Six Flags Thrill; Twisted Ending

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

What will Ian, Shawn, Cassidy and Robin encounter at the end of Six Flags Thrill. Find out in a twisted ending.


“Robin shhh,” Shawn said looking around wondering what she was screaming at. Then there was another scream. But it wasn’t coming from Robin. Everybody was looking at the four of them. “Why is everyone looking at us?” Robin wanted to know. The screaming stopped. Cassidy had woken up terrified. “Cass?” The three of them said. “Oh thank God it was only a nightmare,” Cassidy said as she took a deep breath. “I think it was Cass that was screaming,” Robin pointed to Cassidy.

“Cass are you alright?” Shawn asked her. “Yeah I… I’m just fine,” She said. “Alright everyone I’m sorry that you weren’t able to have fun at six Flags Park but you will today,” Mr. Hornbeck had said holding up his hands as everyone came out into the lobby.

“That’s okay Mr. Hornbeck I’m glad just being here with you and Dr. Arnold,” Mitchel said. “Quit sucking up to the teacher Mitchel,” Shawn said coming from behind Mitchel. He had smacked the back of Mitchel’s head. “Once a bully always a bully,” Mitchel said turning around facing Shawn. Shawn gave the I’m watching you kid look at Mitchel.

“Alright once Dr. Arnold comes out of his hotel room we will go ahead and have breakfast,” Mr. Hornbeck had said. Mr. Hornbeck then had turned his wrist and looked at his watch. It was only 7:30.

“Mr. Hornbeck, Mr. Hornbeck, Dr. Arnold didn’t make it out of the park last night,” Mrs. Freeman informed him. “What?” He said loudly. Everyone was talking to each other wondering where Dr. Arnold could be. “Alright Mrs. Freeman please settle the students down I will go to the park and see if he’s there. I will call you if he’s there. I will call you if I find him. Don’t let any of the student’s leave the hotel,” Mr. Hornbeck had said.

 “Whatever it is Cass, I’m not going back to that park,” Robin said to her considering Cassidy was giving her a look. “Alright but you might like it,” Cassidy said. “Oh goody,” Robin said clapping her hands all excited then stopped and gave Cassidy a serious look. “I don’t care,”

“It involves you driving a big yellow school bus,” Cassidy said. Robin always wanted to get behind the wheel of a big yellow school bus. “Please Robin? Oh please, please, please,” Cassidy pleaded. “Oh alright,” Robin caved in. “Great let’s go,” Cassidy had said. “Ian, Shawn, come on,” Cassidy waved the two of them over. Robin was flying down the streets behind the wheel.

 “Ahhh, Robin slow down,” Ian yelled out he was sliding all over the bus. “Wee!” Shawn had expressed. “This is fun,” The girls were cracking up at Shawn and Ian. Shawn was like a dog who was sticking its head out of the window. Ian was like a cartoon sliding up and down the bus aisle.

They eventually got to the fairgrounds. Robin parked the bus in the parking lot. “Oh my God!” Robin said. As she turned off the bus. She got out of the driver’s seat. Cassidy opened the side door so she and the boys could get out. Right in front of the bus there was two men on the ground. “Oh no it’s Mr. Hornbeck and Dr. Arnold,” Cassidy said scared of what happened.

The four of them went up to the two bodies. They all heard a gate opening. Then the four of them had seen the two bodies being dropped into the back of the death row ride. Then a monstrous ghost appeared.

“Ahahaha,” The monstrous voice had laughed diabolically. “Enter at your own risk,” “Let’s get out of here,” Ian had said about to run towards the bus.

Death row had a scary black slimy rope that grabbed Ian by the ankles. It then had pulled him towards the death row ride. “Ahhh,” Ian screamed. The three of his friends were screaming to however the three of them were brave enough to grab Ian.

Shawn’s knife fell out of his pocket and landed on the ground. “Shawn get your knife and cut off the slimy rope,”

Finally Ian was free. “Let’s get out of here,” Robin yelled out. The four of them had ran toward the bus but had stopped before getting on. All the other buses had entered the parking lot. All six of them. Side by side they had parked perfectly. The school bus doors had opened all the students get off. They were all running toward the front of the park gates.

“Wait no stop!” Robin tried stopping them but it was too late they were already inside the park having a blast. Ten cars had pulled up and had parked perfectly side by side in front of the parked buses. The twenty teachers get out of their cars. Dr. Henry had walked up toward the four of them.

 “You kids you know you’re not supposed to be here without a bus driver or a chaperone,” “But Dr. Henry,” Cassidy was trying to say. “I don’t want to hear it Ms. Holler,” “But Dr. Henry we are in danger,” Cassidy had said. “I don’t want to hear it Ms. Holler wait… what kind of danger?” Dr. Henry asked.

 “Listen a while ago,” Cassidy was trying to say but she got interrupted. “Cassidy we don’t have time for long stories,” Robin said.

“You guys might want to see this,” Ian said as he was pointed at the park. The rides were going crazy fast, people were screaming and running everywhere, and one by one students were going into death row and coming out dead. “We got to put a stop to this,” Cassidy said determined. “We can’t,” Robin said as she pulled Cassidy. “It’s too late for that Cass look,” Ian said.

 All of the students were already dead and turned into zombies. They were all walking toward the five of them.

“Alright you kids get on the bus I’m driving,” Dr. Henry had said. “It’s too late for that Mike,” Mrs. Freeman had said as she wrapped her black lizard tongue around his neck tight.

“Ahhh,” The girls screamed. “Ahhh,” The audience screamed. Then the movie was over.

Submitted: May 20, 2019

© Copyright 2021 Alicia Wooters. All rights reserved.

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