The blind mating

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is the story of a omega named Siryn and a alpha named Lucio.

Please give me feedback about the story and if I should continue.


Going away coming back Siryn’s PoV

Leaving my pack wasn’t easy by no means but it was only a single school year. I wanted to try a quick course of English. Just as quickly as the school year came on it also disappeared. I was excited to finally be going home. My parents had called and I gave them all my info when I would be landing on the closest airship and such. After being away for a year I wasn’t used to the cold anymore. The plane landed with ease and now the fun of running all the way there would begin.

Shivers raced down my body as the wind blew the snow in my face. Sighing I shifted and ran. Everything of mine from school was flown in a week before I. Last I heard my parents had set me up in my own house only a few steps from theirs. I wasn’t even halfway there and I felt like I was going to die. Shit, I had gotten so lazy. Dad was so going to kill me. Finally making it I noticed right away something was off. Loud barking and growling was all I could hear that worried me and my legs moved faster to the center of town. Wolves that I had never smelt or seen were attacking my friends and family.

Our warriors were attacking other warriors and it was such a bloody mess. Launching into the fight, I had a bit of an upper hand. I saw the alpha’s children Jace and Taylor fighting off wolves too. Fighting was common but this was a whole different pack. One smaller than ours. Slamming my wolf into a much larger wolf had some after effects, like a broken shoulder. I had knocked him down though. Barely being able to hold him down I bit his shoulder and neck making him yelp. A fairly smaller wolf came barreling at me in anger. This must be the big fucker’s mate.

I waited for impact but it didn’t come. A giant wolf I knew more than any other wolf took down the smaller one. Father. Shifting into my human form my shoulder was super fucked.

 Finally, the other wolves seemed to understand there was nothing more could do against us. We were stronger.

Both my fathers came over. My smaller father, Leo, hugged me and I growled out in pain.

“Holy fuck. That looks awful.” My dad Diego growled.

“I’m fine. Better question though, what the fuck was going on?”

“Oh. It’s just some wolves from another pack. It happens all the time.” My father Leo said softly.

“It’s an issue we have been having for the last six months, let’s go get that shoulder of yours fixed and then I’ll explain everything.” My dad Diego said sharply.


* * * * * * *

After getting my shoulder set and wrapped, my dad started to talk.

“This has been an issue for six months like I said. Their alpha came seeking assistance and he got on Dakota’s bad side and Dakota won’t assist them. Now apparently we are enemies. They attack every few weeks. At first, there were a lot more, but Dakota and I figure they are starving off or killing each other. When they were here they asked for food and money, Dakota offered to help move them down to better land but then they fought. Now we are here.”

“If they are starving we need to help. It’s wrong to let them die because of an argument.”

I watched my dad sigh before he spoke again.

“It’s nature’s way of weeding out the unfit.”

Growling, I stood up leaving the table to my parents. I couldn’t let this get anymore out of hand.


The plan. - Siryn’s POV

Four weeks passed well I got my new place together. Jace and I had talked about the situation with the other pack and he too felt bad about leaving them to die. He said his father was set on allowing the death until the alpha apologized to him. With my shoulder now being back to normal Jace, Taylor and I got a plan together. We waited and collected food for two weeks after the plan was formed.we would run in the dark taking the extra food to the pack. Knowing that if we were caught, it would get our asses in massive trouble only made it more important we got this shit right.

Plans were drawn up and the food was brought to my place to be kept in the spare room. Jace and I were packing for the run and my father Leo caught us. In his hands, he had blankets and more stuff.

“ I know what you are up to Siryn. All I ask of you is to be very safe. Your father would raise hell if something worse then that shoulder befall you.”

“ I know. I just can’t stand by and watch them this way.”

“ I know sweetheart, I know.”

Slowly I hugged my father and thanked him I was glad he was the one who birthed me. Not everyone could be as good as he was.

 As the last of the light faded, Jace and I shifted and Taylor threw the homemade saddlebags on our backs, Taylor being unable to shift she was to run alongside us using some of her vampire speed. She had a backpack with the extra food that didn’t fit in our bags. It felt great to be helping them, I felt so much better this way.

Running out of the town we knew the approximate location where they were. Taylor had provided that, she had stolen Dakota’s land map. The bags weighed us down a good bit but it seemed to cause no issues thus far. My paws thundered on the ground, I have never gone this far outside the city. It was a wonder that wolves could even live this far out.

Taylor and I would have asked the oldest son of the alpha and her brother Wyatt but he would have one hundred percent ratted us out to their father. He wanted to stay in their fathers best favor because he was up for the alpha position, I would have been up for the beta position if I didn’t give that position to my to younger twin siblings so I could run off to school.

Approaching the village of the other pack the first thing we noticed was how dead and wreaked everything looked. Now I could understand why they asked for money. Dropping my saddle bag I asked them to set the food on doorsteps that looked semi livable or had signs of life. Shifting, I took the backpack from Taylor and walked towards the alpha house. It was just as bad as the rest of the homes and had a single light inside. Not a proper light, most likely a candle but it was still a light.

The door creaked open when I gave it a light push. I didn’t see anyone inside but someone was here I could hear them moving around. Quietly I walked up the stairs and instead of there being a hall like a normally alpha house there was just a giant room. The male that was up there was as tall and as large as Dakota but far underfed. Before I could wave when he turned around, my eyes locked on the giant scratch that went across both his now pale green eyes. I gasped in shock. I threw my hand over my mouth knowing he heard me.

“ I heard you breathing the moment you stepped inside. Who the hell are you?”

Submitted: May 18, 2019

© Copyright 2021 All rights reserved.

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