The time travel ring

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Submitted: May 18, 2019

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Submitted: May 18, 2019



Once upon a time, there lived a teenager called Jhonson. He was crazy about the century 2050. As there will be many

high-tech things example: Electronic gun, Ak 47, Time machines ETC. One sunny day,

Jhonson was reading the newspaper, and he read that scientist Tom jackson has invented a Time travel ring which can take you anywhere example: Past tense, Future tense. Jhonson got a bad idea in his mind to steal the time travel ring. As Jhonson came near Scientist's lab, he saw that the scientist was not present in the lab. So, Jhonson broke the glass with a hammer where the time travel ring was. He stole the ring and traveled to the century 2050. Jhonson saw all the things he wanted to. After an hour, someone pushed Jhonson accidently and he fell on the ground and the time travel ring broke down into pieces. So, now, Jhonson had to stay in the century 2050 forever without any food and money suffering.

Moral: don't be crazy about anything so much.

A short story by: Arjith karnam.

© Copyright 2019 Arjith Karnam. All rights reserved.

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