JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Twisted Destiny

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
(A fanfic based on JoJo's Bizarre Adventure by Hirohiko Araki)

This fan part of the long-running manga tells the story of Johana Joestar, the youngest daughter of a clan of heroes that protect the world from the supernatural threats. Three years after rejecting her destiny and running away from home, Johana is suddenly thrust back into the violent world of stand battles after a group of powerful foes attacks her and her friends.

Table of Contents

Johana Joestar

Submitted: May 19, 2019

He strikes late at night. His target, a pretty young woman with brown curls, is walking home from class. He chuckles to himself as h... Read Chapter

Nero Zeppeli's Viva La Vida, Part 1

Submitted: May 26, 2019

The man with the clover beanie hangs upside down from the ladder of Johana and Kan’s bunk bed. Johana stands in front of him, arms... Read Chapter

Nero Zeppeli's Viva La Vida, Part 2

Submitted: June 02, 2019

A few strikes from Nero is all it takes to open up the first of the cocoons. The silk rots away, revealing the body that lies within... Read Chapter

Nero Zeppeli's Viva La Vida, Part 3

Submitted: June 09, 2019

Light from the setting sun shines on Viva La Vida’s crown. The Stand’s tattered red cape waves back in forth in the ... Read Chapter

Coldplay, Part 1

Submitted: June 16, 2019

A doctor wheels Kan into a hospital room split in two by a blue curtain. “I’d like to keep you overnight for observation,” the... Read Chapter

Coldplay, Part 2

Submitted: June 23, 2019

Slowly, Nero takes a step towards Mylo. “What is it that you see?” Nero asks. “What do the hell do you mean? That thi... Read Chapter

Coldplay, Part 3

Submitted: June 30, 2019

Nero lands in the basement and is greeted by a world of ice. Shivering, he rubs his exposed arms and regrets wearing a tank top. He ... Read Chapter

Coldplay, Part 4

Submitted: July 07, 2019

Nero dashes into the X-Ray room, charging for the golden elephant Stand. His Stand, Viva La Vida, flies forward to st... Read Chapter

Johana Awakens

Submitted: July 14, 2019

The Stand is tall and thin, with mechanical joints and iron skin. It looks like something pulled out of a junkyard; its skin i... Read Chapter

The Stranger on the Phone

Submitted: July 21, 2019

Chapter 10: The Stranger on the Phone   Nero pushes open the door to the incinerator room. It’s deserted. Small pudd... Read Chapter

Guns N' Roses, Part 1

Submitted: July 28, 2019

A woman wearing a red and green outfit walks up to the entrance of the hospital. The door is covered in police tape, which she tears d... Read Chapter

Guns N' Roses, Part 2

Submitted: August 04, 2019

The Gatling guns roar as a flurry of bullets rips through the air, flying towards Johana. By the time Johana spots Vuitton’s guns,... Read Chapter

Go Greased Lightning! Part 1

Submitted: August 18, 2019

A beat-up car pulls into the campus parking lot. Its driver, a freshman wearing a sweater vest, lays his head on the steering wheel ... Read Chapter

Go Greased Lightning! Part 2

Submitted: August 18, 2019

A young man in a leather jacket stands over Johana. She lies on the ground next to an old convertible, unconscious. The duo are in t... Read Chapter

Airport Security

Submitted: August 25, 2019

Johana pulls into the parking garage and looks at her companions. Nero sits in the passenger seat, staring at the sky and balancing ... Read Chapter

Thunderstruck, Part 1

Submitted: September 08, 2019

A teenage girl cracks an egg on the side of a glass mixing bowl. The yolk slides down and lands in the batter. She moves her palm ov... Read Chapter

Thunderstruck, Part 2

Submitted: September 15, 2019

Johana sits in a Speedwagon Foundation office. Her legs swing back and forth on her chair; it’s far too tall for her. Nero sits ne... Read Chapter

Thunderstruck, Part 3

Submitted: September 22, 2019

Johana sits in an airport security interrogation room, her hands locked together by handcuffs. She could break them, of course, but wh... Read Chapter

Thunderstruck, Part 4

Submitted: September 28, 2019

The Joestar clan walks through the graveyard, carrying the coffin over their shoulders. It isn’t raining, but water still drips down... Read Chapter


Submitted: October 06, 2019

Wreckage is strewn all across the tarmac. Piles of twisted pieces of metal, charred seats, and shattered glass are barely recognizab... Read Chapter

Summer Nights and the Eye of Tiger, Part 1

Submitted: October 13, 2019

Her name is Sandra Dee. She’s a young archeologist visiting London for a conference. At first glance, there are very few noteworthy ... Read Chapter

