Macbeth: A Modern Times Recreation

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It is a story that I wrote for a project in my English 4 class. I had received such good feedback from it by numerous teachers and peers, that I decided to try and get it published. If deemed good enough, I hope to possibly get physical copies of my story sold in book stores like Barnes N’ Nobel someday. If you find yourself reading my story until the end, a comment would be appreciated, whether it is positive or negative.

Submitted: May 15, 2019

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Submitted: May 15, 2019



Macbeth: A Modern Times Recreation

Act I -

*In the Demon King’s palace located in the Demon Realm.*

Kira (God of Death/Demon Prince), Karma (God of Punishment), and Cipher (God of Chaos) are hanging around the throne room bored out of their minds.

“We have been moping around this dreadful palace for what feels like eternity

without the freedom to do whatever we want and I have grown tired of it”, says


“I was just sharing the same thoughts”, says Karma, “Shouldn’t your father have

 been back from his mission by now Kira?”

“Yes”, says Kira annoyed, “However, it seems that he is being very delayed in his

 return. For whatever the reason, I cannot fathom”.

“I don’t think that I could ever possibly fathom how you force yourself to live in this

 lifestyle filled with so many strict rules and beyond dreary responsibilities like this”,

 says Karma.  

“I say that we leave this boring palace for awhile and go have some real fun”, says

 Cipher, “Your father will never know that we had left”.

“Yeah I think that we should. Unless, your too afraid of getting punished by your

father”, Karma said mockingly while smirking at Kira.

Kira looks directly at Karma’s eyes, “Don’t you even dare go there with me Karma.

You and Cipher know more than anyone that I have never shown any fear towards  

my father and I never will”.

“Than prove it. Let’s go”, says Karma.

“Where do you guys want to go?”, says Kira.

“How about somewhere that we have never been before?”, says Cipher, “How

 about…..the Human Realm”.

Kira, Karma, & Cipher all took turns looking at each other with mischievous expressions on their faces & then they all start maniacally laughing concurrently.

“Let’s do this”, says Kira, “I think that it is only proper, as their Gods, to check up

on our dear, humans”.

Act II -

*In the classroom of a high school, called South Meck, located in the Human Realm.*

Mr. Kline, a senior English teacher finishes up teaching his last class, then the bell rings, indicating the conclusion of the school day.

“Finally”, Mr. Kline says relieved, “I thought that this school day would never end”.

“I hear you, says Ms. Gould, Mr. Kline’s co-teacher, “I felt the same way.

Unfortunately for us, we have an extended school day because today is a staff

meeting day”.

“Yippy”, Mr. Kline replies sarcastically. “I just had to talk students ears off for 7

hours straight, now I have to get my ears talked off for God knows how many

hours”, says Mr. Kline.

“I know, I understand”, says Ms. Gould empathetically, “But the sooner we get to

the meeting, the sooner we can leave”.

“Yeah, I hope so”, says Mr. Kline unenthusiastically, “Come on, let’s get this over

with already”.

*Mr. Kline and Ms. Gould enter the room where the meeting is taking place and take 2 seats next to each other at an empty table. The majority of the other teachers and staff member are already there.*

Once everyone enters the room and gets settled down, Dr. Furr, the principal of the school, enters the room.

“Here comes Ms. Motormouth”, says Mr. Kline in a mocking tone.

Ms. Gould lightly slaps him on the arm, “Stop that”, she says assertively, “Hush and  

be nice”.

“Good afternoon everyone”, Dr. Furr says enthusiastically, “Even though the school  

Day is over, I understand that many of you are still quite overwhelmed with a list of

various other responsibilities that you are counted on to take care of. However, I

thank all of you for being here right now because, as at every meeting, I have some  

important information to share with you”.

Dr. Fur continues to speak and a long 3 hours later, the meeting finally comes to a close. Everyone leaves the room and Mr. Kline & Ms. Gould head back to Mr. Kline’s classroom. Mr. Kline sits at his desk and start grading papers. Ms. Gould gathers up her things, says goodbye to Mr. Kline, and departs to her car to head home. As Mr. Kline is grading papers, he starts thinking,

“I bet Dr. Furr thinks that she is so great just because she has a stupid PHD. If I were

the principal, I would make her past and current actions look so mediocre compared

to mine”.

