My Life and My Other Life Book 3

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Chapter 8

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Submitted: June 12, 2019



Chapter Eight Palace History

It is often hard to describe the palace in a way that does it justice!

I awoke in the Mundane and checked my schedule, ok, closing shift. I had my coffee and breakfast, then did a quick workout on the Totalgym before hitting the shower. I checked the fridge to see if I needed anything at the store. Sure enough, low on cheese and bread for lunch, also needed snack stuff. So I grabbed my wallet and walked to the Publix next to me. It really is covenant to have the shops so close.

I got everything I needed and checked out. On the way home I spotted a small gator in the pond behind the shops. I made note of it but left it alone. Why bother it, if it is not a bother to you. It is only once they become a nuisance that they are taken care of, read killed. Really, for what living? Sure they can be dangerous, but if you keep your distance, don’t harass or feed them, they are not that bad.

I got home and made lunch, and had it packed and ready to go. I thought about getting my camera and trying to get some pictures of the gator, but thought against it. I took stock of all the other stuff I needed to get done before work. I had more things to unpack and put away. One side of the top shelf of my closet was all my DVDs, video games. The other side was books and junk.

I found a box of art supplies but had no desire at that point to create anything. I sat and pulled up my emails and surfed the web for a bit. Then it was time to head out to work, I made sure I had everything and headed down to the car. The drive up was a bit longer, between traffic and a crash at Vanderbilt and Livingston. Still I made it with time to spare. The day seemed to fly by really. Shelia said “I talked to Miss America, she is feeling sick, but doing ok.”

I smiled as best I could “Yeah chemo will do that to you. I always pray there will come a day we can say this world is cancer free. It always sucks the things we use to heal end up making us sick in other ways. Oh well, I better go, let’s see, Returns with Miss Barbra.”

I got down to returns and “Yikes, what a mess Barbra!”

Barbra smiled “Yeah, it has been a busy day here so far. So I can stay on while you clean things up, then go to lunch.”

I said “No, head on lunch and will clean this up when you get back.”

She took a lumber cart of returns to the other end and headed to lunch. As I say it is those bulky carts that make the returns a mess. But they are needed to hold the lumber and bigger things that come back. Big Ed brought down an empty lumber cart to replace the one Barbra had taken away. Big Ed looked at the rest of the mess, “Need help cleaning this place up?”

I looked at him “Sure, if they don’t need you down at Pro.” Big Ed took back the Hardware and Electrical returns as those were both on the way back to the Pro end. There was still a huge mess but it was ok for now. More sheetrock and lumber came back and they left it on their lumber cart and took the empty one. Another guy brought back some 5gl things of paint. More bulky mess, luckily it was on a flat cart. Then another flat cart of garden returns. Just bulky clutter! RTVs were piling up too, and nearly two carts full.

Barbra got back and I got to work clearing things out. I took back the garden returns first, then back for the paint returns, the RTVs next. Jeff looked at it all “Put it in the cage and take the empty bins back up. You guys are killing me with all this stuff.”

I shook my head “Well the recalls aren’t helping. But yeah, you are right. I am sure most of the tools were used like once and returned. Sort of like a semi free tool rental. I better get back up to returns, still more mess to clean up.”

I got back up to Returns and got the rest mess semi cleaned up. You can never seem to get it all cleaned before the mess piles up again. I headed on my first break and then back to cover more breaks and lunches before Barbra’s last break. Then my lunch before she headed home for the day. The rest of my day went by quick and before I knew it was 7o’clock and time to head home.

I made a quick dinner and played some SIMs before bed. I was doing so research into the game. I wanted to see if you could build higher than 2 stories. You could with the right game hacks, but one constant held even after hacks. You are limited to 2000 wall parts. Sounds like a lot, but you burn through those quicker than you realize. The thing I wanted to build was the palace, but no luck. Even a smaller version would need about triple the wall parts just for the outer walls. The height alone could not be reached.