Summer Nights and the Eye of Tiger, Part 2

Submitted: October 21, 2019

Holly Joestar-Zeppeli sits in her office. Her large desk has been covered in a plastic tarp. A stack of printer paper sits on the si... Read Chapter

Summer Nights and the Eye of Tiger, Part 3

Submitted: November 04, 2019

Sandra Dee, Kan Nijimura, and Nero Zeppeli stand on the grey sand at the shore of the Thames. Small black waves crash into each othe... Read Chapter

The Wall, Part 1

Submitted: November 11, 2019

“I still think this is a bad idea,” Kelly says. “Really? You hadn’t mentioned it,” Johana snarks. Johana ... Read Chapter

The Wall, Part 2

Submitted: November 18, 2019

“Do Woodstock and your father get along very well?” Johana asks. “Yep! Woodstock was really nice to Daddy and stayed ... Read Chapter

Zeppeli Family Rivalry

Submitted: November 25, 2019

Nero Zeppeli and Kan Nijimura stand on the sidewalk next to a thoroughfare in Westminster. Johana, Camellia, and Kelly are at the Fl... Read Chapter

The Real Slim Shady, Part 1

Submitted: December 02, 2019

There is no grass in front of the tombstone, just freshly turned black soil. A bouquet of flowers sits on the black dirt, the only mem... Read Chapter

The Real Slim Shady, Part 2

Submitted: December 16, 2019

Julius Zeppeli drives his old jalopy through the streets of London, making his way to the museum. A small, black and white bird flie... Read Chapter

The Real Slim Shady, Part 3

Submitted: December 22, 2019

The bullets ring out as Julius summons two spheres to his hands. One spins in his palm for a moment before he lobs it at the car. As s... Read Chapter

The Real Slim Shady, Part 4

Submitted: December 29, 2019

Johana jumps back, narrowly avoiding an axe swing from Stefani. Stefani spins in a circle, almost carving of Johana’s head. Johana... Read Chapter

The Real Slim Shady, Part 5

Submitted: December 31, 2019

Stan Mathers gasps as Viva La Vida, Stand of Nero Zeppeli, rips him from his ceiling hiding place and slams him into the ... Read Chapter

Origin of the Stone Mask, Part 1

Submitted: January 27, 2020

“We want answers, Julius,” Johana says. She sits on a couch in one of the bedrooms at Camellia’s house. Her arms are bandaged,... Read Chapter

Origin of the Stone Mask, Part 2

Submitted: February 03, 2020

The old convertible pulls to a stop under the shade of a palm tree in the heart of Mexico. Four travelers rest, free from the scorch... Read Chapter

Origin of the Stone Mask, Part 3

Submitted: February 17, 2020

Jorge sets Dio down at a table outside a bar. “Thank you,” Dio says. “Take it easy, old man. I’ll go get us somethi... Read Chapter

Origin of the Stone Mask, Part 4

Submitted: March 23, 2020

The stolen truck pulls to the gate of the fence surrounding the Aztec temple. Mario sits in the driver’s seat, draped in a stolen ... Read Chapter

black ice and razor's edge, part 1

Submitted: March 30, 2020

He stumbles through the night, his hands on his head. He feels sick, sicker than he ever imagined possible. His senses are stronger th... Read Chapter

Black Ice and Razor's Edge, Part 2

Submitted: April 06, 2020

Jorge Joestar runs forward, fangs snarling, claws glistening in the night, from the barn, charging from the barn to kill his greates... Read Chapter

Kelly and Camellia go to the Zoo, Part 1

Submitted: April 20, 2020

Kelly Zuko lies on his back underneath his car, a wrench in hand, repairing the damaged mechanical parts. He’s been at work for 24... Read Chapter

Kelly and Camellia go to the Zoo, Part 2

Submitted: May 19, 2020

Camellia leans over the railing at the zoo, staring down at an enclosure full of lions. She bares her teeth and roars at them. The l... Read Chapter

Kelly and Camellia go to the Zoo, Part 3

Submitted: May 25, 2020

“Well, shit,” Kelly says, looking at the crater where Dr. Braifa stood. The light that surrounded Braifa has disappeared, leavin... Read Chapter

Fortune Family and the Eagles, Part 1

Submitted: June 15, 2020

An old man sits at a table outside of a restaurant, sipping a morning cup of tea and reading a novel. A cane rests on his leg and a ... Read Chapter

Fortune Family and the Eagles, Part 2

Submitted: August 23, 2020

Nico walks down the streets of London, returning to Kaiser. He steps off of the sidewalk into a busy intersection. His eyes are clos... Read Chapter

Fortune Family and the Eagles, Part 3

Submitted: September 07, 2020

Kaiser wipes off the dust on his suit jacket. “A fight in a men’s room. Exactly how I wished to spend my afternoon,” he says. ... Read Chapter

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