Chapter 1: Chapter 1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 380

Chapter 1 : Heroes Call & The Race


Time has passed and the creation of the Euvillex army is at hand, stretching out across the stars, destroying world by world capturing its soldiers and star pilots to fight in a war against its nations. 

Alphonse or Alphonse King has been captured by forces that fight in league with the Euvillex army seeking a secret power for themselves. Knowing that the mind is the secret to the universe they implore themselves to the King hoping to see what riches and bounty lie ahead. With a peculiar plan in motion Earth has met its darkest hour and can only be saved by the means of one.

In the mist of turmoil and after the war for the planet, a secret government branch is developed in dealing with new threats as they emerge. These black ops mercenaries have taken an oath amongst themselves to halt any plans of the oppressor and bring to light any information that may free the planet. 

High above the world towers a space station known as the Orbital Piloted Assembly (or the OPA) it is here the heroes of Earth compile known facts and data on the world below, protecting it, guarding it and forever defending it. It is here they take on odd jobs around the planet to rid it of crime and warfare. It is their duty to uphold the law and decency while making their cycles around Earth. 

A large open corridor that overlooks the Earth has open windows as high as the ground to the ceiling where one of our heroes Andy James makes his way with secret files on a mutant outbreak that is scourging the Earth. With means of eradication some fields have been classified as quarantined zones with authorization of the very few.

The highest in charge is a general aboard the molosser station, the body that forms the O.P.A. There he over watches affairs on Earth and the stars as he has contact with other worlds who have been interested in Earth’s activities. 

“General I have the reports… the situation is… dire.” –Andy James

“What was the body count?” –General

“Its all in the files sir, another city has been quarantined, they think it’s leaking through the water, the disease.” –Andy James

“Very well James… you may leave.” –General

The general took the files that captain Andrew James gave him, wondering if there was a solution to the mutagen outbreak. Something in particular was causing humans to morph into mutants and cause a mass uprising of terror amongst the populations. Though only a few towns infected it is wide spreading quick with an unprecedented amount of speed holding it back. 

A special forces known as Operation Zeta has been created in order to stop these threats, with special breather masks and armor the disease cannot penetrate the soldiers unless mauled upon by the mutants. 

As the general looks out to space and sees Earth he wonders to himself. “We’ve created the Zeta with one thing in mind, an evolutionary unit of elite warriors… but what if that isn’t enough?” –General

“I’m sure it will be dealt with eventually sir, our top scientists are working on a cure.” –secretary of defense

The secretary’s deal with across the stars and all known native aliens, registering threats and calls for both Sphalerite bombers and Triphage. If an alien is in danger or posing a threat to Earth the secretaries on their futuristic glasses commute to the Sphalerite or Triphage, relaying messages to check out the possible danger or peacekeeping mission. 

Constant throughout the day they receive signals from all outer space and across the world. Deeming missions for the young star fighter pilots at the Orbital Piloted Assembly. When pilots aren’t fighting or clearing Earth of enemy rebellion they are usually at the star lounge where they can receive a drink or two and relax talking with the other pilots of the station, due to the elite level requirements only the best of the best are posted upon the station. 

It was after the war for Earth this station was amassed and it will be for the peace of the planet that it stands. It carries a low orbit drift and has thrusters to propel in any direction it chooses, sometimes depends on where the fighters need to be. 

When distress beacons are alerted it is the responsibility of the team to assure the victory of the crew and the station. Though none have been killed Triphage believes in working together as a team to defeat the enemy while the captain of Sphalerite: Jeff Loomis believes in individual effort and uncompromising skill sets. 

Jeff had a led a team of Sphalerite bombers throughout the war but due to his ability to widely accept pilots he has now assembled a team far greater than what he was leading during the war, due to the capacity of meeting a far greater expanse of fighters. 

Each fighter has a wrist watch that tells them the orbit of the station, the distance of distress calls and the time it will take to reach them and the count of a celestial calendar. 

Andy James leader of the Triphage elite sits at the bar looking at the orbital cycle of the station on his wrist watch.

“What will it be,” says one of the baristas. 

“I take a lecrosian protein supplement.” –Andy James

“Green or blue?” –Barista 

“Blue’s fine.” He says as she mixes the drink serving him with a fancy beer mug. As he sits down at one of the tables the rest cant help but notice that he is alone. Looking out at one of the windows a lot of emotions run through Andy’s mind knowing the totality of war and the toll it has on the humans below, how they now are the protectors of Earth. 

