The Enchanted Opal

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic
The Enchanted Opal is an exciting collection of thirteen unique short stories suitable for readers of all ages,
The opening story features a young Chinese lad named Digger Lei, who travels on a sailing Clipper to the gold fields of Australia in search of his grandfather's lost opal mine.
Then. a suspenseful historical tale of time travel to the decks of the Titanic is followed closely by the heart warming story of an underdog Olympic winner and more.
Vixen is a lighthearted look at Santa's world through the eyes of a renegade reindeer on his team,
The story, Jumpin'Jenny, features a determined young teenager's bid to win the top prize in a local soap box derby.
In Golden Feathers, a young renegade finds himself as part of a carnival sideshow as the the price he must pay for his unsavory lifestyle.
Good wholesome and inspirational short stories for the whole family.
Welcome aboard The Enchanted Rainbow Opal Express!

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Th Enchanted Opal

Submitted: May 13, 2019

The opening story, one of thirteen, features a brave young Chinese lad named Digger lei, who sets out from Shanghai aboard a sailing clipper bound for the rough and tumble world of the gold fields
in Australia the 1858. Lei carries with a the Enchanted Rainbow Opal, a legacy from his grandfather's earlier voyage to the land down under. The legend says the Opal will lead him to his
grandfathers lost treasure mine but there are many obstacles in young Digger Lei's path to his fame and fortune.
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Submitted: May 13, 2019

An ancestor of one of the builders of the doomed ship Titanic, inherits a ceremonial Golden rivet that was removed from the hull of the ship just before she sailed on her maiden voyage. On the one
hundred year anniversary after the sinking of the mighty ship, young Rory O'Neil visits a Titanic exhibit in New York. When a terror alert shuts down the exhibit, Rory is forced to stay in the
exhibit overnight. After falling asleep on a replica of a crewman's bed with the Golden rivet around his neck, Rory awakes to find himself transported back 100 years earlier in time, aboard the
Titanic on ice berg watch, but this time is not a dream!
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