Suddenly, he gets an eerie feeling. He first feels a negative presence in the room. Then, he feels two more. Before he can try and process what could be happening, three mysterious beings appear out of thin air at the front of his classroom.

Mr. Kline’s facial expression goes from calm, to anxious, to completely terrified in the blink of an eye.

“Wha….Wha Wha...What are you?”, says Mr. Kline, barely able to get the words out.

Kira speaks first, “Greetings the one called Mr. Kline of the Human Realm. My name

is Kira. I am the God of Death”.

Karma speaks second, “I am Karma. I am the God of Punishment. Greetings”.

Lastly, Cipher speaks, “And I am Cipher. I am the God of Chaos. How’s it going?”

“Thi…..This is impossible. The Greek Gods don’t exist. I must be hallucinating from

being really tired. Yeah, that must be it”.

“Oh really”, says Kira, “Wanna bet?”

In the blink of an eye, Kira vanishes into thin air and reappears right in Mr. Kline’s face and gets him to look directly into his Demon eye. Suddenly, Mr. Kline mentally runs through all of his deepest and darkest fears. In real life, he is screaming so loudly, you would think that he was being murdered in the most gruesome way you could think of. Then, before Kira could actually kill him,

“Ok Kira, that’s enough”, says Karma as he appears next Kira.

“Fine”, Kira replies a little annoyed.

Cipher than appears next to Kira on the opposite side of Karma. He then closes his Demon eye, Mr. Kline comes back to reality, and Kira takes a couple steps back from Mr. Kline’s desk. At this point, Mr. Kline’s eyes are so wide open, if he were to open them any wider, they would be dangling down his face. He was filled with more fear now than he ever was before. Kira starts maniacally laughing loudly.

“Of course your fears are predictable”, Kira says while laughing, “You are a human

after all”.

“H….Ho….How did you do that”, Mr. Kline says, struggling to get the words out and

trying to comprehend what had just transpired.

“We told you”, says Cipher, “We are Gods. We can do anything”. A big, evil smirk

appears on his face.

“For the most part, yes”, replies Karma.

“So….so what are you doing here? What do you want from me?”, says Mr. Kline.

“Calm down now kid”, says Kira after he stops laughing, “There is no need for you to

be afraid. Well, not anymore at least”.

“Believe it or not, we didn’t come here to harm you”, says Karma. “Unfortunately”,

replies Cipher. “We came here to help you”, says Karma.

“And from the looks of things, you are in dire need of it”, adds Kira.

“We heard what you were thinking and we can help with that”, says Karma, “That is,

if it is what you truly want”.

“Really?”, replies Mr. Kline in a shocked tone, “But why would beings like yourselves

want to help me? Don’t you guys have important duties to oversee?”

“Yes, we do”, says Karma, “However, at the moment, we find ourselves with some

spare time”.

“And we are feeling mighty generous and like helping a poor little humans, like

yourself, to achieve their ultimate desire, says Cipher.

“And how exactly are you planning on helping me to become the principal?”, questions

Mr. Kline.

“Oh, don’t you worry about that”, says Cipher.

“We will take care of the work that would be difficult for you to do”, says Karma, “All

you have to do is play along and don’t act suspicious”.

“When we are done, being principal will have been a mear desire of your past”, says


“Farewell little human….for now”, says Cipher.

Then, as quickly and mysteriously as they came, Kira, Karma, and Cipher vanish.

Act III -

*In Dr. Furr’s office located in a different building at the school.*

Dr. Furr is gathering up her things, preparing to depart to her car so that she can go home. When suddenly, she gets an eerie feeling. Then, she begins to feel a negative presence.

“Who’s there?”, she says in a reflex. Then, she feels two more.

“Show yourselves”, she says. She starts looking around her office frantically.

Before she could process what was happening, three mysterious beings appear out of thin air standing right in front of her.

“Greetings the human known as Dr. Furr”, says Karma.

“Hmm… I thought that they called you Dr. Furr because you were covered in fur”,  

says Cipher, “What a disappointment”. “So what kind of doctor are you?”, questions

Cipher, “A doctor of fugliness?”

Cipher bursts out laughing. Kira then appears next to Cipher and punches him right in the middle of his chest, but only hard enough to result in him flying through the back wall of

Dr. Furr’s office.

“Knock it off you moron”, says Kira.

