Tales of Amala, Short Story ch4

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Continuation of Tales of Amala. This is short story number 4.

Submitted: May 15, 2019

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Submitted: May 15, 2019



Amala,  while in Hawaii thought of options to somehow end her life many times but she could not do just that from the harassment moments she had to face. Rundeer, made it always appear like they were living in constraints from day one. Either he had to take care of debt oversees or somewhere else. Amala, was a cheerful girl, going through hardships from her childhood thanks to her parents created scenarios she had been through numerous challenges in life and overcome, she wanted to adjust and put up with all the different issues Rundeer was facing.

 So basically had to eat the cheapest foods, they shopped in the cheapest groceries and dined only in the cheapest restaurants, They bought only the cheapest chicken meat. These cheap chickens bought were old aged chickens, if the meat were old, probably hormonally and physically these chickens were unfit so tagged cheap. Amala, when looking back knew as the saying goes “you are what you eat” she had joint pains similar to arthritis and severe graying of hair but she never knew what was causing it, her thinking process had become similar to a 60 year old lady thanks to the overly aged meat they were eating. She noticed even the children faced the same issues as joint pain and lack of focusing abilities. She did not realize that the aged meat was the culprit. Now even though she was in her young adult phase she felt like a older adult.

The thing is this is a worldwide phenomenon atleast those within the network knew the code language or they knew the ones who were cast away and were meant to die. So the community did not support such beings but instead acted successful in front of them and humiliated those selected beings. No matter how much this community tried to break Amala’s self esteem. They knew something was wrong she kept fighting back she kept standing up, she knew her self worth. Her step parents gave the worst of mechanisms of food and medications and used ancient adverse reactions of physiology to shunt her growth as she was growing up, but she still ended up growing up to look atleast like an average human being . Never the less, her heart was beautiful. But they created scenarios in public and at home so Amala would loose her cool, where she can be represented as a characterless women.

Stepmother Mrs Nair while the Amala and her children were with her put drops of fevibond liquid into the water Amala and the children drank. It surely did not do any good to the system leave alone digestion, it fevibonded whatever they ate very well.  This revelation of the aged chicken with arthritis and sickness hormonal issues was a realization when after a long time Amala ate the chicken her step mother gave, that day suddenly the same joint pains showed up again after such a long time. Now Amala realized that its better to stay a vegetarian, she noticed when they went out to eat that they used the worst and almost decomposed sort of vegetables in the foods which was pre arranged and served to her. But she realized that the decomposing veggies would not have arthritis or any other illnesses to fear other than worms.

She tried writing songs, she tried getting into movies but all the doors were continuously closed for her. Whereas some were waiting for her to physically loose the element required for the job and then reject her for the inability in her. A network which is stronger than her. All she wished was to be part of the network and safety of her children, but that was impossible because of the network she was in. Religion and the fear of God was just a curtain for these earthly Gods and Demons. Amala realized that heaven and hell was all on earth and the rest was the later process. But being achievers here was the quiet essential challenge and no matter what she could not achieve anything because the community and network her step parents had created for her to live in.


No matter how hard she tried she could not achieve anything. No matter how much she wanted she could not become anyone. There is only one life, and instead of being part of the system and be able to live life to the fullest it feels unfair to be tied down and given zero options. The rejections were so immense that Amala could not see beyond the rejection wall, she could think for herself anymore. Can Amala ever be saved? She envy’s those within the network and wished just somehow she wished her kids could be saved from this network and the demonic behaviours.

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