The Mad King

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After a series of disastrous circumstances devastates the royal family, the citizens of Coimbra, having been so long under the crown's protection, begin to see a great change fall over them. The royal family, once active in the city and ensuring the livelihoods of their subjects through their patronage, becomes withdrawn and reclusive, leaving Coimbra to fall into disrepair. To the people of the royal city, it is becoming more apparent that the tragedies have greatly affected Sua Alteza and the young prince. Príncipe Jônatas, Duke of Viseu and apparent successor to the throne, has been raised in seclusion within the protective walls of the deteriorating castle at Coimbra, with only vague memories of the sweet days of his childhood and no understanding of the outside world.

Now almost fourteen, he is still haunted by the memories of his past as he tries to cope with the damaging trauma of the assassination. More and more, Jônatas finds himself torn between his love and loyalty to his only remaining family and that for the people who live outside the castle gates. When it is discovered the prince has been sneaking into the city, Jônatas' friendship with a boy from the lower city causes trouble for them both as the prince's deepest secrets become known. The prince will see just how far the crown is willing to go to keep him safe, even if it means keeping him prisoner.

Set against the backdrop of medieval Portugal The Mad King is a historical fantasy drawing inspiration from the history of Portugal’s turbulent monarchy. It is a story about growing up and finding one’s place in the world, accepting truths, and realizing that family is not always defined by blood, and blood does not always define family.

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Chapter 1

Submitted: May 14, 2019

The clash of swords rang out in the courtyard as the younger fighter’s weapon flew out of his hand. He fell backwards, gasping for ai... Read Chapter