“Can anyone join?” –Angel Vivaldi 

“Yeah sure… take a seat.” –Andy James

“How do you feel about the councils decisions?” –Angel Vivaldi

“I know there are Anarchists out there causing terror to the people, but with the mutant outbreak I fear they might use this to weaponize against the people and now we have aliens telling us what to do. Not that I’m complaining just stating how much our lives have changed… forever. ” –Andy James

“Yeah it was strange at first… adapting but its for the better and now we get to race all kinds of star crafts. The whole mutant thing is just… on another level of terrifying, I hope we don’t get infected, we’re the new patrol units with numerous lives counting on us.” –Angel Vivaldi

“Yeah I feel the same way, and we’ve just been issued new gear, masks that filter out the diseases intoxication and re-filters our own air with a cleaner mixture of oxygen.” –Andy James

“Let’s go test these out…” –Angel Vivaldi

“There’s something I need to do first.” Said Andy drinking from his cup. “The council has requested my presence.” He said holding up his watch showing Angel the notification. James clicked it and out projected one of the council members faces. “Andrew James your attendance is demanded please make your way to the council chambers.”

“On my way.” Said Andy patting Angel’s shoulder. 

 Andy James waked through multiple hallways that overlooked the stars, it was easy to get lost in the majesty. All Andy wanted to do was ride and fight for earth, in battle he proved useful coming up with great new battle tactics that others could not easily fathom. 

Andy came up to the chamber door where he peered his eye to the iris recognition, Iris recognition uses video camera technology with delicate near infrared lighting to obtain images of the detail-rich, intricate structures of the iris, which are visible superficially. Digital patterns encoded from these shapes by mathematical and statistical algorithms allow the identification of an individual. 

Several hundred million persons in several countries around the world have been enrolled in iris recognition systems for convenience purposes such as passport-free automated border-crossings and some national ID programs. A key advantage of iris recognition, besides its speed of matching and its extreme resistance to false matches, is the stability of the iris as an internal and protected, yet externally visible organ of the eye.

As Andy held up his eye the database matched and confirmed, opening the massive chamber doors. He looked on to the council and it was as if there was a fog rolling down below the level of where he was walking, to the large stage they were sitting on. 

High above everything else they sat claiming their authority over mankind but in the best way possible. 

“Do you know why we have called you here?” –council

“I could only assume it was a mission directly from the council.”

“He wouldn’t be wrong…” one of the council members spoke. 

“This is more than just a mission young James, there is a great threat out in the galaxy, a threat our people our fighting right now… but this is not why we called you here, when you should have time I would like you to investigate Zaganus.”

“Zaganus sir? The planet has been in a civil war for 10 years.” –Andy James

“Yes… and we believe you and your team may be the key to unlocking the mystery of why that fight has been going on for so long. I would like you to investigate 0700 tomorrow.” –council

“Yes sir, I will alert the team as soon as possible.” –Andy James

Andy walked out leaving the presence of the overlords eager to share the news of tomorrow’s events. He made his way back to the star lounge where he found his team “God Squadron” or Triphage, hanging out. 

He joined the round table and began to talk. “Missions out at 0700 we leave for Zaganus in the morning.” –Andy James

His team was overly thrilled there hadn’t been much of a undertaking lately, only small jobs here and there that dealt with the anarchists, pirates and marauders. 

“To be honest I could use a departure away from home.” –Per Nilsson 

“We all could… but Zaganus? Isn’t that the civil war planet?” –Guthrie Govan

“And it looks like its up to us to finish it, if possible… Angel and I are going for a quick ride, we’ll keep you posted when we get back.” –Andy James

Together they got up from the round table and made their way to the hanger docks, from there all space vehicles were parked, out overlooking space. If one wanted to they could easily walk out and look at Earth from the docks because they have an atmospheric converter sequencer that allows the occupancy in space to be filled with oxygen. 

“Pretty nifty, how we can just stare at the world and breathe outside the station as if it were any place on Earth.” –Angel Vivaldi

“Yeah its something alright.. we even have new models to test out.” –Andy James

The SX models were far in the back at the end of the docking station. “Taking out the new mods?” asked one of the hanger mechanics. 

“Yeah just a test drive.” –Andy James

“Just promise me you’ll bring her back in one piece… I just had her detailed.” –mechanic

“When have I ever let you down.” –Andy James

“Oh… I don’t like the sound of that..” –mechanic

“Don’t worry ill treat her right.” Said Andy grabbing his helmet then hoping into the machine. It said triphage in white lettering at the side and had jet propulsion thrusters that could allow it to hover or shoot forward. 

