The Making Of Our Home.

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It was interesting to read how our planet came into being. My poem.

Submitted: May 21, 2019

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Submitted: May 21, 2019



I inspected the Supernova,

Out of it came a nebula cloud.

It looked it over and over,

The explosion was pretty loud.


Dust shooting here, and everywhere,

Gas flung about the place.

Now I know how things were set in gear,

To prepare the home of the human race.


Then the spinning started,

The sun in the center.

Nothing could be parted,

And nothing could enter.


After a while, the biggest planet broke away,

Went on its own, and started its own day.

Broken pieces, having fights,

Nothing but explosions, and flashing lights.


At last, Earth was on its own,

Through the debri, it was blown.

Turning at a tremendous speed,

The Cosmic laws, it did not heed.


Brought to a stand still, it acted queer,

Turning on its axis, every single day of the year,

It had slowed down, a day was much longer,

It gathered more mass, and became stronger.

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