Magics Marrow

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The royal Elvish family of Lænell's were entrusted with an ancient amulet, the 'Thårõ', embued with the magic and wisdom of a powerful mage who was defeated in a battle of good against evil. When their eldest son, Fælan, becomes a man he is given the Thårõ and loses it on his 'ritual of passage' journey. The Thårõ is found by a half-breed boy, Trévor, who proves himself worthy of the amulet.

Trévor embarks on a magical journey after being taken from his home, sold into slavery and then rescued by the fae. He is guided by a white stag to the Otherworld, where he meets magical creatures who are oath bound to protect the ancient magic so that history doesn't repeat itself. They teach Trévor to wield the Thårõ in the ways of the old, 'white magic'. Trévor's identity is the key to his ability to wield the stone and his natural ability of mind-speech.

There are dark forces at work as Ambros, a half-breed boy, also taken into slavery, is led down a path of darkness.

Will Fælan recover the amulet in time to save his family and all that is good or will it be left to a boy,Trévor and his new-found friends of the Otherworld.

A whimsical adventure drawing you into a magical world in a race against time that entwines the lives of diluted bloodlines and fantastical creatures. Bringing them all together in a familiar story of good against evil.

Inspiration song by Queen/'Who wants to live forever': Youtube -
One of my fav fantastical songs: YES/ Legend - 'Loved by the Sun' Youtube -

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Submitted: May 18, 2019

***It is said that there is no one greater than one who understands the ways of men and chooses a kind heart and mind over the evi... Read Chapter


Submitted: June 02, 2019

***There is nothing so special as a babe. It's innocence, it's resemblance to those who created it. It fills the heart with a love... Read Chapter


Submitted: June 03, 2019

***There is a time when a boy becomes a man. He may not be ready or know when it happens but, when it does - all that he has learn... Read Chapter


Submitted: June 03, 2019

***Like an angel from above - a dog gives his love. Innocent and true - becomes kin to you.    My blanket was soak... Read Chapter


Submitted: June 03, 2019

***A guide, a savior to lead the way to the light.  An answer to all that is needed.   I woke with a jerk and mo... Read Chapter


Submitted: June 03, 2019

***Love is kind. It thinks no evil, it bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fai... Read Chapter


Submitted: June 04, 2019

***A seed is planted.  Sometimes it blooms with a vibrancy like no other and sometimes it withers on the vine - lost and cons... Read Chapter


Submitted: June 04, 2019

***A spark of knowledge locked away, nagging to be freed but, must always have a cage, safe from prying ears..a secret.  ... Read Chapter


Submitted: June 04, 2019

***Friends come in many forms, for many different reasons and when you least expect it.   The next day we kept practici... Read Chapter


Submitted: June 04, 2019

***We all have a little magic in the 'Otherworld'.   The next day, I woke late.  My head was swimming from the dri... Read Chapter


Submitted: June 04, 2019

***Something wicked comes.  It casts it's dark shadow and steals light from the weak.   I've tried to open the l... Read Chapter


Submitted: June 29, 2019

***Though we have eyes, we can't always see what lies ahead.   Word came to Ballîmorr from the 'Eyes' that had been sc... Read Chapter


Submitted: June 29, 2019

***Time away makes the heart grow fonder.  Even after everything.   Bran informed Emeris and Fælan that he had ta... Read Chapter


Submitted: June 29, 2019

***Time in the making and undone in a moment.   Lord Byron announced that we would be taking a trip. There were several... Read Chapter


Submitted: June 29, 2019

***The little things we take for granted are the things we sometimes treasure above all.   Trévor and his companions s... Read Chapter


Submitted: June 30, 2019

***Sometimes we never find something we've lost and sometimes it just reappears like...magic.   The sky broke open wi... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 08, 2019

***There is always light at the end of a tunnel. You just have to be looking for it.   I purchased several articles o... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 08, 2019

***Things are not always what they seem. Sometimes, that's a good thing.   Emeris, Hervus and Trévor followed Avilin... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 11, 2019

  ***What tries to divide us, only makes us stronger.   Glandiel, Kichan and Mandel were too late. Who ever wa... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 18, 2019

***Live for this day – for it may be your last and tomorrow is unknown.   Time traveled slowly in the Otherworld whic... Read Chapter

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