Say, before we head back to Lower World, how about I try to paint you a better mental image of the palace and try to give you a better idea of the true size and scope of things. The Dracsilin Palace has grown and changed much over its long history, and at times I have spoken and written about it but fail to show the full scope of it.

The main octagonal tower was built during the time of King Riolinta, at this point it was little more than just the main tower. He built his home within range of the Helosogothian Gulf as he loved the way the sky kissed the sea, too how the forest surrounded the area. During these early years looking back behind the palace, he would have a clear view of the valley gashed deep into the mountains. He knew of the dangers beyond and called upon the sages and scholars to find a means to hold that evil at bay. Thus deadly nightshade was planted in the valley, not the most pleasing view.

Any ways, I digress, back to the palace’s history and size. Each side of the main octagon is fifty feet in length, and rises to a height over a hundred and twenty. The main tower is made of black granite, that is so highly polished it appears seamless. It also has a series of glyphs etched into it. These are powerful protective magicks placed upon the palace during the construction. At the base of the tower are two massive ornate oak doors.

Jutting out from the wall forty feet above the main doors is a balcony, from which the emperor can address his subjects below. Cascading down the sides of the palace are long red banners showing the Dragonheart family crest. On top of the main tower is a smaller forty-foot octagonal tower, this holds the common rooms, office space, and command center. Branching off of this sides of the top of the main tower are three other octagonal spires, these rise sixty feet with their tops parallel to the top of the central smaller tower. Each of these has three more spires branching off of it that rises another twenty feet above their main spire’s top. These side spires are connected by a series of covered walk ways that connect each spire and also connect to the smaller central tower.

The spires on the left are mine and the boys living quarters, the spires in the rear belong to Rual DH 2nd, and the spires on the right belong to Riolis DH 3rd and his family. Overall the palace base to the highest point is two hundred feet. This of course is just the above ground portion of the palace, hidden and well protected deep below are the vaults. This area is divided into three areas; each section is then divided into twelve floors. Think of twelve vaults half the size of a football field each stacked on top of each other. Each loaded with gold, gems, and other treasures. These vaults hold all the monetary wealth of both myself and the Dragonhearts.

Back on the above ground level we also find several smaller octagonal towers to the left and right of the main tower. The towers on the left are those of the palace guards, and the towers on the right belong to the rest of the palace staff. There are also towers tucked behind the main tower, these include the MedLab, the garage, and the stables. This leads many to see the palace complex as a massive leafless tree. The quartz in the dark granite gives off a brilliant rainbow sheen when the light hits it just right.

When my soul father was still alive he lived here before the spires were added. Riolis DH 2nd, my Uncle added the spires to accommodate the growing family. Thus are spires on the left were added. These were maintained and up kept while I was gone from the palace, but it was always hoped I would return to them. Once Riolis DH 3rd took over the role of emperor, I was asked by him to move back in.

Devon walked up before heading in to work on his car “Hey dad, giving another tour?”

I smiled “Yeah, just killing time before, story time, or whatever else might come up. So how are things going with you?”

Devon said “I’ll check in with you inside, I want to get my baby up and ready soon.

I chuckled “Ok see you all inside.” Suddenly car pulled up. Hmmm… wonder who this is?

The car parked and a cloaked woman got out “Hello Ryan, you assssked me to sstop by to tessst the venom of my asspsss.”

I grinned “Well, Hello Mav, how are you this fine day?”

Mav sighed “Long, had to meet with three clients on design consults.”

I walked over and took her arm “I hear you, long day in my mundane job. Now just, looking forward to seeing what we have here. I mean, your asp’s venom must have some very interesting properties. Add to this you are a Medusa and it may yield some things that not even normal asps have in their’s.”

Mav grinned “Really? Like what?”

I smiled “There is some research I have read up on about venoms and their proteins that can be used as painkillers, disease treatments, and maybe even hundreds more uses. But like in the Mundane human world, here we have only just begun looking into venom research. I must confess, I really am new to the whole venom research thing. I have a friend waiting in the MedLab who is more well informed of how to best handle and milk snakes and such, so I let him handle the collection and I’ll do the preservation and annualize of it. How about we call Bev and have her come over too? Then we could have dinner here or plan a night out.”