“Both of you need to knock it off and chill out”, says Karma turned towards the both

of them. Cipher then appears back into the room next to Kira & Karma snaps his

fingers fixing the wall.

“Wh….Wha….What are you?”, says Dr. Furr with a shocked expression on her face.

“Ah yes”, says Karma now facing Dr. Furr again, “The introductions. My name is

Karma. I am the God of punishment”.

“I am Kira. I am the God of death”, says Kira.

“And my name is Cipher. I am the God of Chaos”, says Cipher.

“God of punishment, God of death, and God of chaos? I can’t believe this”, says Dr.

Fur, “This completely questions everything that I believed before. However, judging

by your appearances, you are definitely not students dressed in cosplay”.

“Good”, replies Kira, “Because I now have zero interest in knowing of your cliché


“Now can we get down to business?”, says Cipher, “I am bored and want to go have

some fun already”.

“In due time”, replies Karma, “But first, I want to know something”. “Why aren’t you

trembling in fear of our presence?”, questions Karma to Dr. Furr.

“Well, I can’t think of any reasons why I should”, replies Dr. Furr confidently, “I am a

woman of a sinless existence whose actions have been nothing less than noble. I know

that you didn’t come here to harm me. So, I can only assume that you are here because

you want something from me”.

Karma, Kira, & Cipher all exchange looks & burst out laughing simultaneously.

“I can’t believe this”, says Kira while laughing, “Us? Want something from you?

Humans really are just as ignorant as I thought. Is this really the kind of mentality that

they all have?”

“This little human is rich! Sorry to break it to you”, says Cipher to Dr. Furr while

laughing, “But that is not how it works”.

“While it is true that we do partially take a human’s sins into account when deciding

whether to take their life or not”, adds Karma.

“We also get rid of humans that we just don’t like”, adds Kira with a malicious smile.

Right as those words exited from Kira’s mouth, Dr. Furr’s eyes widened with fear.  

Act IV -

*The next day, in Mr. Kline’s classroom, Mr. Kline finishes teaching his last class. He sits at his desk and begins grading papers.*

Mr. Kline found himself having trouble focusing while he was teaching his classes. He could not stop thinking about his abnormal encounter with the three Gods and what they said to him. He wondered what that one God meant when he said, “We will take care of the work that would be difficult for you to do”.

“Do they plan on revealing themselves to more of the staff here besides me?”, he

thought, “If so, do they plan on revealing themselves to Dr. Furr if they haven’t

already? They said that they wanted to help me become principal. But how do they

plan on doing that exactly? Do they have any intentions on harming Dr. Furr and or

anyone else to help me get to that position? Am I even sure that I can actually trust

that they are going to do what they said that they came here to do? I mean, they are

Gods, right?”

As he started to think about the situation more and ask himself more questions, he started to feel really anxious. Ms. Gould noticed that he looked anxious and that he hasn’t been acting like his usual self all day. So, she decided to approach him about it. She slowly walks up toward him and stands right in front of his desk.

“Hey. Are you ok?”, she said concerned, “You have been acting funny all day”.

“Did you have your coffee this morning?”, she said with a smile jokingly as she let out

a short laugh.

Usually, when she says this to Mr. Kline, she almost always, without fail, gets him to laugh and reply with a snarky comment. But surprisingly to her, this was the first time that he didn’t laugh or even try to reply with a snarky comment, or any comment for that matter. He just looked completely zoned out, like his body was here but his mind was somewhere far away. This is when Ms. Gould realized that the situation probably wasn’t a joking matter and her facial expression quickly changed from happy to neutral. She gently places her hand on his shoulder.

“Hey”, she said a little assertively, “You know that you can tell me anything right? We

are friends. No matter what, I will never judge you”.

Mr. Kline looks up at Ms. Gould.

“Promise?”, he replies.

“Yes”, she says.

Mr. Kline sighs. Of course he has doubts about sharing his situation with Ms. Gould. However, he isn’t sure what to do and he has no one else to talk to about it. He shares with her his encounter and everything it entailed. After he was done explaining everything, her lips remained in a neutral position, but her eyes were widened with shock. His explanation for his unusual behavior was something that she certainly wasn’t expecting at all. However, she knew that he could never come up with such an outrageous story such as this one on his own. So she knew that he was telling the truth. She moves her hand off of his shoulder.

“Wow. This is crazy”, Ms. Gould says.

