My Life and My Other Life Book 3

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This one is still in the works, but first half is good I think

Table of Contents

Introduction to book 3

Introduction Welcome back once again to the crazy train that is My Life and My Other Life! Join me in my padded cell and sit back and... Read Chapter

Chapter 1

Chapter One Time to Train Our Sensei called out “Time to train, fall in!” I smiled “Let me see where was I, oh yes Leechoo ... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

Chapter Two Let’s head out! Oh the joys of the DMV! In the morning I got up, had breakfast and looked up the way to the DMV. It... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Chapter Three Pirates! The dread pirate Port! Rual looked at me and we booked it down to the docks to lend a hand. As we arrived ... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

Chapter four Bonita Home Depot “Thank you so much! You kept me employed!” I got up early and call the Bonita Springs Home Dep... Read Chapter

Chpter 5

Chapter Five Date Night? Rual “Bro, you ok?” “Sorry, distracted…” When I woke in the Mundane I got ready for work, I re... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

Chapter Six Zoo Fun A charming little zoo at that. As I woke in the Mundane I had the day off at Home Depot, I didn’t feel like... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Chapter Seven Ditheist’s Trial Well it was fun sparring you all! What? Naptime? As I woke in the Mundane I realized I had to ge... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Chapter Eight Palace History It is often hard to describe the palace in a way that does it justice! I awoke in the Mundane and ch... Read Chapter

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