The Slate of Vale book 1

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It all started three thousand years ago, when the balance between light and darkness was altered. This imbalance gave birth to a great evil which destroys every living thing that has breath by taking up their age to itself. It was known as the ageless demon.
The warriors of Skinkal, led by Tyrus and his beloved friend Donald, seek out to find a way to battle this evil that has plague man with suffering, pain and death. They journeyed far and wide away from their home, far into the lone mountain of Asvuda, into Colsaha and Landan.
Tyrus and Donald watched with pain as their men all fell one by one until they were the last men standing. They journeyed on notwithstanding the nemesis and later found counsel in Zesha the nirvana. The harbingers of dream - creatures with green colored skin, a single eye with two legs but no arms - gave them a tablet of gold made from a pure power source; this tablet was called THE SLATE OF VALE.
With this power they could do anything; restore life, create riches or build arduous army that would make nations shudder before them. Notwithstanding the alluring effect of the SLATE, the two friends chose to complete their quest and that was to destroy the Age

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The Slate of Vale

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