“Beautful Machine.” Said Andy as he lifted up off the ground. An air traffic controller was waving at him with two orange batons giving the signal to back up and take off, same with Angel.

As the two gracefully left the station they were nearly mauled to death by the great Jeff Loomis who was racing a time at the stations track. Zooming right by them without any concern was Jeff, leader of the Sphalerite bombers. Inside the hall of champions at the space station was a leader board with all the best times of the tracks racers. 

Jeff Loomis was at the top with Andy James as a close second. “Close by .3miliseconds.” –Andy James

“Not anymore… he just beat his own record.” –Angel Vivaldi

“No hard feelings.” Said Jeff slowly passing by the two pilots. The track was comprised of mechanical sequencing that hovered around space. Two metal objects would hover creating a bond of light between the two metal pieces. The pilot who is racing would have to pass through the bond of light to activate the next sequencing of the track, so if a fighter misses the track the race is pretty much over considering how fast the times are, one needs to be on point the whole time. 

There’s a part of the track where thrusters are used to bounce the pilot back and forth from sequence to sequence, like a wall jump. Which is incredibly hard and requires multiple talents like shifting thrusters and aligning perfectly at the same time. This is a technique Jeff has mastered along with Andy James who both hold the best times amongst the pilots of the station. 

As Jeff landed on the Sphalerite boarding platform he was greeted by multiple pilots who adorned his guiding skills. “A new personal best, one for the books.” Said Jeff to the himself getting out the greet the squadron. 

Jeff was like a marvel to the team, every time in battle his heroic efforts led by great example, showing the younger pilots just how skillful one could be.

“Remind me to hit the track once were back, you know for all intensive purposes.” –Andy James

“It definitely helps grease the wheels. Now lets test these babies.” -Angel

Usually if one wanted to race another they would go through the space track and race indefinitely comparing their times, but that was only for the rookies as the veteran racers liked to go to other places and race, seeing who could pull off the best tricks and maneuvers. There was a particular place in mind that was a favorite amongst the racers. 

“Are you ready? Lets hit the abandoned warehouse stations at zone 13.” –Angel

“You’re on… if you think you can keep up.” –Andy James. 

In that moment Andy hit a few buttons and switches activating the hypersonic speeds hitting around a mach 6.72 ratio and climbing. “How fast do these new birds fly?” Asked Angel. 

“I guess we’re going to find out.” Said Andy hitting a speed around 5,343 miles per hour. In consideration they had to travel fast getting one place to another across the world, for distress calls and even for space battles on the occasion. 

The two Triphage elites bubbled up into fireballs as they entered Earth’s atmosphere, coming down at aggressive speeds. Hitting near 7.901mph the two raced across the outer layer of the lower troposphere. Zone 13 was a 10minute acceleration burn. To the people down below it looked as if they were comets coming straight for Earth. 

Getting lower into the atmosphere they slowed down their jet propulsion systems and cooled the plasma thrusters conserving a minimum speed of 5,012 miles per hour. “These things really give,” –Angel Vivaldi

“Yeah the vertical speed was outstanding, glad we leveled though.” –Andy James

From there it was smooth sailing though still flying at insane speeds. The two became jittery filled with exhilaration as they closed in the Zone 13 the abandoned warehouse stations. 

“You know this is pirate territory…” said Angel.

“All the more excitement my friend.” Replied Andy throttling up his engine. The two began to hover their spacecraft’s opening the cockpit to look at each other. 

“So what are the stakes?” –Andy James

“1 months salary says you lose.” –Angel Vivaldi

“You’re on, don’t feel bad when I take you for everything…” –Andy James

The abandoned district of steel city was full of deserted warehouses and power plants, old facilities and run down repair shops. Because the deserted area was so large it had to be broken down into zones, zone 13 was a favorite because of the open concepts and lots of places to maneuver through, really testing the pilots capabilities. It had now been overrun by immense gang activity that the boys from the OPA loved to race. However when they entered the zones they would not be undetected as they would soon be followed by the gangs who settled in the place. 