“I know it sounds crazy”, Mr. Kline says anxiously, “But---

“You should do it”, Ms. Gould says.

“What?”, Mr. Kline replies surprised.

“You should let them help you”, Ms. Gould replies, “Whatever they tell you to do, just

do it without hesitation”.

“Really?”, Mr. Kline replies questioningly, “You think that I can trust them?”

“You may have a lot to lose if it turns out that they don’t do what they said that they

came here to do”, says Ms. Gould. “However, think of the outcome if they do do what

they said that they came here to do. You will be the principal!”, Ms. Gould says

enthusiastically, “This has been your dream for as long as I have known you!”

“Yes, but is me possibly becoming the principal really worth the risk?”, Mr. Kline

questions to Ms. Gould.

“If you want my honest opinion”, Ms. Gould replies enthusiastically, “It most

definitely is! This is your opportunity! Just think about how much better this school

could be under your leadership! All of the changes that you have ever wished that

you could make, you will finally have the power to make those changes!”

“But there are so many things that could go wrong!”, Mr. Kline replies upset, “I

don’t want to die! I am not ready yet! There is still so much that I want to do!”

“Listen, stop shedding the situation in such a negative darkness”, Ms. Gould replies

assertively, “This isn’t a curse, this is a blessing! Out of all of the humans on the

planet that they could have went to, they came to you! This only means that you were

destined for greater things than simply being a high school English teacher. You

already have their assistance. Now I will assist you as well and no matter what

happens or what you have to do, I will always be on your side. Even if Dr. Furr’s

life has to be ended in the process”.

As Ms. Gould is giving her persuasive speech, Mr. Kline calms down.

“Your right!”, Mr. Kline replies enthusiastically with a malicious smile, “This

situation is a blessing! I will become the principal and show all of the other staff at

this school what a truly great principal really looks like. I will turn this school from

being one of the top five schools in Charlotte to being number one! And for your

undying loyalty and being my closest friend at this school, you shall be my one and

only assistant principal”.

“I am humbly honored that out of every staff member at this school, that you choose

me to lead by your side and it is a decision that you will never regret”, says

Ms. Gould.

“I am not sure when my next encounter with the Gods will be”, says Mr. Kline”, But

for every time that we meet, I will keep you updated on the things that they say. I

think that it is best if you don’t ever meet them. For now, I will act also as a

messenger until a better time comes when you may be able to meet them. I will tell

them about you and, hopefully, they agree to this or things may not end well for the

both of us”.

Act V -

*The next day, after school, in Dr. Furr’s office.*

As Dr. Furr is sitting at her desk, going through papers, she keeps having repeated flashbacks of her earlier abnormal encounter. She couldn’t focus well on anything else. She

kept thinking about all of the things that they have told her.

“What are their true intentions here?”, she thought, “Out of anywhere else in this

world that they could be, why are they here? They made jokes about killing me.

Should I take that as a sign? Do they really plan on ending my life? Perhaps at a

time when I would least suspect it? What if they are watching me right now?”

She rolls back in her chair and drops her papers that are in her hand on the floor in front of her chair. Her eyes moved across her office from one side to the other as if, somehow, she would catch one or all three of the Gods sneakily trying to spy on her. Then, she closed her eyes, tilted her head down, and lightly shook her head side to side.

“Come on Maureen!”, she thought, “Stop it! You are the principal of one of the top

ranked high schools in Charlotte. You have more important things to be focusing

on”. She tilted her head back up, opened her eyes, bent down to pick up her papers,

and rolls forward in her chair as close to her desk as she feels comfortable with.

“Now that I got that trivial thinking is out of the way”, she thought, “Back to


As she was shuffling through her papers, she came to a paper with Mr. Kline’s name on it and remembered that she wanted to ask him some questions concerning the things he said at the last staff meeting. So, she grabbed her school phone and called him to her office. As Mr. Kline was making his was to her office, he began to feel anxious as his mind, once again, filled up with negative thoughts.

“I wonder what she wants to speak with me about.”, he thought, “Could her calling me

to her office possibly mean that the Gods have made contact with her and that they

have conversated with her about my wishes? Nah, I am reading too much into this.

She probably just wants to speak with be further about one of the things that we

talked about at the last staff meeting”.

Suddenly, Kira, Karma, and Cipher appeared floating behind Mr. Kline as he was walking. They were invisible to everyone, except him.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…..this is it!”, Cipher says hysterically.

