{The Miyazaki Bloodline}{*Arc 7*}{Generation One}

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"My Rule is to Kill, or to be killed!!!!"

Chapter 7 (v.1) - {The Ballad of Elizabeth Valdivia}

Submitted: June 11, 2019

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Submitted: June 11, 2019



Year X223, Seven Years Ago…

Elizabeth Valdivia, age Seven...A Child of the Valdivia Clan, a Clan inhabiting a Rainforest within the Land of the Equator; this Clan has existed within these Rainforests for decades, and has not mingled with Civilization since the First Great War…

...I would say that Elizabeth was a pretty innocent Child from what I can see,  flawed to the cruelty in the Land; I can distinguish that the Children of the Clan are within Training at this Time, Dashing through the Rainforest behind a Superior Clanswoman…

Elizabeth Valdivia- *striving to Dash as fast as the other Children* *panting* “...Wa-Wait up…!!! I-I cannot…-”

Elizabeth just fell within a stream after stumbling on a branch as the other children are continuing to Dash behind the Clanswoman.

Elizabeth Valdivia- *sitting in the stream* *sulking* “...Holy cow...No matter how much I give...I can never understand this Craft..Dad is going to be so disappointed with me...The other Kids around my Age can already use Blades, so for me to be as terrible as I am with something as elementary as a Dash..I have to be very stupid…” *sulking as she is splashing in the stream*

A Roe Deer has approached the stream, startled by the little Valdivia.

Elizabeth Valdivia- *staring for the Roe Deer* *holding out her Hand for the Roe Deer* “...Friends…?” *bright smile*

The Roe Deer is walking for the Child without hesitation as Elizabeth is petting the Animal, with Argentavis Magnificens Birds now soaring high around the Child.

Elizabeth Valdivia- *petting the Roe Deer* “...I am glad that you can Trust me...I Trust you...I will Name you...Anaya Blue because your Nose is blue! You are a very tenderhearted Deer too…” *standing up in the stream* “..I know, you came for the Water, not for me...Have a nice Day, Blue...” *walking out of the stream* *staring up for the Argentavis Magnificens Birds that are circling around her* *in her mind* “...I thought so...They do want me, and not the Deer...I need to find a place to hide...These Birds probably see me as Prey...Please, Mother Earth, do not allow them to take me...Holy cow, these Birds are so huge…!!” *walking faster to find a Path within the Rainforest*

As Elizabeth is walking for this pathway, the Argentavis Magnificens are diving down for her with Talons larger than herself, however Flames are blasting for them, incinerating the Birds as soon as the Flames hit.

Gray Valdivia- *standing behind a frighten Elizabeth* “What are you doing all the way back here…? We made it back, and saw you were gone; your Dad got so pissed at us, he thought you were kidnapped…”

Gray is a Boy around the Age of Ten, and the Third Cousin of Elizabeth; he was a very promising and encouraging Valdivia…

Elizabeth- *turning around for Gray* “...Gray...You Saved My Life...I am in your gratitude...!!!” *bowing in respect*

Gray- *Prideful Smile* “You act like this is my first time...You know, I am surprised how a person can be such a dunce, but so intelligent at the same time...Quite impressive…”

Elizabeth- *punching for Gray* “I am not a dunce!!!”

Gray- *gripping the Punch* “I said intelligent too, so I was talking about myself, duh!!!” *letting go of Elizabeth*

Elizabeth- *sigh* “...You are so stupid…” *Confused Expression* “...Wait...Kidnapped…? By who…?”

Gray- “We saw Soldiers, but they had no Badges on their Arm...Your Father probably-”

A booming Explosion has just happened behind Gray and Elizabeth, gripping their Attention…

Elizabeth- *stepping back in Panic* “...G-G-Gray...That was...in the Direction of the Village…”

Gray- “...I know…” *unsheathing his Blade* “...Lizzy, stay here...If I am not back in ten minutes...Hide…”

Elizabeth- “Bu-”

Gray- *turning around to Flash his Wicca for Elizabeth* “-Stay right here!!!!! This is serious!!!!! Please, do not allow them to take you!!!!”