Mav gave a sweet side glance “Sounds like a fun idea, I could call her while you store the venom then.”

We headed into the palace and I lead Mav through to the MedLab wing, she giggled “I have never been inside the palace! I can’t wait to see the rest; the décor has to be off the charts!”

I chuckled “You know it, I mean sure some of it is dated and vintage but in a good way.”

As we walked into the MedLab, Antelo was talking to Dr. Rictus, an Apyrogoth with blood red skin, I walked over and shook his hand “Dr. Rictus, good of you to come by today. May I introduce Mav, the Medusa, I told you about. I think you will find her asps to be quite exceptional, and very well cared at that.”

Dr. Rictus took Mav’s hand “Ah, a pleasure to meet you my dear. Dr. Reginald Rictus, I specialize in herpetology and venom research. I must say this will be a rare treat, I have studied asp venom before, but not Medusa asp’s venom. I can’t wait to see how it differs and yet how it might be the same.”

Mav asked “Worried about my gaze or bite?”

Regi smiled “No, not really, I have a high resistance to such things, and a magic ring to stop the stone effect if need be. But I believe you don’t turn them to stone per say, I think it is more like the venom shuts down their muscles.”

In the mean time I pulled Antelo aside “I am thinking of having Mav and Bev come over for dinner here. Now here is the deal. AND THIS goes for all of you! MEDIA BLACKOUT! No tweeting, texting, photo posting, and chat rooms, no video post; until after they are gone for the night! And if I find out any you posted beforehand, I will make it a permeate media blackout.”

Antelo gulped “Sí papá, haré esto perfectamente claro para todos los otros niños. Pero ¿qué pasa con el resto del personal? (Yes dad, I will make this perfectly clear to all the other kids. But what about the rest of the staff?)

I sighed “I’ll deal with them too, or have your Uncles handle that.”

Antelo asked “Entonces, ¿cuál es el problema? ¿Qué podría suceder? (So what is the big deal? What could happen?)”

I sighed “It is the difference between ending up on the cover of GQ or the Enquirer. The Press is one thing but the tabloids are another. Fielding questions on the red carpet or the sleaze in the bushes, the jackal in the shadows, the ones who turn even an innocent night out into a scandal!”

Antelo nodded “Got yeah! Media Blackout!”

Mav walked over and her asps did not look happy! I heard “Who doesss he thinksss he isss?” “Taking my’sss venom!” “Sssso rude!”

Mav rolled her eyes “Ladies knock it off! It was in the name of important science. Well that was fun, but really hoping it uncovers something really good that can help others.” She giggled “Imaging the look on someone’s face when and if they found out a monstrous Medusa saved them!”

I chuckled too “That would be priceless! All told, I just got the initial scans of the venoms back. In a normal asp’s venom, we find ohanin, a small protein made up of 107 amino acids. You have what is known as medusa ohanin, it has 110 amino acids. I have yet to uncover the meaning behind this, but I am sure with time it could yield some very interesting results. But it may not be an overnight type thing, it may be more like a decade or more type of research.”

Mav grinned “I figured it would be a long term study. But with you Demons, you have time for long term studies. I am going to call Bev and see what she wants to do tonight.”

I winked “Ok, and if she says yes, tell her to pull her car around back, the garage is the best place to get out for discrete entrances and exits. The press and tabloids don’t normally hang out around the palace and rarely ever come on to palace grounds, but the odd photo is snapped every now and then.”

Mav chuckled “Noted! So temped to turn those types into a rock garden! But like I say why stoop to the bullies’ level.” She headed off to call Bev.

Antelo asked “So what is the game plan? You cooking or heading out?”

I smiled “I think cooking would be a fun one, and how often does anyone other than us get a chance to dine in the palace?”

Antelo said “I am going to tell the other kids the rules and if we break them MEDIA BLACKOUT! I think that will stick with them all. Oh but this should be fun, let the games begin!”