Then, Kira floated close to Mr. Kline’s right ear and says,

“Are you ready?”

Mr. Kline didn’t even have to turn around and see Kira’s face to know that he was smiling maliciously. Before Mr. Kline could even open his mouth to respond, Kira, Karma, and Cipher quickly disappeared. Mr. Kline became wide-eyed.

“Am I ready?”, he thought, “Ready for what? What could they possibly have planned

for now?”

The expression on his face turned angry.

“Damn those Gods! Why couldn’t they have warned me sooner that they had a plan for

me to execute today?”, he thought, “Oh well. There is no point in me getting upset

about it now. Let’s just get this over with”.

When Mr. Kline finally arrives at Dr. Furr’s office, her door is closed. He politely knocks and waits for permission to enter.

“Who is it?”, says Dr. Furr.

“It’s Mr. Kline”, he replies.

“Oh, Come in!”, says Dr. Furr.

Mr. Kline opens the door, walks in, shuts the door behind him, and takes a couple steps towards Dr. Furr’s desk.

“Thank you for coming Mr. Kline”, says Dr. Furr as she is looking down at her papers

on her desk.

“What I called you here for today is---

Dr. Furr takes a pause when she looks up and see Kira, Karma, and Cipher floating near the back wall behind Mr. Kline. All three of them are staring at her with malicious smiles on their faces. She goes wide eyed and a wave of fear crashes into her head. Mr. Kline noticed the change in Dr. Furr.

“What’s wrong?”, he asked.

Mr. Kline turned around to see what she was looking at. Kira. Karma, and Cipher weren’t there.

“Are you feeling ok?”, he asked.

Dr. Furr tinted her head down, closed her eyes, lightly shook her head, tinted her head back up, and opened her eyes.

“Ye...Yeah, I am fine. Sorry about that. Now, as I was saying---

Dr. Furr again pauses when again she sees Kira, Karma, and Cipher appear floating behind Mr. Kline, except, this time, they are closer behind Mr. Kline. Dr. Furr again goes wide-eyed and a wave of fear crashes back into her mind. She, as quick as a rabbit, gets up from her chair, pushes it up against her desk, and moves as close to the wall behind her as she can get. At this point, Mr. Kline now has a shocked expression on his face. He definitely wasn’t expecting to see this during this office visit.

“Dr. Furr?”, he said concerned, “Are you sure that you are feeling ok?”

“B...B...B...Behind you”, she replied barely about to get the words out.

Mr. Kline turns around and, this time, Kira, Karma, and Cipher stay there for him to be able to see them. Mr. Kline’s eyes widened. He didn’t think that the Gods revealing themselves would be apart of their plan. Mr. Kline turns back around, again facing Dr. Furr with a shocked expression on his face.

“Hello again Kevin”, says Cipher.

“It’s good to see you again Mr. Kline”, says Karma.

“Miss me?”, asks Kira.

“Yo...You know each other?”, asks Dr. Furr.

Suddenly, Kira, Karma, and Cipher all look simultaneously at Dr. Furr.

“Well looky here fellas!”, says Cipher.

“If it isn’t our other dear friend Maureen!”, says Kira.

“It’s good to see you to again Dr. Furr”, says Karma.

Dr. Furr went back and forth between looking at Mr. Kline and looking at the Gods for a few minutes straight not knowing what to think or say. Then, after awhile,

“Y...You guys are fr...friends?”, she says.

“You could say that we are rather close friends”, says Kira.

“And, as you are probably aware of”, says Karma, “friends help friends when they are

in need. That is the real reason why we here”.

“To help our closest friend Mr. Kline here is in need of having his greatest wish become

his new reality”, says Cipher.

“Unfortunately, the fulfillment of his wish requires a certain sacrifice to be made”, says


“And can you guess what that sacrifice is?”, says Kira.

“YOU!”, says Cipher as he quickly floated right up next to Dr. Furr’s face with his

yellow and black eyes greatly enlarged.

Then, he floated back next to Kira and Karma and his eyes went back to their normal size. At this point, Dr. Furr was shaking so hard, you would have thought that her skelton was about to jump out of her body and run away. She was crying so bad her tears could fill up the Great Pond.

“ I don’t want to die!”, she says.

“Too late”, says Kira. Kira looked directly into Dr. Furr’s left eye with his God eye.

