My Life and My Other Life Book 1

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In the My Life and My Other Life books I will take you on a wild ride between my two lives, One in the mundane waking world, the other my life in Lower World, and all my adventures in both worlds. Book one is the start of this current human life in the mundane, and my reawaking to the Other World. So be ready for a wild ride.

Table of Contents


W   here to begin this tale, in this lifetime or the ones long past?... Read Chapter

chapter 1

Chapter One The Atlantis Incident! “Yes, I had a hand in what happened, and I am sorry!” ... Read Chapter

Chapter 1 part 2

Chapter One Part Two The Tribunal of the Gods! W   hatev... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

Chapter Two Ryan is born! Start of my mundane life! The start of my life in this lifetime, start date 09/02/77 ... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

Chapter Three The Big Easy! “Let the good times roll!” W ... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

Chapter Four Nashville FORE! Ok, so I don’t have the patience for playing golf.  ... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

Chapter Five Back to Chicago! Back to Hinsdale! W   e en... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

Chapter Six The Dracsilin Tartai! The Reconnect! Abomination and Half-breed Meet Again! R... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Chapter Seven Heroes! Never judge a hero by size, for all heroes are mighty! I ... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Chapter Eight My Fall from grace! My darkest hour by far, marked by lose and pain! T ... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

Chapter Nine Life in the Dracsilin Palace! My Life in the Other World Palace of the Dracsilin Tartai (Dragonheart Empire) of Lowe... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

Chapter Ten Welcome to my Garden! Vaster than your mind dare dream, a world far larger than any may ever know, this is my Garden!... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

Chapter Eleven My Time at Phelps New School, new start, I learn what my new path is! I ... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

Chapter Twelve Enter the Dark Lord! Let no one fool you, in the Multiverse there is pure evil and its name is DARK LORD! ... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

Chapter Thirteen Cincinnati Here I Come! “This could be heaven or this could be hell, yet another move where I am once again th... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

Chapter Fourteen Campus Life Meeting new friends and losing old ones. I ... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

Chapter Fifteen Viva Las Vegas! “In a place where no Kings are seen only the Jokers reign supreme!” Rev. Ryan S ... Read Chapter

Chapter 16

Chapter Sixteen A Good Thing Gone Bad I will never mention her name again! T ... Read Chapter

Chapter 17

This is the start of the Outland's War, empathic trigger warning, contents are graphic and gory, you have been warned.
Read Chapter

Chapter 18

Chapter Eighteen Outlands War! Cave Maze of Lost Souls! Checking in with the Cave Maze Troops! ... Read Chapter

Chapter 19

Chapter Nineteen Outlands War! Rocky Dagger Coast!   ... Read Chapter

Chapter 20

Chapter Twenty Outlands War! The Unfriendly Skies While I was waiting for Dragonfire (Riolis DH 3rd call sign) to call I head... Read Chapter

Chapter 21

Chapter Twenty-One Outlands War! The Blue Brigade! I took a seat as the vidcom beeped there was an incoming call, as I flipped it... Read Chapter

Chapter 22

Chapter Twenty-Two Outlands War! Final Conflict!   ... Read Chapter

Chapter 23

Chapter Twenty-Three Outlands War! It finally ended! They stopped firing. “That’s better! You were just wasting time and ammo... Read Chapter

Chapter 24

Chapter Twenty-Four Outlands War! Homecoming! Gods just let me come home in peace!  ... Read Chapter

Chapter 25

Chapter Twenty-Five Life goes on! Life what life? Oh yeah both of them!   ... Read Chapter

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