I rolled my eyes “Look just please, no social media till after dinner and the girls are gone! The tabloids may not go after you directly but may latch onto your accounts.”

Mav walked back in “Bev is on her way over. This sounds like a fun evening. I have to say I have dreamed of dinning in the palace, and can’t wait to see it! This is a designer’s dream come true!”

I chuckled “Hmmm… so let’s see. Let’s head down to the garage and wait for Bev. Besides I want to check in with Devon, he should still be at work down there at this time.”

As we headed over to the garage Mav asked “Wait Antelo and Devon are still just kids, and they are working jobs like pros?”

I shook my head “I know, but I let them run with it. Devon started building his own car at 13 and sure enough he finished it by the time he turned 14. After a successful test drive and inspection by me, I green lighted it good to go. So after he gets his learner’s and when he turns16 gets his license he’ll have a great new car. He still works down in the garage part time, but he nailed it. By building it himself, he now knows his car inside and out.”

I continued “As to Antelo, he started helping out in the MedLab at age 11. He really wants to become a doctor, and I have to he has a bright future in it. His duties as he worked in the MedLab grew just as he did. He learned how to work and repair the Medbots, assisted with surgeries, has a stellar bedside manner. Any wonder he aces all his biology exams and has such high marks in his other classes.”

Mav looked at me like I had three heads and said “So you just let the boys jump into the deep end with these jobs. Wow, how did you get that past child services?”

I grinned “Hey it was the boys’ choices. I just let them run with it. End result, they got better grades, discipline, a strong work ethic, and learned to follow some of the toughest safety rules and guidelines in their industries. I was there every step of the way keeping an eye on them, keeping detailed reports that I shared with DCF. At first the boys only worked a few hours a day, with regular breaks, now they clock about six hours a few days a week.”

As we got down to the garage we walked in and found Devon, he was taking a peek at Mav’s car. Devon looked up “Well, I found that lose part and got it fixed, changed the oil and got the power supply hooked up to the charger. I could do a few retro fits and other upgrades if you would like.”

Mav looked at him then at me like WTF and asked “Does he always jump in without asking? Not that I mind, but wow!”

I chuckled “He didn’t mean any harm; he runs a check on any vehicle that comes in here. At first I was ticked too, but he is totally safety minded. The fixes he does are always for the best and linked to an account I set up to pay for whatever he does or needs for these repairs and upgrades. Yeah might seem like a bad idea but this account is funded by his own funds and only a bit from me.”

Mav walked over to Devon “Look kiddo, not sure if I should be happy or turn you to stone. So tell me what we are looking at here?”

Devon grinned “Sorry Miss Mav, I should have asked first. But this model is known for certain issues and I wanted to fix what I thought I could to keep you safe. You know for a celeb your car could be cooler and safer, I mean yeah it’s nice, but with a few tweaks and upgrades it could be one bad ass sweet ride.”

She raised an eyebrow “Trying to upsell me?”

Devon chuckled “One moment.” He ran over to the desk and came back with his portfolio “Take a look at these. Each upgrade would come at no cost to you, would be installed in a timely manner, and meet the safety standards I apply to the royal vehicles.”

She flipped through the designs “My, these are very detailed and well thought out. Ok so how does this work? Ala cart or case by case? Keeping in mind I have not said yes yet.”

Devon was looking at her car and making notes on a rough drawing he had done of it “Well in this case I would come up with a list of upgrades and let you pick and choose what you wanted. I heard you are also a Hunter, so I could add in some cool gear for that work too. Or if you use a different car for that we could work on that one too.”

I chuckled “I’ll leave you two to talk this out, I’m going to start working on dinner. Oh and when Bev gets here Devon, would you please give them a tour of the palace. Dinner should be ready by then.”

Devon grinned “You got it dad! One palace tour coming up!”

Right as he said that Rual walked in just as Bev was pulling in, he said “Antelo told me the girls were coming for dinner. I have to say I loved this surprise. Bro is looking forward to meeting them too.”