“CHOKE!”, he says.

Dr. Furr wraps one of her hands around her throat. Suddenly, she gets the sensation that something is stuck in her throat and starts choking. Mr. Kline, Kira, Karma, and Cipher all watch in silence. She then falls to her knees on the floor in front on her, still with her one hand on her throat and the other now wrapped around her stomach. She then falls to the completely to the ground on her side struggling to take a last few breaths before going forever silent. Today’s plan had been successfully carried out and Dr. Furr was no more.

“Well that definitely wasn’t very fun to watch”, says Cipher.

“Yeah. If only we could have killed her in a place were we could have made her death

more entertaining”, says Kira.

“Wow”, Mr. Kline finally says, “Holy crap. That actually happened”.

“What’s the matter Kev? Didn’t enjoy the show?”, says Cipher while laughing.


“Knock it off Cipher”, says Karma, “We have no time to be fooling around. Phase one is

done. Now it’s on to phase two. We helped you with your biggest obstacle Mr. Kline.

You should know what to do from here. But don’t worry. We will still be around if

things get too complicated for you again. Good luck”.

And as quick as they appear, the Gods were gone again. Mr. Kline just stood there for a couple minutes, staring at where Dr. Furr was standing before she fell.

“I can’t believe that this is happening”, he thought, “What the heck have I gotten myself


Act VI

“This is truly a sad time for our city. It’s so hard to believe. One day, an amazing,

accomplished person, such as Dr. Furr, is here and they next, they are gone”, says

Ms. Kierce.

“Even though Mr. Kline wasn’t able to save her, at least dying in the company of

another is a greater death than of one happening only in the presence of your

shadow”, says Ms. Jones.

“Very true words”, says Mr. Carpenter, “Also, for the students sake, I think that it was

better that her passing didn’t take place during the school day”.

Everyone in the group nods their head in agreeance.

“I can’t even imagine what the student’s thought are on the incident. It’s definitely

going to be an experience for them having to adjust to a new principal after Dr. Furr

has taken up the role for so long now”, says Ms. Fisch.

“Yes, Dr. Furr was indeed the best principal a school could have. No one could ever do

as great of a job as she did”, says Ms. Gipson.

“I wonder who the board will pick to be her replacement”, says Mr. Folk.

“Whoever they choose, they will have some big shoes to fill”, says Mr. Aitchison.

“That’s for sure”, says Mr. Kline, “Dr. Furr was truly a principal like no other”.

“I wish that you could be the new principal”, says Ms. Gould.

“Oh no”, says Mr. Kline, “I definitely couldn’t take that job”.

“And why not?”, questions Ms. Jones, “You may not have saved her, but you were there

in her time of need when none of us were. You acted like a knight in shining armor”.

“Now I wouldn’t go that far”, says Mr. Kline, “I may have been the only on their,

however, my actions were no different than any of yours would have been had you been


“Oh don’t be so modest Mr. Kline”, says Ms. Gould, “Whether you see it or not, your

actions are something to be recognized and rewarded. Right everyone?”

Everyone in the group looks at each other with smiles and nods their head in agreeance while saying, “Yeah!”

“You know what”, says Ms. Kierce, “We should fight for Mr. Kline to become the new

Principal. I don’t see any reason why we can’t at least try. If we all do it as a group, we

will have a better chance of success”.

“Absolutely! I say that we give it a shot”, says Ms. Jones.

“Me to!”, says Ms Fisch.

“Alrighty then. If everyone is in favor, than let’s do this!”, says Ms. Gipson.

“Oh come on guys. Please don’t”, says Mr. Kline, “It wouldn’t be right for me to be the

new principal and you all know it”.

“Oh hush. We are all going to fight for you and you will make a great principal. Just you

wait and see!”

Mr. Carpenter and Mr. Folk both share expressions of concern on their faces.

The next day, of of the members of the group all approached the board with their proposal and, after a very convincing argument, the board decided to allow Mr. Kline to be the school’s new principal. Mr. Kline’s greatest wish had finally come true. Now the question is………….What does he plan to do next?


