Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Prelude to the Dark   There was once an actor named David, he was tall, with dark brown hair, and rugged good looks and a su... Read Chapter


The storm was just starting, but with each crack of thunder he jumped not out of fear, but from the memory of what had happened. The blas... Read Chapter

Act 1/Scene 1

Act One/Scene One: They came   From the shadows they crept, from all sides, strange but intriguingly alluring. It was by far... Read Chapter

Act1/Scene 2

Act One/ Scene Two New Life David had taken Mike up on the offer and taken the sleeping pills. He woke refreshed and ready to st... Read Chapter

Act1/Scene 3

Act One/Scene Three Corrupted Wishes   The man tucked into a cave and gave the bottle a rub. There was a blast of air and a ... Read Chapter

Act 1/Scene 4

Act One/Scene Four Evil is knocking at the door.   Jack was beyond scared, but it was like a magnetic pull, he found the cam... Read Chapter

Act1/Scene 5

Act One/Scene Five Childhood Trauma Jack sighed “I was just ten years old at the time. My father was an architect and designer... Read Chapter

Act1/Scene 6

Act One/Scene Six Camp Concealing   Back at the terrorist camp the Cenobites seemed to be getting restless. Pinhead spelled ... Read Chapter

Act 1/Scene 7

Act Two/Scene Seven This ain’t Heaven   We find the Marine camp training with the new gear that was made for them. But the... Read Chapter

Act1/Scene 8

Act Two/ Scene Eight how much longer must we wait.   The Cenobites rarely headed out in the day, but of late they had. Hopin... Read Chapter

Act 2/Scene 9

Act Two/Scene Nine Come on baby drop me a line.   Pinhead was sitting looking at the mirror again and the Actor leaned in. T... Read Chapter

Act2/Scene 10

Act Two/Scene Ten on the run again The terrorist camp was on the run again, but they had the edge. They had grown up in the dese... Read Chapter

Act2/Scene 11

Act Two/ Scene Eleven The enemy of my enemy.   Normally the saying is, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, but in this case ... Read Chapter


Act Two/ Scene Twelve The land were the Nesnas dwell   The man said “You know of the Nesnas?” Pinhead shrugged “On... Read Chapter


Act Two/Scene Thirteen Ghoulish Fiend   There came a new commotion out in the camp. Screams that once were of the Nesnas now... Read Chapter


Act Two/ Scene Fourteen I see a bad moon a rising The man who had been cursed indeed went about his day to day business, as if n... Read Chapter

Intermission/Makeup room

Intermission/ Back Stage Makeup   The stage manager was waiting for the cast “David, Doug! Your chemistry on stage is subl... Read Chapter

Intermission/Stage Setup

Intermission/ Back Stage Act Set up   In the other part of the dressing area they worked on the other Cenobite looks. Includ... Read Chapter

Intermission/Lobby Talk

Intermission/ Lobby talk   In the lobby people were milling about talking about the show, enjoying refreshments, and looking... Read Chapter

Intro to The Second Half

Intro to the second half The music continued and as the tarps pulled back they were greeted to a band full of Cenobite musicians... Read Chapter


Act Three/ Scene Fifteen Forgotten City The mirror showed that the Marine camp was gearing up to start really combing the desert... Read Chapter

Act3/Scene 16

Act Three/ Scene Sixteen Sick Feeling The crew man said “Blast! They took out another drone! We just mapped some sort of city.... Read Chapter


Act Three/ Scene Seventeen Trial by Fire! Suddenly there was a burst of sand at the edge of the city, and a shimmering form of a... Read Chapter


Act Three/ Scene Eighteen Golem Smack Down   Six heavily armed terrorist were headed toward the town, they looked to have ju... Read Chapter


Act Three/Scene Nineteen Merchant meets the Rabbi   The Marines had heard about something strange going on in a small Jewish... Read Chapter


Act Three/Scene Twenty Golem vs. Golem?   Actor shook his head “I wouldn’t do it; this is a bad idea. I don’t see it e... Read Chapter


Act Three/Scene Twenty-One Hit me!   The following morning the Marines, Rabbi and his aids headed back to their base. Once t... Read Chapter


Act Three/Scene Twenty-Two There’s a catch.   The newly formed Master Fakir said “There’s a catch to this. Magick is m... Read Chapter


Act Three/Scene Twenty-Three Don’t Sting Me The Actor and the Apprentice headed out of the cave. Actor said “First task, fin... Read Chapter


Act Four/Scene Twenty-Four Golem 2.0   Actor and Apprentice found Pinhead and Efrite still hard at work on the new Golem. Th... Read Chapter


Act Four/Scene Twenty-Five I am lucky to be alive. Back at the Marine camp the rescued Marine was telling them “I am lucky to ... Read Chapter


Act Four/Scene Twenty-Six Time to set the main stage!   Actor smiled “I think it is time to set the main stage! I have pic... Read Chapter


Act Four/Scene Twenty-Seven Message was clear!   At the Marine camp, they had all watched the screen that popped up outside ... Read Chapter


Act Four/Scene Twenty-Eight Hero’s madness/ Sex den? The lights seemed to come back on for one of the Marines. He found himsel... Read Chapter


Act Four/Scene Twenty-Nine I’ll be fine/Sins of Gluttony   As the Marine team entered the next room several Marines fell o... Read Chapter


Act Four/Scene Thirty Temptation/Greed   The sands outside the wall, the military troops aimed their weapons but held their ... Read Chapter


Act Four/Scene Thirty-Two Friend/Foe   The Marines and party walked into the next room, but before they crossed the threshol... Read Chapter


Act Four/Scene Thirty-Three What the/Green Envy As the Marines and party came into the next room it looked like the last, thick ... Read Chapter


Act Four/Scene Thirty-Four Honor/Pride The Marines and party entered into what they hoped would be the final room in this odd te... Read Chapter


Final Act/Scene Thirty-Five The interviews before the fight   As they entered the Center tent spot lights moved around the t... Read Chapter

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