I just scrunched up my face as I could tell from that tone he was a little miffed. “Sorry I dropped the ball again, but hey here we all are. So I am off to start in on making dinner, while the boys give the ladies a tour of the palace. Check you later!” With that I headed off to get things going.

I heard Rual mumble “We need to talk about you spacing out.” He turned toward Bev, who was holding a briefcase, he walked over and took it from her. “Hi Bev, I’ll carry that for you.”

Bev smiled as she leaned in to kiss him “Thanks, sorry he dropped this dinner party on you last notice. But after the day I have had it will be great to relax and have a good time.”

Rual grinned “I sort of glad he just dropped it on me last minute too. I have been so wrapped up in work it will be good to just relax and have some fun. Devon shall we start the tour?”

Devon and Rual led the girls to the main entry way Devon swept his arms wide and bowed as he spun to face them “I am Devon Leroy Blacksmith Silverwolf, and I welcome you to my home officially! Here we find ourselves standing in the entrance to the palace. As you can see this is a very cavernous space with the ceiling height of 45 feet. The two grand staircases were hand carved over 150,000 years ago, when the main tower was first built. There are smaller rooms all around us. Sitting rooms for waiting guest and meetings, powder rooms, and staff only areas. Back this way please.”

He led them to the rear archway and into the ballroom and formal dining hall. He continued “Here we have the ballroom and formal dining hall. I will tell you my birthday party here rocked! Tons of room for all my friends to cut lose and get down, plenty of seating for all too. When my family and the imperial family and our honored guest joining us here; we sit at this table here!” He waved his hand to the high table at the end of the feast hall.

Bev looked at it and asked “I see there are smaller tables on the bigger ones, who would sit at those?”

Devon chuckled “Fairies, Sprites and other smaller beings. The types of guest we entertain here are as varied as the rest of the Multiverse.” He took Mav’s hand and Rual took Bev’s and the spun across the dance floor! Devon said “Next will head up stairs to the Thorne Room!”

As the climbed the stairs Mav ran her hand over the banister “So old, yet timelessly classic. Smooth to the touch too…” She shot a glance at Devon “Bet you and the other kids slide down it a lot.”

Before Devon could speak Rual chuckled and said “Yes, but so did I and my bro when we were kids, and still do from time to time. I know it is the palace but you have to have some fun!”

Bev looked at him like he was a kid “Really, and you are how old?”

Rual grinned “Over 22,000, but these guys bring out the kid in me.”

Devon’s face got serious as they approached the door in the center of the upper walk way “Beyond here is the Thorne Room. Come the Emperor is waiting for us.”

He opened the door and as Mav and Bev walked in they carried themselves with a level of grace worthy of such an honorable meeting. Riolis DH 3rd stood to address them “My, I finally get to meet Mavis Aspartic and Beverly Bangster. A pleasure I’m sure! I am Riolis Dragonheart the Third! At your service!”

The girls blushed as he kissed their hands, and as he rose “Come this way, will head upstairs to the common rooms and chat while we wait for dinner.” He led them through the right rear arch and up the stairs.

Mav took a look around at the common room “Love the décor, homey and lived in, but with the level of elegance I would expect to find here.”

Bev too was in love with the space “Very pleasing design choices and colors.”

Rual walked to the bar “Would you two like a cocktail or wine while we wait?”

Bev said “Sure, say sailor do you have a signature drink, or favorite from the far ports you traveled to?”

Rual smiled “Well let’s see what we can come up with.”

He got to mixing up the cocktails and Mav watched as he did some flare bartending moves “Wow, impressive!”

Rual chuckled “Bartended back in college, and kept it up in the navy too while working my way through the ranks to the level of rear admiral and finally full admiral during the Outlands War.”

Mav looked him “And that was when Ryan became lead General of the army?”

Rual handed her a cocktail and one to Bev and said “Yes, he took over as general and put a swift end to the war, by calling for peace and restoration of the Outlands. The Ronagaths were already beaten when we got there, and a wasting war would have been the end of them. Either way the fighting stopped and peace was had. All told we lost a few good warriors but nothing on the level of them. Most of their slaves who could break away joined our side, and that was a huge help too.”

