I Love You

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The main character, Hanako, is in high school and lived a wonderful life. That all changed when a new girl moved to their school district and people starting to go missing mysteriously.

Submitted: May 20, 2019

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Submitted: May 19, 2019



It was a Monday morning and it was my Senior Year of high school. I was early to school and was hanging out in the halls by the entrance. "Hey Hanako!" My best friend, Kiyo, spooked me from beside me as I read my book. "Ha! You are a scardy cat like always." He laughed, and I elbowed him in the gut.

"Hey, don't scare me like that!" I laughed along with him and the bell rang. "Whoop, better get to class, I have Math first." I patted his shoulder and walked over to class. Unfortanitely, we didn't have the same class, but we always had lunch together. We were expecting a new student, and a lot of the girls in my class were hoping it was a hot boy, and the boys hoping it was a hot girl.

"Please welcome our new student, Aoi!" A girl walked into the classroom and she was attractive. The boys silently were cheering, while the girls weren't so happy. Me, being nice, smiled and waved at her. "You may sit next to Hanako, the girl in blonde hair with blue tips." Aoi saw me and she blushed a bit. I didn't know whether to be complemented or concerned, but I let it be.

"Hello, my name is Hanako, want to be friends?" She looked flustered and said yes. She looked very happy. Class went on as usual and I helped her catch up with earlier classes.

At lunch, I told her I'd like to show her where I sit and offered her to be with me and my best friend. "S-sure!" She followed me to the lunch room and Kiyo waved us down. "Is he your friend?" Aoi looked a little ridged, but I put my hand on her shoulder to calm her down.

"He is a nice guy, don't worry. He wont hurt ya." Aoi blushed and whispered under her breath. I couldn't understand what she said but assumed it was nothing. "If he were to do anything I'd hit him for you." I laughed and playfully punched him. He pushed me back playfully as well and she went defensive.

"Don't. Touch. Her." She stood between us and mouthed something at him. "Got it?"

"Hey, it's okay, we do this all the time!" I moved her aside and we sat down at the table. She ate quietly and decided not to say anything. It was awkward at first, but we decided to leave the incident be.


After school, Aoi offered to walk me home since she told me we lived next to each other. I was surprised but when she asked where I lived and I told her, she looked excited and happy. I smiled, happy I made another friend. Until it got weird.

A couple weeks later since I known her, she has gotten closer to me and when it was close to valentines day, weird things started to happen. My best friend had a crush on this girl named Aisaka, and Aoi and I how to ask her out. Aoi excused herself to the bathroom and rushed out. We were confused but I told him to just be himself.

One of the boys in my class asked me out, and I was very startled. Kiyo just raised his eyebrows playfully and walked away. "See you later Hanako!" I wasn't able to leave since I was waiting for Aoi. When she came back, she froze in her place and dropped her school bag. "Hey, can I speak with him for a minute? He is in my class and I forgot our homework. Want to meet me at the entrance?" I nodded and went to the entrance.

When Aoi came back out from the school, she looked happy and clung to my arm. I was startled but let it go. I didn't want to be mean.

The next day, the school made an anouncement that a student was found dead in the back of the school and that there may be a violent person in the neighborhood. I was scared and hung close to Kiyo and Aoi.Aoi was very protective and often scared boys away from me. She didn't tell them to go away with me around, I was always somewhere else and when I come back, she says they had to go somewhere. 

I found out something was wrong when I formed a crush on this guy named Nikko. I asked Aoi and Kiyo about it and Aoi seemed mad, but hid it from me. Kiyo has texted me that Aoi has been acting weird. 

The next day, more news came and it broke my heart. Nikko was found killed in his room the night before while he was sleeping. There was no evidence that there was any breaking or entering, so at first it was assumed suicide until they saw strangle marks around his neck then stab wounds. What was disturbing was that in blood on his wall read, "She's mine." There were no finger prints due to the suspect may have wore gloves. 

When in school, everyone was scared and often avoiding me because everyone that died were linked to me. The only person that was close to me was Aoi. My friend moved schools due to all the events going on. I still talk to him. I just miss him a whole lot.

When I confronted to Aoi on what was happening and my concern for her, she exploded. She admitted a lot of things that scared me. She told me that she loved me at first sight and has 'protected' me from everyone that try to steal me from her. When I treid to go away and run she knocked me out.

I woke up in her house tied to a chair and she was watching me. "Awww, kawaii!" She rushed over to me and gave me a big hug and kissed my cheek. I had tearsin my eyes and thought I was going to die. "Please don't cry, I don't want my senpai to cry!" She started crying and hugged me tightly. I relaxed a bit and hugged her back.

I decided to accept my fate. There was nothing I could do. I soon became attached to her due to always being with her and not able to escape. I have grew to love her, but deep down I still wish I had a normal life...

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