Closet Commotion

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
House and Wilson get trapped in a supply closet and things get too real and dirty.

Submitted: May 15, 2019

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Submitted: May 15, 2019



House limped towards the rarely-used storage closet, Wilson in tow.

"House, why are we going in there?" Wilson inquired.

"Cuddy would like us to grab some chemical for her, I guess. I know where they are and you don't have a cane."

"Ah." was all the response he got. They reached the door and House motioned with his left hand, "Do you mind?"

Wilson rolled his eyes. "Of course."

He opened the door snd held it open to let the older man through first. He followed after House was in the closet. It was dimly ilt, but bigger than he thought. House looked at the various bottles until he seemed satisfied. House spun around and said, "This one."

They traded places as House tried the door.

"Might as well put those bottles down, Wilson."

"What? Why?"

"The door is locked,

Wilson whipped around, pushed House out of the way and tried the knob. The younger man turned frantic for a minute, slamming his shoulder into the door and shouting for help.


He continued, ignoring House.

"Wilson." House repeated sternly. He was yet again ignored.

"James!" House almost yelled. With that, the younger man turned around.

"You never call me James." He said, confused.

"I-you were going to hurt yourself." House spoke softly. Wilson reguarded the older mancarefully. There was somethingin his eyes that he couldn't place.

"We must get out of here." House said suddenly and quickly.

"What's the rush?" Wilson countered. "Are you claustrophobic?"

House slowly shook his head. "I'm afriad of what I will do."

"What do you mean? Are you going to drink some chemicals and kil yourself?" Wilson asked, a little worried. House looked down and wentsilent.

"House?" Wilson prodded softly. House's first mistake was to look up. The younger doctor in front of him stood there, handsome in the dull light. His shirt was pressed, hair perfect, tie slightly crooked. God, how House just wanted to grab him and kiss him. He wanted to ravage him. House started to think about what he wanted to do to the ounger doctor, when he made his second mistake. He made eye contact with Wilson. His eyes were filled with concern. God, did he look goregeous. House limped toward him until they were inches apart.

"H-House?" Wilson stammered. "What a-are you doing? You're-" Wilson was cut off as House leaned forward and kissed him. It was short and sweet. When House pulled back, he looked terrified.

"I-I'm sorry." he stuttered. "I didn't-" he trailed off. Wilson had never seen the older man scramble to find his words before. However, Wilson didn't need any words to describe how he felt. He cupped House's face and kissed him gently and slowly. The diagnostician froze in shock, then leaned into the kiss, adding passion and everything else he could offer. He pressed Wilson against the door, dropping his cane and grabbing his ass with both hands. Wilson moaned, opening his mouth slightly. This gave House the perfect opportunity to slip his tongue in Wilson's mouth. The battled for dominance until House pulled back from the kiss, leaving both of them breathing heavily. It only lasted a second before House pulled Wilson's tie, bringing their lips back together. His hands went back to the oncologists ass, rubbing their growing erections together. They moaned in unison to the friction. Wilson broke the kiss, tipping his head back against the door. House took the opportunity to kiss his neck. He sucked and nipped, making the younger man shudder and moan. House loosened his tie and unbuttoned Wilson's shirt a little for more access. He worked his way along Wilson's neck, Adam's apple, and slowly up his jawline, smiling at the reaction he was getting. House slid one hand towards the front of Wilson's pants. With a firm grab, Wilson jerked towards House. He gasped as House palmed his through his pants.

"H-House." Wilson stammered breathlessly. House removed hisother hand and undid Wilson's belt and button. Slowly, he unzipped the younger mans' pants. Wilson's breath hitched as House's had slid down his pants and wrapped around his cock. The diagnostician strocked him slow and steady, causing Wilson to moan. Wilson reached down and undid House's pants for a reciprocation. He didn't take nearly as much time to slide his hand down. Soon, House's fully erect member was in his handand Wilson stroked him fast. House gasped and almost fell into him. Wilson smiled into House's neck and promptly kissed it. House reached around with his free hand and pushed Wilson's pants down below his ass. Still stroking the other man's erection, he slowly guided a finger towards his hole. Ever so slowly, House slid it in. Wilson let go of House's cock and gripped his shoulders instead. House moved his finger in and out, stretching Wilson's hole and making him moan, House smiled, pleased that such a well put together man could unravel so beautifully in front of him. House added another finger and pushed both in to the knuckles.

"P-please, Greg." Wilson barely got the words out. House removed his fingers and turned Wilson around.

"Are you sure about this?" the diagnostician asked.

"Just fuck me, House." Smiling, House used one hand to guide his cock towards Wilson's ass. He slowly pushed the tip in and together they moaned at the intrusion. House reached around and stroked Wilson's dick as he pushed farther in his hole.

"House if you don't fuck me-" Wilsonstarted. House grabbed the younger man's hips and slammed into his ass. Wilson gasped and moaned, pushing against the diagnostician.

"Who knew the perfect little oncologist was secrectly a whore?" House let out a small chuckle and started a rhythm. Wilson braced himself against the door and moaned. House stroked Wilson's cock in time with each thrust. The oncologist arched his back as he neared his climax.

