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A poem about seeing the beauty within yourself despite your environment.

Submitted: May 19, 2019

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Submitted: May 19, 2019



This is the Beauty: A Poem by Dalma T Perkins

“You are different,” they exclaimed.
Unique, odd, black sheep and other
Creative, visionary and exotically 
Most saw sickly, small and afraid,
while were even bothered to 
witness or entertain.
Only few saw potential, gain and
This is the beauty of being a soul

Collages, writing, designing and
Thinking in spades.
No one knew that psionics was
An effort and then an escape
Mostly what was saw was a day-
Dreamer and flake.
Nothing was heeded and nothing
Was obtained.
This is the beauty of being a
child rarely claimed.

Sights and voices, conversations
And bolstering.
Don’t encourage. Don’t acknowledge
Something special. Something meek.
Something beyond what most seek.
Laughing and attacking what is 
misunderstood, makes for a formula
Of lacking self-worth.
This is the beauty of neglecting the
gifted and the blessed.

As time gains momentum, the facts
come into play. Now, this beauty
is all but untamed.
Allowing abuses, tragedies and all
the worse things.
Escaping to places made up in her 
head, offering nurturing never
found there.
It’s too late. It’s too late.
She is beyond our help, she is 

Nevermind that she is still a child.
Nevermind that she is still on trial.
This is the beauty of being abandon.

In comes those that have traveled from
In comes those that have taken on, 
applied and mystified a heart.
Teachers, guides and companions.
Taking place of those that don’t ever
have the time.
Speaking, teaching and occupying.
Time and space with divine grace.
Expecting nothing but shared space.
This is the beauty of being uncommon.

Times are different. Times are not
nor great.
But times are much more meaningful
and geared to appreciate.
She is an adult, with difficulties and 
Living with her form of exclusive and
at peace wake.
She ventures further from her minds
playgrounds, in hope, to find a life
Walking in light of something greater
then her mind.
Walking in higher self-compromise.
She has much to live and grow.
No denials.
This is the beauty of being of faithful



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