Angel looked at Andy and smiled closing his cockpit as Andy did the same. They hovered closer right before the broken windows of the facilities entrance. “Ready when you are champ.” –Angel Vivaldi

“No thrusters, no hypersonic travel and no firing back at the pirates, other than that lets do this.” –Andy James

“Alright… 3… 2… 1…” –Angel Vivaldi

At the end of 1 they both shot out strangling their engines, passing by the rafters and massive pipelines entering through as it led them to the other side. “Hey… how did you know our ships would fit.” –Angel Vivaldi

“Come on now Angel… every pilot should know a tight fit when it happens.” –Andy James

Of course Andy responds as he flips his ship upside down and then back up as he cycles through multiple scaffolding, weaving in and out of open space. Angel follows behind him maneuvering the same moves to show his same level of expertise then propelling his thruster in the front of the ship to ring himself around a bar doing a summersault through the air returning behind Andy James. 

“Nice work of thrusters.” Said Andy as he shot a loose beam of framework and dodged all the excess metal as it fell. 

“Show off.” –Angel Vivaldi

“All in a days work.” Said Andy as the pirates down below noticed the ships flying through their district. 

“After them, those are Mark 3 stargazers, I must have them!” –bandit leader

Out from the darkness of the abandoned facility arose 5 bandit pilots and their cruisers, falcons they were called. They began firing at Andy and Angel as both of them moved to escape the attacks lacing in and out of fire. “This is what you wanted…” –Angel Vivaldi

“Yeah, it makes great training.” Said Andy dodging a blast. 

That’s when the real circuit began, Andy and Angel split up and so did the fighters following them. 3 following Andy and 2 Following Angel, Angel using his thrusters spun his ship right around so he was flying backwards looking at the bandits. 

“You arrogant son of a…” said one of the bandits firing at angel trying to hit him but hopelessly missing. 

Angel turned around and jetted through circular piping then moving from side to side missing loose scaffolding, he shot one laser bolt hitting the loose barring and down it came landing on one of the bandits cruisers, smashing it to flames. 

“You only said not to fire at them directly… you said nothing about the course…” said Angel making Andy smile as he drove up into the sky over the warehouse facilities. 

From there Andy looked seeing an opening straight down as he came in with ferocious speeds passing by the 3 falcons. The coil nearly tipping them like wind chimes throwing them off balance. A sudden panic and fear flew throughout them as they questioned whether or not they should continue to engage. 

“There’s no way we’re catching these guys…” –bandit

“Maybe… but its not like we can return empty handed, the boss will kill us.” –Bandit

“You’re right, lets chase these clowns.” –Bandit

And so they did, but as they persisted, harder and harder it was to keep up. Andy did a verticle loop cutting about halfway, so he was flying upside down over top. They looked up and thought. “They’re mocking us.” Said one of the bandits firing at him. 

Andy flipped back over dodging again the blaster bolts, spinning through a sequence of pipes and conduit lines. Losing control while spinning one of the flacons bursted into flames as the other came flying through persistent on Andy James’ tail. 

“So my friend… think you can fly.” Said Andy under his breath using his plasma thrusters to realign his propulsion. Andy then used the extreme blasts to put himself in direction upwards on a slight angle sending him through up going back and forth. Moving intensely through framework that was leveled like the wall jump at the molosser station. 

“You haven’t lost your guys yet?” said Angel coming in. 

“One left to go…” said Andy as he realigned with Angel moving together in unison. They went up into the air leaving the warehouses again doing the Eagle Twist. Forming a double helix up in the air as they elevated. The final fighter pilot came up chasing after them but both of them turned off their thrusters and engines as they just began to drift turning downwards. 

“100 says you wont blast the fuel canister.” –Angel Vivaldi

“Its like you don’t even know me.” Said Andy locking onto his target firing one laser bolt hitting the falcon exploding it from the fuel can being smashed. 

“Damn…” said Angel waving over his wrist, sending Andy 100 credits through his wristwatch. 

 “Thanks for the transfer.” Said Andy with a sleek grin but Angel looked to the near horizon where he could see an amass of ships gathering coming towards them. “This is their territory after all.” –Angel Vivaldi

“It looks like a small army.” –Andy James

“Yeah we better book.” –Angel Vivaldi

“After you Angel…” –Andy James

Together they raced as the fighter army began to close in, but the ships were no match for the stargazers speeds. First Angel ignited his engine warping to hypersonic speed and then Andy igniting to match the jolt. Neither one of them had won in their race but Andy did claim once that he was faster in battle rather then in show, which was true, and something far admired by all of his clansmen. As they rode off into the sunset they blazed like comets to anyone who watched from a ground distance or neighboring flight. The two were masters of their craft and soon the whole world would know if they didn’t already. 

Submitted: May 13, 2019

© Copyright 2021 The Essayist. All rights reserved.


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