:House.." Wilson trailed off into a low, gutteral moan as the older man hit his prostate. House let out a satisfying mand to match Wilson's abd thrust as deep as he could. The diagnostician pounded into the younger doctor over and over until he was close to his own orgasm. House began to breathe heavier and the thrusts became more erratic as he spun out of control. Wilson barely got House's name out before he came into his hand. House grinned, tightening his grip on Wilson's hip and moving his now-sticky hand to the oncologists exposed shoulder. House pumped fast, hard, and deep, moaning with each intrusion until his reached his limit. Holding on as tight as he could, House thrust as deep as possible and came inside his colleague. He pulled out to watch his semen leak out of Wilson's ass slowly, then pressed his cock at the entrance, forcing his seed back inside. Wilsonlet out a tiny moan and pressed back onto House, making him go deeper in his hole.

"Already?" House asked. "You just came two minutes ago."

"Mhmmm." Wilson barely managed to get it out.

"Are you really this sexually frustrated?"

"House. Shut up." Wilson responded.

House pulled out slowly. "We should get out of here first."

"I guess we should call Cuddy to released us."

"How?" House asked.

"Oh we have service." Wilson remarked casually, pulled out his phone and dialled Cuddy. He put one finger up to House's lips as he talked on th ephone.

"Yeah, we're stuck in the supply closet. Yes. Thank you. Yes, okay. See you soon.: He hung up and pulled his pants up, zipping them and buckled his belt.

"There's service in here?" House exclaimed. "Why didn't you say that in the first place?!"

"Because, like you said, I'm a whore." Wilson responded casually.

"Excuse me? I didn't know you were gay. Does that mean you used me for a booty call?"

"Bi, actually. And, no. I like you, but if you want to keep this a booty call, you can." Wilson reached forward and fixed House's pants back into place. He readjusted his buttons and tie right as the door opened.

"Ah, there you are." Wilson said in a professinoal tone.

"Am I interrupting something?" Cuddy asked, looking them both over.

"House just being an ass about getting locked in the coset with me." Wilson rolled his eyes and bent over to pick up the older man's cane. Cuddy let out a small chuckle.

"That doesn't surprise me." She turned around and struttedd away, heels clicking with each step.

"Let's go." Wilson said. House barely heard him. He could only think of his semen still dripping from the handsoe man's hole. He wanted more. He was turned on again.

"To your office. Now." House said sharply. He snatched his cane out of Wilson's hand and limped away rapidly. Wilson stared for a moment, then hurriedly followed him. House beat him to his office. As soon as the oncologist reached his office, House slammed the door and locked it. He pushed Wilson against the door, forcefully cleanching his tie as if for dear life. House mashed their mouths together hungrily, craving the younger man like never before. Wilson cupped House's face wwith one hand and rested the other on his hip. House reached down and hastily undid Wilson's belt. He unzipped his pants.

"Take off your shoes and pants."

"Demanding much?"

"Now, James" House snapped. Wilson took them off and tossed them to the side. House followed suit, doing the same. He gripped Wilson's hips, forcing him backwards to the oncologists desk.

"House..." Wilson started. House let him go and stepped towards the desk. He took one look at the clutter and swiped most of it onto the floor in one shot.

"House!" Wilson was cut off as he was grabbed and forced on his desk. The wood was cold on his back.

"Wilsons. You've teased me for far too long and you will be put in your place." The diagnostician slung Wilson's right leg over his shoulder, gaining the older mana ccess. They were both already hard and House was ready to tear the younger man apart.

"Have your way with me, Gregory." Wilson said seriously. Huose positioned himself at Wilson's entranc. He pressed the tip in slowly, smirking as he felt his cum still inside of him.

"Oh, James,,, You've been bad..." House let out a low moan as he sank his cock all the way in. Wilson gripped the edge of his desk.

"House, Punish me. Fuck me like you mean it."

House made eye contact with him and smiled slyly. He leaned down and placed his hand on either side of Wilson. The younger man's leg was pressed against his chest and they both moaned. House paused for a moment.

"I'm going to make you my bitch." he stated calmly and with certainly.

"I hope so." was all Wilson replied. House took that as a challenge, He pulled out ever so slightly and lammed himself back inside as hard as e could. Wilson gasped as his knuckles turned white from the grip on his desk. House immediately went into a harsh and violent rhythm. Wilson moaned loud as ouse tore into him. He was going to cum fast with a pace like this. His prostate was easy to find in this position and House took full advantage of it. He drilled into the younger man until they were both reduced to heavy breathing and half moans. Wilson made eye contact then threw his head back and almost screamed as an orgasm suddenly released all over House's chest. House let out a low moan as his pace went erratic again. He wanted to cum in Wilson again. He gripped the younger doctor's shoulders and pounded him as hard and deep as he could until his orgasm erupted, filling the man below him. House slowed down and worked his semen in Wilson's hole before pulling out. He stuck a couple fingers in, coating them with the two sessions worth of cum. House removed his fingers and forced them in Wilson's mouth.

"Suck my cum off my fingers, you filthy whore."

Wilson obliged, moaning into the gestore.

"Damn, Wilson." House said, surprised.

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