Whispers of the Sea

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Chapter Seven

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Submitted: May 16, 2019



Weeks were passing by slowly and agonizing without her. He did not like watching her go out by herself to the beach and returning just as dusk began to fall. As much as he wanted to put an end to the separation and disagreement, he did not want to be the first to apologize.
Mackenzie had woken up one morning to prevent her from leaving, but instead, of persuaying her to stay, he watched her go. Once she was gone from sight, he decided that it was time to go out and search for more food, so she didn't have to.
Mackenzie pulled the knife and sheith onto his belt buckle, grabbed a few baskets and made his way over to the banana trees. As he passed them, he begun to feel uneasy about the situation and started to question things out loud.
"Why the beach? Does she really need to be that far away from me? Am I that much of an awful person? God knows I am trying to do right by her." He crossed the bridge not noticing the creaking noises and when he got passed the thickets, he stopped and pulled his knife out and threw it at a tree. It stuck, two inches deep into the trunk, making him frustrated when he tried to release it and it wouldn't budge.
After fighting with it for two minutes, it came free and he found that the tip was bent. "Dammit." He placed his knife back and then glanced up to the sky. "Can anything go right for me? What have I done to deserve this hell on Earth?!" He paused as if he was waiting for a response from God. "You just love torturing me, don't you?!" He sighed as he looked down at the ground and noticed that there were little pools of water. When he looked back up to the sky, he felt water droplets hit him in the face. "Joy, another way to tell me to go off myself."
Hearing Cerina's voice calling out to him, he wondered if she was alright and the tone of her voice started to change, which caused him to worry. As he treked back to the bridge, his instincts started to kick in and when he bolted across the bridge, a few boards came lose underneath him, sending him down to the ground along with the bridge.
Upon hearing a noise he never wanted to hear, he tried to get up and yelled out in agonizing pain. "Cerina!" He yelled out, as he sat up and looked down at his legs. Seeing the jeans torn and something sticking out of his leg, he quickly ripped the rest of the jeans and groaned at the sight. "CERINA!" He yelled even louder, unable to keep himself from groaning at the pain. "Cerina!!" He fought back the panic as he tried to get up, but fell back down. As he cursed the skies, Cerina came sliding down the hill and sprinted over to him. The rain began to pick up as she got onto her knees and placed her hands on his arms.
"Oh my God. What happened?!"
"The bridge collapsed. You sounded so scared, so I started to run."
"I wasn't expecting you to be gone when I got back. I forgot my knife... I.. I'm so sorry."
"No. It's not your fault. It's an old thing." He grabbed her arms and looked into her eyes. "I need you to help me up that hill."
"Mack, your bone is through the skin. You can't move."
"You'll have to get the tarp and pull me up."
"I..I can't." She started to sound frantic. "I can't..."
"Yes you can. You must. Please, Cerina. I need you to get the tarp."
"Okay." She nodded her head. "Okay." Cerina hopped up and ran up the hill and all the way back to their home. She fumbled for the tarp, but managed to grab it as well as a pillowcase. As she rushed back out, the Tapir followed her all the way back to the hill and waited as she slid down and made her way back to him.
"I'm not good at tourniquets."
"It's alright, wrap that around the bone and then take my belt and cut off the circulation to my leg."
"What?!" Her eyes lit up, confused.
"Just do it." He begun to undo his belt as she wrapped the pillow case around the broken bone and tied it securely, apologizing when he yelled.
"I'm sorry." She took the belt off the rest of the way and wrapped it around his thigh, tightening it just like he instructed. She bipassed the metal clasp and secured it with the buckle.
"Now, get me onto the tarp."
She laid out the tarp and helped him scoot onto it and just before she could hand him the two ends for him to hold onto, he grabbed her and thanked her. "You're welcome." She kissed him on the forehead and handed him the corners and then went to the other side and grabbed the other corners.
Pulling him up while it was raining was proven to be difficult, but she did not give up, no matter how many times she slid. On the fifth try, she tucked the other ends under his arms and wrapped her arms around his torso. She had more success and refused to stop until she got him onto flat surface. As she pulled him by the tarp, the Tapir followed closely, grunting every step of the way.
