Nicole asked. “What is being taught there that one cannot learn from economic graduation?”

“You would be trained to work with difficult or suspicious clients. You would sign loan agreements and communicate with individuals and unreliable legal entities at Signe d’argent, mainly among small businesses. We do not trust them and do not plan to give them loans in the bank. And then, you would go to the bank, and you would remove these businessmen from the bank to Signe d’argent.”


“Nicole, because my bank is a self-financing organization. In order to pay salaries to employees, I must transfer money from my card. The bank does business by providing loans for corporate clients. To serve individuals is more expensive. People are often fired. Turnover forms. However, many want a car loan, mortgage, but regardless of the fact that they can pay it. In particular, pay at the time we need. We work only with the corporate sector.”

“But you do not always trust the corporate sector either.”

“We study and analyze their information about incomes, profits both in open sources and slightly by other methods. We would never give corporate loans even to businessmen if they are out of trust. Nicole, have you ever flown by plane, for example? If a person is a certified pilot, it does not mean that he is a good pilot. One day, I flew from Paris to Berlin, taking the appropriate flight.

Instead of Berlin, I was in Munich. The pilot could not land at the airport with an automatic approach system. It was about twelve o’clock in the evening, according to local time. German laws limit the noise of aircraft engines near populated areas in the evening time. Instead of a more complex airport, which was located outside the city, where it was possible to land only completely by hand, but in Berlin, he flew to Munich, blaming bad weather. Although later it turned out that the weather was good in Berlin. Is he a professional? That is the question.”

“I flew one plane to Berlin for the sake of a German bookstore, although I am afraid that your experience would be much richer.”

“Then believe me literally. You would find out how we cut off unreliable corporate clients. Banque de Morales should be profitable, not suffered from financial losses. But I cannot tell you this information over here. First, it takes a long time. And second, we have people who would tell better, more detailed and clearer.”

“I can believe it.”

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