From that Monday on, Mr. Kline would walk into the school no longer baring the mere title of teacher, but holding the greater title of principal. His greatest wish had finally come true and he seemed like that happiest man alive. He felt like he was on top of the world and nothing could bring him down. Throughout his first couple months, he accomplished everything that he said that he would if we ever became principal. First, he let go all of the current assistant principals and replaced them with Ms. Gould. With the help of the Gods, he was able to get them principal positions at other local schools. Second, he went to the board with a very convincing and doable strategy for being able to give all of the teachers in Charlotte a much deserved pay raise. Third, he had the school closed for a month to have a a very much needed campus wide Spring cleaning, When it was completed, South Meck was voted the number 1 cleanest school in country. Fourth, he took action to crack down hard on student discipline. Due to these actions, and so many more, Mr. Kline was not adored by all students. However, he was adored and greatly praised by all of the staff. He even received the award for best principal of the year. Everything was going great, Mr. Kline couldn’t be happier. Until, suspicions started spreading concerning the cause of Dr. Furr’s death and Mr. Kline’s true innocence in the matter. These suspicions were lead by Mr. Folk and Mr. Carpenter. Eventually, rumors also became arising about how Dr. Furr actually died and about Mr. Kline’s role in the incident. At this point, Mr. Kline knew that he had to do something and it had to be done quickly. He came to the conclusion that if something were to happen to either Mr. Folk or Mr. Carpenter, then, eventually, all of the suspicions would die down and all of the rumors would go away. So, he asked the Gods to kill Mr. Folk like how they did Dr. Furr, making it look like a natural death. They ended up killing Mr. Folk by making him have a heart attack in his car while he was getting ready to leave one day after school. His death was also a great loss for the school. He was the best English teacher in the school. His funeral was another very dreary event for all of the people who also attended Dr. Furr’s funeral. Mr. Aitchison had to take over for Mr. Folk and it definitely wasn’t an easy task for him. As time went on, just as Mr. Kline had hoped for, all suspicions against him died down and all rumors withered away. However, as this happened, Mr. Kline started to seem as if he really was worthy of those suspicions. The longer he remained as the principal, the more we began to start taking advantage of the title. He began talking to people whatever way he wanted, no matter who they were, and majority of the time, he was rude. He began walking around the school doing whatever he wanted when we wanted, which really got on the teachers nerves. He even stopped listening to what the board told him to do and started doing things his way. As far as a fair amount of the staff were concerned, he was now out of control and needed to be stopped. They weren’t going to led him ruin their school. So, led by Mr. Carpenter and Mr. Aitchison, the small group of the staff planned a raid on Mr. Kline’s house, hoping to get him to confess to their suspicions and scare him out of no longer wanting to be the principal. So, one Saturday, they all met up and drove to his house together. When they arrived, they all parked right in front of his house, got out of their cars, and rang his doorbell. They waited a little while and, to their unexpected surprise, no one answered. At this point, they were debating on whether to ring the doorbell again or just let themselves in. It didn’t take them long to decide on picking the long, allowing themselves in. They all walked in and shut the door behind them.

“Mr. Kline?!?”, says Mr. Carpenter.

“Hello?!?”, says Mr. Aitchison.

They all looked at each other. Not really sure of what to do. They stayed together and started walking around to check all of the rooms. Some of them started getting an eerie feeling. From what they were seeing so far, Mr. Kline’s house looked just like the house of a normal guy. Some areas looked nice and untouched, other areas seemed designated for empty beer bottles, random, unthrown away food plates, and enough crumbs to make a carpet. Suddenly, they heard a thud noise from upstairs. So, the decide to quietly go check it out. When they get to the top of the stairs, they hear Mr. Kline’s voice coming from one of the rooms. They make no hesitation in charging towards the room and bursting through the door. Mr. Kline was laying in his bed watching tv.

“What the heck are you all doing here?”, questions Mr. Kline, “And how the heck did

you get into my house?”

Mr. Kline gets up off of his bed and takes a couple steps towards the group and stands there in front of them.

“We are the ones who will be asking the questions here”, replies Mr. Carpenter.

“Yeah. We know that you are a lier and we want to know the truth”, says Mr.Aitchison.

“I don’t know what the heck you are talking about”, Mr. Kline says now mad, “But if

you all don’t get out of my house right now, I am calling the police”.

“Go ahead”, says Ms. Fisch, “And while you are at it, tell them about the murders that

you committed”.

“What? That’s ridiculous! I didn’t murder anybody”, says Mr. Kline, “I can’t make

people choke or have a heart attack whenever I want. I am not a magical being”.