Up the ramp and across the bridges were just as difficult, but she prevailed and collapsed onto the floor by the bed next to him. "I guess this would be a bad time to joke about how much you weigh?" She looked at him, noticing that he was starting to go unconcious. "Oh, no." Cerina got onto her knees and grabbed his face. "Wake up! Mack, please, wake up!"
He opened his eyes and was dreading what was to come next. "I need you to put the bone back in." Her eyes lit up but she knew it's what he wanted. She moved to his leg and situated herself. Mackenzie grabbed the book from the bed and shoved it into his mouth, grabbed a hold of the bed with his hands and bit down after she counted down and snapped his bone back into place.
He let the book drop from his mouth as he tried to sit up and grab the medicine case. "Penicillin. Morphine."
She grabbed the case and popped it open, grabbed the bottles and a syringe and administered what he needed. As she tossed everything back into the case and pushed it off to the side, the Tapir walked in and stood at the foot of the bed.
"Help me into bed." He held out his hand, feverish look upon his face. She helped him up and sat him onto the edge of the bed, then climbed onto the bed and pulled him up the rest of the way. She then turned him around and laid his head down onto the pillow. "Water, please." She climbed over him and hopped down onto the floor and rushed to the water bottles, poured him some water into a coconut shell and brought it to him. As he sipped it, she sat on the edge of the bed and waited.
"A doctor would be great right now."
"I'd break his hand."
"I'm glad you haven't broken me." She took the shell from him and placed it onto the table.
"Thank you for everything."
"You've helped me. I'm not going to let you stay out there, no matter how much you irritate me."
He looked to the doorway. "We need a door, and some window shutters."
She looked to the doorway, noticing that the rain was starting to come in. "I'll figure something out. You need to rest." When she looked back at him, she noticed that he fell asleep. Cerina stood up and kissed him on the cheek and then grabbed the tarp and went over to the doorway. As she tied the corners to the peices of wood that stuck out, the Tapir went over to her and laid down against the wall. She looked down at him and sighed. "Do you think he will make it? I really don't want to be alone." He lightly grunted at her and then closed his eyes.
Cerina went over to the windows and moved the flowers out of the way. As she took the baskets over to the far corner, she noticed that the medicine case was still a mess and then realized that his leg wasn't properly covered. As she rummaged through the case, she began to feel defeated when she couldn't find any gauze or tape. Frusterated, Cerina got up and walked out and over to the other hut and began to search for anything that would help her cover up his wound.
After what felt like endless searching, Cerina lost all control of her sensibilities and started to cry. She grabbed things within reach and began to throw things and when she couldn't keep her legs from shaking, she sat down and leaned against a wall as she cried. "Please, don't take him from me." She sniffled and watched the Tapir walked in and sniffed around until it went over to a closet like structure at the opposite side of where she was sitting.
Cerina got to her feet and went over to her friend and opened the door, shocked to see a chest sitting on the floor. She pressed the button, elated that it opened on it's own and gasped when she saw that it was filled with everything they needed. "Thank you God!" She exclaimed as she closed it and began to drag it out into the open. "Come on, Lancelot. Let's go save his leg!" She yanked on the handle, excited that it slid easily across the floor and hoped that it would make it across the bridge. It only took five minutes to pull it across and into the main house and when she got it close enough to the bed, she popped it open and began to rummage through everything.
Cerina stood at the side of the bed with everything she needed on top of the mattress and began to cut away the jeans and slowly took the pillowcase off. She tossed it off to the side and opened the packages of gauze. She then gently washed away as much blood as she could before she began to use the rubbing alcohol to disinfect the wound. She hoped to not wake him, but Mackenzie awoke and began to groan. "I'm sorry." She said in a gentle tone but kept cleaning. Mackenzie opened his eyes as much as possible and thanked her as she covered the wound with gauze and tape. Cerina glanced over at him as she kept securing the gauze. "Once again, our Tapir friend has done something amazing."
"Wonderful." He closed his eyes as she taped the last part and then started to put everything into the chest.