Elizabeth- *about to Cry* “Who?! Wha-”

Gray has just Flash Stepped in the Direction for the Village as another booming Explosion, and the Sound of Battles can be discern…

Elizabeth- *falling to her Knees* “...What is going on…?! Mother Ear-”

-This third Explosion was pronounced, it silenced the Rainforest with not even a Bird liberating a Sound…

Elizabeth- *sobbing* *calling out in the Direction of the Village* “...Gray…? Remington…? Harper…?! This..Is really bad…” *standing up from the ground* “Gray…?!” *walking for the Direction of the Village*

It took Elizabeth ten minutes to approach the Valdivia Village that is sadly smoldering, much to the horror of the young Valdivia…

Elizabeth- *fighting the urge to puke* *staring for the smoldering Village* “...What happened to my Home…” *calling out for the smoldering Village* “...Mother…?! Father…?! This cannot be…!!!!! Mayson…?! Alexander…?!” *running within the smoldering Village*

Valdivia Bodies are littering the ground as the  young Valdivia is running through the smoldering Village, searching for Survivors within her burned down Home…

...As Elizabeth made her way further within the Smoldering Village, she spotted her Father on the ground, bleeding out with a Blade in his Stomach…

Elizabeth- *running over for her Father* “Dad!!!!!!!!” *attempting to pull out the Blade in her Father’s Stomach*

Chief Ace Valdivia- *grabbing for Elizabeth’s Hand to halt her* “...Y-You’re not...Captured...Stay away from the House...They burned it down...Your Mother...She...Find...Your Brothers...I-”

...I Believe her Father has just passed away in her little Arms…

Elizabeth- *shaking her Father to wake him up* *crying deeply* “...Father!!!!!! Wake up!!!!!! You have to wake up!!!!!! Where is Mo-”

A Masked Man is behind Elizabeth within the Word, Blade in Hand...

Masked Man- *wiping the Blood from his Blade* “-Your Mother…? Was she a Blonde Redhead? I Killed a Woman that has your Face...Maybe that was your Mother…”

Elizabeth- *falling backwards on the ground out of uneasiness* *sobbing* “...This is a Nightmare...Why would you do this to my Home…?”

Gray- *flinging Knives after the Masked Man from behind* “Run, Lizzy!!!!!!!!! Get out of the Village!!!!!!!!” *Blasting Chains after the Masked Man*

Masked Man- *Slashing the incoming Knives & the Chains coming after him* “You were still breathing after all those Blades impaled you…? Fascinating…For a Kid…” *initiating the Cataract*

Gray is Dashing besides the Masked Man, binding him within Chains as Elizabeth is still on the ground in distress…

Masked Man- *shackled within Chains* *staring for Elizabeth* “...You are the Last..How will you mature…? I see all this trauma has stimulated your Eyes...You have not felt it…? Your Eyes are bleeding because your Wicca has awakened…” *turning his Attention for Gray* “Say your goodbyes to this one for I will be sending you to the Other Side now…” *initiating the Cataract*

Without a Sound, this Masked Man has shackled Gray within his own Chains, much to the alarmed Gray.

Gray- *shackled within his own Chains* *struggling to unchain himself * “..No…!!!! How did he do this…?! Shit, Eliz-”

Masked Man- *pacing besides a shackled up Gray* “It was interesting...I will be beholding Elizabeth from here on…Goodbye...” *slicing Gray in his throat*

One Blade strike was enough to vanquish Gray, the young boy hitting the ground with Blood gushing from the Slit in his throat.

Masked Man- *walking for Elizabeth* “I burned down your House, but the basement has an underground Altar. Study the Valdivia Bible, it has the Truth, and now with your new Eyes, you will be able to see it ...I will see you again...In the Future...Sole Survivor of the Valdivia…” *hitting Elizabeth with Sleep Induction via the Cataract*

...Present Day, Year X230…

Lynx- *sitting on a worktable* *glaring down for the Files* “...I woke up the next Morning...I wanted it to be a nightmare...But, no...I had to live in the aftermath for Years, and then I encountered Jessie and the Mafia…” *teasing smile for Etva* “...The Mafia has become bigger than the Sapphires...They have established themselves as an Organization with a nice quantity…”

Etva- *sipping Juice from a Juice Box* “Sometimes...It is not the quantity…But, the quality that makes you established...Speaking of the Sapphires, come with me for I can introduce you to them.” *walking for the doorway*

Lynx- *nod* “Fine…” *walking behind Etva* *in her mind* “...That guy that Killed my Clan...Had the Cataract...I had forgotten about this Masked Man..Just how much have I forgotten...Just how much will I remember...And what will I...have to sacrifice…?” *thinking about Pharaoh* *in her mind* “...Forgive me, Pharaoh...I did not hold my promise to you...I am still within Darkness...Without a Care about it…” *glaring down for her Hand* “..I...Used to be innocent…” *continuing to walk behind Etva*

...To Be Continued!!!!!!!

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