The Death Bridge

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Prolog (v.1) - Autor's Note

Submitted: May 21, 2019

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Submitted: May 21, 2019



This is my very first novel. So, the chapters will be short. *winces* Sorry about that...


I would like to make a few things clear to all my future readers...

First off, my home language isn't English. So there will be some grammar mistakes. I try to fix as many as I can, but they'll still be there. "Oh boy, now they're going kill me...", *clears throat* R-r-right, on to the next point.

I started writing because I love stories and I have a lot of ideas stuck in my mind. When I was younger, playing with my dolls helped me to get the stories out of my mind. But since I gave my dolls away, I got stuck with stories always in my mind. So I thought to myself "what the heck, I'll just write these ideas down" And so my ideas gradually started to form a story.

I also started to take my writing a bit more serious because I would like to improve my writing skills. I ask that if you come across a mistake I made to please point it out. That way, it helps me to learn from my mistakes and write better.

I've recently started to draw my own pictures for my story. All pictures used in the story are my own. I'm not very good at drawing but it's fun and helps me to actually see the world I created with my own eyes.  So I hope you'll like them even with their many flaws! :-)

Also, I'm a grade 11 student and I'm writing in my spare time. Thus my story is progressing very slowly. *sniffle*


I kindly ask you to bear with me.

Please let me know what you think in the comments. (Plus, seeing some comments will help to keep me motivated)

Well, I hope that you'll like my novel!

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