Riolis DH 3rd chimed in “And things in the skies there were terrifying too. One lighting strike could set the whole sky ablaze. But we managed to pull off our bombing runs and give cover fire to the ground troops.”

I came out of the kitchen “Ok, dinner is almost ready, so sounds like the topic is the war. Please that is a chapter of my life I want to forget. I don’t know maybe it was something I had to do. Be right back, I heard my timer.” I headed back into the kitchen to get things ready and Devon and Antelo came to lend a hand too.

Devon smiled “Your sharp hearing, dam, I didn’t even hear the timer!”

I chuckled “I have it turned down a bit lower for just that reason. Well looking good, let’s get the food dished up and out to the table.”

Rio looked at us bringing the food out like he was going to say his usual insults but got up to lend a hand too. Devon smiled “See a little, time and friendly nudge and he is shaping up.”

Rua looked at him “And risk getting grounded again. I think not! Besides this is a celebrity guest dinner! So can’t wait to meet them!”

I smiled “And remember NO texting, chatting, photo posting, or other social media till the ladies have gone for the night, or LONG TERM MEDIA BLACKOUT!”

Rua gulped “Got it, no posting or lose it all!”

We got the rest of the food, wine and water out to the table I called the others to the table. They walked in and Riolis DH 3rd said “You have out done yourself again, looks great, so what menu have you pulled together on such short notice? Knowing you, truly a gourmet one, with incredible flavor and rich textures.”

I smiled “The first course is a shrimp gumbo, we had fresh okra, shrimp, and sausage, so gumbo seemed like a good call. For the main course I did a Cajun style roast chicken, good spicy vegetables and risotto. Dessert is bunyas and whipped cream. What can I say, I we feeling like a New Orleans type of meal. So bon apatite y’all, enjoy.”

Mav looked at me “Do you cook like this often?”

I grinned “When I can. I really enjoy cooking for others, and did for many years before coming back to the palace. Old habits and hobbies die hard. Over the years I have picked up new cooking styles and technics, and even taught it for many years too. So is it to everyone’s liking?”

Bev said between bite “Wonderful, the balance of flavors is just right and paired well with this white wine.”

Alora giggled “Ryan, well done, this gumbo is perfect!”

Rual said “Fantastic! Very delicious indeed.”

We finished the gumbo and moved to the main course, once again everyone really enjoyed it as we barely talked while eating it. The briefcase was resting next to Bev and as she finished the meal she said “In this case I have something to give you all! I knew you would want my and Mav’s autographs, so I brought over a huge stack of both! Plenty for you and your friends at school!”

The kids’ eyes lit up and “NO WAY AWESOME!”

Rua said “We got to have dinner with two mega stars and now get autographs too!”

Angelica giggled “Can we snap some pictures with you too!”

Mav laughed “Of course, we would love to!”

Bev looked starry eyed too “She is right; I can’t wait to take pictures. Not every day I get to do a photo op with royals!”

I excused myself to get the bunyas and coffee. Rual followed me into the kitchen to help out “Bro, awesome night, you really pulled something off here. I have never run into a guy so scatter brain and still so on top of things like you!”

I shrugged “I have been dropping the ball a lot of late, or maybe it is I have to many balls up in the air at once. Really sorry about that, I have always been like this. I would have laser focus on getting class work done but drop the ball other things. Or drop the ball on classes and too focused on the mines.”

Rual said “Ok I get it, you can get focused on many things, lose sight of other things. But you always have a bigger plan in the works.”

I chuckled “Funny thing, I never really have one big plan, just a bunch of little ones that link and backups to the backups. I haven’t got a clue where it all comes from either, I just run with things and see where it leads. Sure it can lead to a mess, but even that works out in the end.”

Rual shook his head “Yeah, just try and give us all a bit more heads up from now on. Come on let’s get back in there, the kids are most likely done with the photos.”

Sure enough we walked back to the common room and they were still having fun snapping photos and acting goofy. Bev asked Riolis DH 3rd and me “Mind if I use some of these photos in a PR spread? I mean me meeting the Emperor and his family?”