A few minutes later, she pushed the chest off to the side and placed the medicine case on top. She went out onto the balcony and held her hands out in the rain. She didn't care that her hands were becoming cold, not as much as she cared about him surviving.
Once she was satisfied with how clean her hands were, she went back inside and cleaned up the rest of the mess she had created.
Cerina estimated that ten minutes had passed since he had passed out again and decided that it was time for her to rest as well. As she kicked off her shoes, the Tapir perked up and watched her pace around and then laid his head back down as she changed into dry clothes.
Mackenzie opened his eyes and blinked when she climbed into bed next to him, but said nothing as she pulled the blankets over them and snuggled closely.
"I've got you." She kissed him on the cheek and then laid her head down onto the pillow and closed her eyes.
Cerina guessed that it was closer to sunrise when she woke up hearing him calling out to her and sat up, turning to face him. "Are you alright?"
"I'm thristy. Would you please get me some water."
"Sure." She slid off the bed and grabbed a bottle of water. As she brought it over to the bed, she grabbed the coconut shell and hopped over the Tapir.
"How long have I been out?"
"Since just before sunset. I think the sun will be rising soon."
"I'll be needing more penicillin and morphine."
"Alright." She poured him some water, placed the bottle down onto the floor and went over to the chest. As she measured out what he needed, he sipped the water and watched her move about. "I found this chest in the other place. It was hiding, so I brought it over. It's got everything we need that isn't medicine."
"I should have told you about it sooner."
She looked over her shoulder at him, wanting to yell at him for not doing so, but decided that it wasn't worth the fight. "It's fine. We can deal with this later when you're feeling better." She closed the case and brought over the syringes. "Morphine or Penicillin first?"
"Surprise me." He tried to smirk, but the pain was surging on.
"Morphine it is." She injected it into his arm, placed it onto the table and then injected the penicillin.
"Damn, you're so violent." He tried to joke with her, cringing when she pulled the needle out.
"Only when it's needed." She gave a small smile and then took the syringes back to the case.
"We do have a slight problem."
"What's that?" She realized what he meant as she closed the case. Without saying a word, she slowly turned around and looked at him. "Oh...no. I don't know if I can do that."
"Please, I don't want to piss all over the bed."
"We swore we'd never..."
He cut her off. "I know, but this is important. I cannot get up on my own."
"Then I will help you up and get you out onto the porch."
"No. There's no way of me moving. I'm too weak and you cannot withstand my weight."
"I got you up the hill and up here, I can help you stand." She paused. "What if I swong your legs over the bed and hand you something to pee in? It's not like your hands are broken anyway."
"That will have to work. What do we have that I can pee in?"
"Give me a few minutes to find something." She walked out and across the bridge to the other place. Upon seeing the bucket, she grabbed it and rushed back to him, placing the bucket onto the table and then went to the side of the bed. Cerina kept quiet as she helped him sit up and swing his legs over, then placed the bucket between his legs.
"You'll have to take off my pants."
She sighed and helped him stand, unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down. "We'll keep them off for now." She tossed them off to the side and then walked out of the house. She leaned against the wall and waited for him to finish and call her name.
She walked in and went over to him, picked up the bucket and took it out onto the porch. She tossed the liquid, left the bucket against the wall and then returned to him. When she bent over to grab his legs, he leaned back and twisted his body, thanking her when he was in the right position. Before she could walk away, he grabbed her and pulled her down onto the bed.
"Apologies for everything you're forced to do and will be doing for a while."
"Thank you for the apologies but you'd do the same for me. I just want you to be thankful for everything I do."
"I am and I wish I could show it. You could have left me, but you didn't. You could have left me to struggle...."
She placed her fingers over his mouth to shush him. "I get it. Now, get some rest." When she tried to pull away, he pulled her into him and kissed her sweetly. Unable to form words when she sat back, Cerina got up and went out onto the porch, far away from the door. She sat down against the wall and touched her lips, stunned by the kiss.
It felt like to her, that this was a good time to keep away from him as much as possible. She had no idea if he was doing this because he wasn't in control of his emotions, or he simply was acting out exactly what he was wanting from the get-go. Whatever the case, she was more worried about him healing and her keeping distance between them, once again.

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