Lady Gothic Tale

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Chapter 2

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Submitted: May 15, 2019



Most see flashing red and blue lights as signs of relief and others, a sign of alarm, there are many reasons police cars are triggering nightmares for everyone involved, for Shelby, it means for her to keep her mouth shut. She hadn't warned those she helped escape to keep comments about her silent, but it was more of an unspoken rule.


Keep quiet and disappear. Bask in the textures and fine print of the strangers of three hugging her close and mouthing words to her, of comfort and release. None of it spoke to her, she simply stared at the police officers arrested Dr. Cummings and the man who had been so many things to her, smile as he was holed away and shoved inside the back of the police car. Even if he was gone, the fire melting her inside and out, stayed a lit. untouched unlike everything else about her.




Family were required to stay outside of the room during oral procedures, a nurse offered her hand to hold, Shelby pretended it wasn't there and crossed her arms. Allowing another male species of their kind, shove their fingers inside of her and see what's wrong. He went to right something down as the nurse checked vitals and bodily damages, she got a brace for her bum knee.


Another nurse, another male walked inside, holding examination and blood work paperwork to the doctor. He glances over everything, then looks to her. An oldness and humble quality to his wrinkles and an attempt at his smile.


"Would you mind if I relay the results of your condition to your family?" Family? For sixteen years she had a community and a madman hovering over her, she didn't have any idea what her mother or father looked like or what kind of people they were. Shelby nodded in her saying she would mind.


The woman's name was Helen, she wore beads on the ends of her hair and when Shelby woke up again, she glanced down to see her holding her hand. Another hand smooths her hair back, she jerks her body back, glaring at the man on the other side of her hospital bed. There was a small boy laying on the edge of the bed, she scooted her knee upward, so she wouldn't hit him.


She shook her head, pointing to her body, according to the name tag, he had the last name as Helen. Greer. Making me a Greer too and the kid. The man's eyes grow moist and it takes him a moment to move his hand from her pillow and nods, getting up from his seat, going to his wife's side and kissing her head.


"I'll be back, I'm going to go get a cup of coffee and Bentley some hot chocolate," Shelby knew he probably wanted to grieve on his own, between the two of them, she could tell her mother was the one crying the most of the two of them. Helen smiles at her and goes back to knitting, while there was shuffling at the door.


Two officers, a man and woman enter, the both nod at her mother as they further enter the room. Did they speak to other victims? Had they ratted me out? Those were the thoughts running through her head, over and over, she wasn't safe here. As she gotten older, she understood how well connected and off Dr. Cummings is, he could do and be anything he wanted without the care of what others saw him as.


The church adored him, school teachers and adults praised him, no one suspected he held four hundred people in a tunnel to prep for ultimate solitude. His belief was the world would end in a matter of years and when the eclipse happened, he would be the one people would look to for guidance.


"Hi Shelby, I'm Officer Thorn and this is Detective Marsh my partner, if you would mind recalling the moments in which you and the suspect Dr. Cummings were engaged in conversations? Did he ever tell you things other people would consider dangerous?" Shelby shook her head, she wasn't saying shit. She didn't know who would be stupid enough to. Of course she knew about his dangerous ways, the topics he muttered about when he was pissed and done with the world. He told her his plans and his ambitions; all so she could walk beside him one day as his lover. A thirteen-year-old girl should never be subjected to severe testimonies such as those, she kept her mouth shut.


These people sound off for justice and making wrongs rights. They have no idea who the hell they were dealing with, she didn't tell them anything. She kept the conversation brief. She answered questions regarding the amount of people she helped escape and how she was able to go around with being detected.


The officers were impressed. Helen not so much.


Bentley woke up and Shelby decided then that she wanted to go for a walk, to check out the place, but the moment she sat up, searing exhaustion brought her back down.

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