Riolis DH 3rd said “Only if I get in on this too not just the kids! I am always game for a fun PR shoot!”

So we all jumped in for a group shot. But afterwards Rio asked a question even I was wondering about at the time “Miss Bev, you are a Banshee, a spirit right?”

Bev looked at him “Yes, what of it?”

Rio looked confused “I thought spirits couldn’t be photographed without the right cameras?”

Bev giggled “It takes a ton of practice and concentration to make my form solid enough to appear on camera in most cases. But I am very relaxed and having a great time, so very photogenic at the moment. But can still…” She walked through the wall and back. “Be a proper spirit. But you are not the first to ask that question nor the last. You would be shocked how little is really known about most spirits in all worlds. But I don’t mind answering questions like this at all. Better than being the trapped neophyte ghost bemoaning things and not being able to move on.”

Rio smiled “Glad you aren’t trapped, you have a killer voice and rock as a performer!”

Bev asked “Mind if I break some glass?”

Riolis DH 3rd put out an empty wine glass “Go for it! Love see singers hit that type of note!”

Bev started singing and her voice got higher and higher till the glass shattered. Bev smiled “One of the other perks of being a Banshee, my vocals can do stuff like this. But only a keen can kill, but that takes deep sorrow and rage. I have shed those things from my life!”

Mav said “And my gaze can turn most to stone but only if certain feelings, like fear, hate, or sorrow are struck in me. But it cannot be captured and used on film. Interestingly, I have found it can turn even trees and even dead wood to stone.”

Bev said “It has been a fun night, but we better jet. I have a recording session tomorrow and Mav as I recall you have a meeting with a new client.”

Mav said “Oh that’s right, thanks for the reminder. Not to drop names, but it a soup opera star! Ricky Darkflame!”

Angelica and Alora sighed “Dream boat!”

I shook my head and looked out at you all “Ok Ricky Darkflame, is a dark red Apyrogoth with a totally chiseled body, but your typical soap opera bad boy. Breaks a lot of hearts, dies, comes back, you get the idea. Oh, and yes he was a student in one of my classes.”

Devon laughed “Dad you and the forth wall!”

I looked at him “What they don’t know our soaps!”

Devon said “Ok good point.”

Then Bev and Mav said good night to all, and Rual and I walked them back to their cars in the garage. Devon had followed us “Oh and ladies if you want those upgrades, just bring the cars back in and I can take care of that in no time.”

I looked at him like you are too much, but Mav said “Sure, I will take you up on that after my meeting.”

Bev said “May I see the list and make some choices?”

He handed her the list and said “Well I leave you all alone now, night!” and he ran off.

I chuckled “He is a good kid, but total grease monkey! What can I say? I let lose a monster.”

 Mav smiled “He is a sweet kid, and you are an awesome dad, and really great guy. Glad I am getting to know you.” She kissed me and once again the girls did not want to let go! Mav told them “Now knock it off you all. We have to go home now.” The snakes all hissed in a pouting way. Mav sighed “Good night Ryan.”

I smiled “Good night Mav, hope it all goes well tomorrow.”

Rual and Bev said their goodbye out of earshot and with a kiss she got in her car and was off for home.

I shook my head as I looked at Rual “Sorry about that. But that really was a fun night. Well I better get back to the cleanup.”

Rual smiled “I really can’t blame the kids; it is not every day you meet celebs let alone have them come to your home. And yeah this was a fun night. Yeah, let’s go clean up. Dried on gumbo is not easy to clean.”

But when we got up to the kitchen the kids were already on clean up, even Rio. Rio looked at me “I packed away the left overs. As much as the help should do the cooking and cleaning, I would love to learn to cook like this too. Seems like something you really enjoy doing.”

I grinned “Cooking is one thing everyone should learn to do in life. It is fun to cook for others and a great life skill to know and one that can be used lifelong. So sure, if you all would like cooking lessons I would be happy to!” The cleanup was done so we headed to bed.

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