“You personally may not have made those things happen. However, we know that you

are somehow involved with their deaths!”, says Ms. Gipson.

“You seemed to adjust to Dr. Furr being gone pretty quickly and Mr. Folk’s death didn’t

seem to phase you at all. They were more than just our boss and co-worker. They were

our friends!”, says Ms. Kierce.

“Well excuse me for not being sobby cry babies like the rest of you and please, there are

no friends in this line of work. There is only competition”, says Mr. Kline.

Everyone in the group gasps in shock.

“How can you say that?”, says Mr. Aitchison, “You know as well as we do that neither

Dr. Furr nor Mr. Folk felt that way at all!”

“At any rate, they are both gone now and they are never coming back. So all of you need

to move on and get the delusion out of your heads that I had something to do with their

deaths because I didn’t!”, says Mr. Kline.

“The only delusion that was ever in our heads was that you deserved to be the new

principal!”, says Ms. Jones.

“You all can deny it all you want But I was the best thing that has ever happened to the

school!”, says Mr. Kline.

“HA! Who is the delusional one now?”, says Mr. Carpenter trying not to laugh.

Mr. Kline becomes so infuriated that he instinctively kicks Mr. Carpenter so hard that he flew through the bedroom door and landed in front of the stairs. The rest of the group was shocked. They couldn’t believe what they had just witnessed. Mr. Aitchison quickly runs over to Mr. Carpenter, kneels down next to him, and checks to make sure that he is ok.

Mr. Carpenter sits up.

“It’s ok. I am fine”, says Mr. Carpenter, “I got to hand it to him though. That was one

heck of a kick”.

Mr. Aitchison helps Mr. Carpenter back on his feet. Then, he looks at Mr. Kline.

“What the heck is wrong with you?!?”, says Mr. Aitchison, “Are you insane?!?”

“Whether I am sane or insane, in the end it doesn’t matter”, replies Mr. Kline while

walking towards Mr. Carpenter and Mr. Aitchison, “I will do anything necessary to

insure the protection of my position and I won’t allow anyone to take it away from me!”

When Mr. Kline gets close enough, Mr. Aitchison punches him in the face. However, he only is able to punch him hard enough to cause him to fall to the ground right where he was.

Mr. Aitchison then looked at the hand he used and shook it a little bit.

“Dang. Talk about a hard head”, says Mr. Aitchison.

“HA! Wow!”, says Mr Carpenter surprised, “I didn’t know that you had it in you

Mr. A”.

“Why you little!”, says Mr. Kline, “I will make you pay for that!”

“I don’t think so”. Replies Mr. Carpenter.

Before Mr. Kline could try to do anything, Mr. Carpenter quickly punched him hard against his right cheek. He punched him so hard that he was sent falling down the stairs. By the time he reached the bottom, he was dead. The rest of the group hurried to the top of the stairs and they all stood there for a couple minutes, in shock, just looking at his body.

“Oh my God”, says Mr. Aitchison in shock, “He’s not actually---, you didn’t actually”.

“Oh my God. I can’t believe this”, says Ms. Fisch in shock.

“We killed him in his own home”, says Ms. Gipson in shock.

“What are we supposed to do now?”, questions Ms. Jones.

“I...I don’t know. I was just trying to stop him from hurting Mr. Aitchison. My intention

wasn’t to kill him”, says Mr. Carpenter in shock.

“We know”, says Ms. Kierce, “However, there is a chance that others won’t see it that


“But there has gotta be something that we can do to prevent Mr. Carpenter from getting

in trouble!”, says Mr. Aitchison.

“I don’t know what we could do”, replies Ms. Jones melancholy.

Suddenly, a mysterious, unfamiliar voice comes out of nowhere.

“You humans appear to be in quite a predicament”, says the mysterious, unfamiliar


Then, a second mysterious, unfamiliar voice comes out of nowhere.

“It seems that you humans are in dire need of some assistance”, says the second

mysterious, unfamiliar voice.

Then, a third mysterious, unfamiliar voice comes out of nowhere manically laughing.

Suddenly, Kira, Karma, and Cipher appear through the ceiling and they float down until

they are floating directly in front of the group. At the first sight of them floating down, everyone in the group shares facial expressions of greater shock and uncontrollable terror.

Kira then floats right up in Mr. Carpenter’s face.

“Let’s make a deal”.






















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