The Slate of Vale book 1

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Race

Submitted: June 09, 2019

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Submitted: June 09, 2019



The twenty-five racers speed off like a flash of lightening, like a blur, leaving trails of dust and color. The cameras hovering after them were barely keeping up with the speed. Like a smear of different colors on an artistic brush, it was hard to see a racer properly, their color was the only thing visible enough, even their H-Board seemed be the blur itself.
"It's a marvelous performance from the Blue; so far one of the Blue is maintaining the lead, with the Gold struggling to make it through." The commentator said. He had his eyes and mind focused on the screen and whatever his eyes picked out from the race, his mouth voiced out. "From behind the grays are still following. And here comes the man in Red, he has maneuvered to pass the Blue and now he is on the lead.
Jeff cursed as he was push away again. The five Silvers in front won't let any of the Grays to pass, trapping them in the fifth position which was considered the last when checked in terms of clan's. They were in the tenth lap already, with fifteen more to go.
Jeff felt sweat under his clothe, the fast rushing air wasn't enough to dry off his anxiety. He had tried to find a loop hole in the speeding walls of the Silvers, but all his maneuvering skills were falling through.
"Ouch!" Jeff exclaimed as one of the Silver rammed his shoulder into his head. That blow alone could have left his skull throbbing for weeks, but thank God for the helmet
Jeff pulled back a little and just then a thought pulped into his mind. Yes, that's it. The jump and catch skill. Jeff knew it was a dangerous skill he had learned from TV, from the greatest racer in Anadan, His father. He had a number of collections of his father's race, known for his great acrobats and stunts, but also as great racer who never made it first to the finish line. Jeff had practiced with Matt ever since and He knew that if he falls of his board he would be disqualified or worst die. But, he kept that fear in check; he suppressed them, not letting them prevent him from doing what he must do. It was the only way if he were to win. He wasn't afraid that he might fall over and die, he was afraid that he might not reach the finish line before the others.
Just like my father.
Bending his right foot to acquire more momentum, Jeff steadied himself. He knew what to do; he had practiced a dozen times with Matt. The familiar sensation of adrenaline filled him as he gained more speed. Just then, he came close to the silver racer in his front. The racer tried to block his path, but instead of struggling with him, Jeff jumped overhead leaving his H-board which slid pass, underneath the boy. With a smooth grace Jeff landed on his H-board in front of the boy. He would have loved to see the surprised looks on the boy's face, but right now, his aim was to get to the first position. Matt got the hint and followed his lead, jumping and landing. Dodging, twisting and deflecting. It was fun to watch. They were like flexible gymnastics, in an Olympic dance. Some of the Grays who weren't accustomed with the skill tried to follow suit, but they fell off their board almost immediately.
"This is the best race ever!!!" the commentator shriek in delight "the Grays are making improvements, and from my point of view I think there are only two out of five remaining. Wow!! What a spectacular stunt from the kid in Gray. It's been long since I watched a mind blowing race as this. Oh, I could bet my mother and children for this race to continue."
The crowd cheered as the racers rounded another bend; they were now on the final lap.
Matt soared along side with Jeff just like they had practiced a hundred of times. Jeff couldn't tell their position but he knew without being told, that they had set their mark and had beaten an unbeatable record. They were on the top five he guessed; they just needed to maintain it to the finish line.
Jeff managed to pass the Blue guy in front, but the Red suit was miles away and it was impossible to cover the distance separating them, let alone pass him. Jeff decided to maintain whatever position he had; at least he and Matt had achieved what other Grays deemed impossible. Even his father who was refer to as the big Gray blur of Anadan, had not made it this far. Now am comparing my effort with my father's
Guilt started welling up in his stomach and anger replaced it. He felt ashamed of himself. I will never make it first to the fini-
Wait a minute-
Jeff's eyes had adjusted and he could see the Red suit clearly. He didn't know how he had done it but it just happened, he could see thousands of miles away and clearly. In his attempts to fix the puzzle, the Blue suit boy passed him but Jeff didn't notice, his eyes were still on the Red boy who was miles away.
Every now and then the Red guy would lean a little and touch his board with his glowing hands. Jeff remembered, the history had it that the Reds were the blurs of the five clans, they were the fastest ever known in the history of Anadan. It was now that Jeff understood; nobody knew how to use the glow of speed. That was why no one could match the Red's speed.
Jeff lean forward not actually knowing what he was doing, he bent down hugging his H-board and at that instant he felt something rushing through his vein, not adrenaline this time but something else, something he had never felt before. He felt alive; he felt power like the refreshing breath of a newly born baby, like the amazing breeze coming from the outskirts of a fresh water habitat, like the soft drop of water on the petals of a rose flower. With the power he could imagine his hands or body glowing, but what was happening? Jeff kept that thought at bay as he transferred the power rushing through his vain into his H-board, and then...
...It was all dark.

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