The Cleansing Rage

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A coven of witches exact vengeance against the perpetrators of a rape on a college campus.

Table of Contents

The Catalyst

Mariel dreamt of blood. Not every night, but more and more as fall spun towards winter. Dripping from serpentine blades, flowing from ope... Read Chapter

The Gathering

Onja was having dreams too, but instead of blood it was fire. And for Simone it was water, or something like it -- a sludge of ash and di... Read Chapter

The Suffering

"She's not moving! Oh my God, she's not even moving!" That was the voice in the background of the video. One might expect it to have ... Read Chapter

The Flood

Dillon Turner wasn't the first man Simone had killed. The first one wasn't intentional, not exactly. The law would've called it manslaugh... Read Chapter

The Light

Four men had disappeared. Professor Collette didn't know Dillon Turner or Brett Walsh, or Jamal Thomas, but Larry Kessler was one of her ... Read Chapter

The Catharsis

It came to Mariel first, without warning, and she suffered it alone. Then it was Onja, whom Mariel would have warned if she could have, b... Read Chapter

The Passenger

Robbie Cook stared out the window of his dorm room. It was an ordinary Wednesday afternoon down on the quad. Students on their way to cla... Read Chapter

The Inferno

Fire swallowed those woods that night, a spontaneous blaze that blighted the trees and grass and soil, then smothered itself before the s... Read Chapter

The Creep

Clara walked a little faster. It was 2am, and her apartment was literally five blocks away, but somehow there's always a creep. She took ... Read Chapter

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