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Crucified Catherine

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Submitted: May 13, 2019

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Submitted: May 13, 2019



She spoke tongues
In the depth dark
Of an overcast night
At around 11pm.

Over a decade ago.

She's the type of girl
Who will try
To hang herself from
Her own wardrobe.

Her hair curls of 
Mental illness
Random, long, there,
She's been traumatized.
She's been hositalized.

Our Lord and Savior-
Has he plans to save her?
As she seaks her tongues

Now internally.

But worships nothings.

Burning within from the 
Amber ashes of tobacco.
Pack after pack like her mother,
Only her mother goes to church.

And her mother doesn't vape.

But they both try to escape.

Catherine purged and purges

Vomit to bone
Committed to self destruction
And dying within,


every time.
Sustinance gone from skin,
Now only relapses
In the depth darkness
Of an overcast nightmare.

I am amazed at how she's begun
To turn her life around.
With her beautiful black lungs.
Though still with

A father who says 
He is as mighty,
Second in the heirarchy,
To his Father,
And his wife, her mother, third,
Catherine- of no order.

No wonder.
And I love her.

I made her miss church once,

And as was the bliss of forgetting,

She watched me face the wrath

Of what she knew

Was her childhood.

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